Гороховый суп с копчеными ребрышками. Пошаговый рецепт от ARGoStav Kitchen

Гороховый суп с копчеными ребрышками. Пошаговый рецепт от ARGoStav Kitchen

Hello friends! Hasn’t anyone eaten in life
pea soup? Then look! Start cooking pea
soup should be in 10-12 hours, because what exactly at this time
dry peas need to pour water and leave for example
for the night then peas don’t will adversely affect
on the body. In addition, it softens in the water.
and it will be easier to cook. Water should completely cover
peas in a cup. After that, peas need
rinse in clear water and put it to cook
over low heat, while after boiling, it is desirable
interfere from time to time spoon or wooden spatula. I originally poured water
5 glasses, i.e. about one liter. I have no ordinary pea
soup, and with smoked ribs. I divide them into small pieces
and set to cook in a separate the pan. You need to cook the ribs for a long time,
and so that during this time the water not boiled, it needs to be poured
at least half the pan. While the meat is cooking, I stir
peas in another pan and check the degree of readiness. And besides, I’m shooting the accumulated
the foam. And to those who watch this
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recipes. Rib ripeness
can check with tip knife or fork. Let it cook until it becomes
quite soft. The peas are boiled, you need it
strain through a colander. Then the peas must be given
cool a little to could be chopped with a blender,
without damaging it knives. While the peas are cooling, I chop
small cube two potatoes and send them to cook
strained pea bouillon. Cooking time about
20 minutes. I take out the welded ribs
from the pan and let it cool slightly, the broth from under them is not suitable
in food, I poured it. With cooled down after cooking
ribs I separate the meat while the top film
throwing out she chewing bad and better not to use it
in this soup. If the ribs are boiled
ok then the meat is off the bone separates very easily
using hands or using a knife. Then the meat needs a little
chop again with a knife. Cooled peas I shift
into a blender cup and chop it to a mushy state. Before the era of blenders, this
the procedure was done manually using devices
for cooking potato mashed potatoes, but we have been living for a long time
into a different era, therefore as much as possible
use the fruits of technical progress. One medium onion I
grind without any technical progress. And mixing it with grated carrots
send in preheated frying pan
on vegetable and creamy oil to make the soup fragrant. The ratio of oils is selected
to your taste, you can in one oil
fry vegetables. To the broth where the potatoes are cooked,
I add another liter boiling water, thus bringing
amount of liquid up volume I need based on
still out of pan size and the consistency I need
soup. Now add to the already cooked
potato separated from bone meat
peas in a blender and continuing to pass
in a pan onions with carrots, I almost do not leave
from the stove, stirring constantly flat wooden spatula
peas at the bottom of the pan to he didn’t stick at all
and not burnt, then soup will be hopelessly spoiled. Peas when stirring
how to scrape from the bottom pots. Yes, this moment is difficult
and responsible, but I do not promised it was simple
the dish, but the effort is worth it. At this point I add
salt about half the dining room spoons. I stir the soup again with a spatula
and try it. Salt is not enough, therefore
I bring to the desired condition to your liking. Now you can add and
pepper again in its own way to taste. The soup is almost ready. It remains to flavor it chopped
fresh parsley and dill, and who loves cilantro,
then you can add it. Most of the greens i
put in a pot, and somewhere one tablespoon of her
leave to add in the soup already when serving. The last five minutes of boiling
with obligatory mixing soup, and take off the pan
from the fire. And while the bottom of the pan is still
hotter, keep getting in the way soup with a spatula for a couple more minutes. Best pea soup
eat with small household toasted crackers
and, as I said, adding fresh parsley
with dill. Enjoy your meal! Subscribe to the channel,
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  1. я обожаю гороховый суп))) в детстве топтала его за милую душу))но уже лет так 20 ни разу нигде не ела)))так что спасибо за чувство ностальгии))))надо будет приготовить))

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