Ароматные ребрышки на сковороде. Настоящий мужской ужин от ARGoStav Kitchen

Ароматные ребрышки на сковороде. Настоящий мужской ужин от ARGoStav Kitchen

Hello friends! The subject of ribs is very extensive.
and today I will fire them in in the pan. I’ll have wonderful side dishes
Proven Pasta Pasteroni. They are on sale in large
chain stores. My meat is cut from large
ribs and pre-pickled with salt, pepper and plenty
bay leaf. I act in parallel. Salted water for cooking
pasta on the fire. I heat the pan and
add a couple of diners tablespoons of vegetable oil,
although in this case you can fry and melted
fat, oil is needed exclusively for frying. Extra bay leaf from
I remove the meat and spread pieces into a hot pan,
trying to lay so that the barrel of each of them was in contact
with the bottom of the pan. Now you need the meat on time
turn over so as not to burnt, especially if
non teflon pan coated, then it can
also stick to the bottom. While the meat is fried
to a beautiful golden crusts you have time
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thumbs up. Since the meat was originally
salted, then when frying emits a lot of fluid,
but it’s good, the meat is evenly fried, and the liquid
subsequently evaporated. Boiled in a pan
I pour water pasta and so that they do not stick together
among themselves, add to water a tablespoon of vegetable
oils. Macaroni is better at first
minutes until the water again do not boil, mix
spoon so they don’t stick to the bottom of the pan, and in the process
cooking is sometimes desirable stir. I set the burner timer
for 13 minutes, just that much time is needed for complete
boiling pasteroni. Meat meanwhile is coming
to the right condition, and most time to prepare another
an ingredient that is not was in the marinade, cut
middle onion in half rings. Another flipping
meat, it’s already beautiful as kebab though flavor of course
same, not barbecue, but delicious. Now is the time to add
onion into meat and distribute him so that it is a little
steamed on its surface. And then you can already mix
along with meat, giving onions fry and let out
your juice. Pasta boiled timer
disconnected under the pan the fire. I throw them in a colander
brush off the remaining liquid and put them on prepared
large dish evenly distributing along the bottom. Now here on top of pasta
meat is coming. I flavored it with chopped
parsley and dill and onion rings
can use green onion. The dish is ready. I whip up to him
chopped fresh vegetable salad of tomatoes, cucumbers,
sweet pepper and onion. Bon Appetit! In order not to miss new
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