चटपटे बनाउदा यी ३ मसला न बिर्सिनु होला | Spicy Chatpate Recipe | Nepalese Street Food

चटपटे बनाउदा यी ३ मसला न बिर्सिनु होला | Spicy Chatpate Recipe | Nepalese Street Food

Hello and welcome to Rita`s Kitchen Today we are making one of the most popular street food in Nepal called CHATPATE You might have tasted it on the roadside stalls but today you are going to make it at home There is no recipe for making Chatpate However, I have used the ingredients I like the most I hope you will like it You can change ingredients as you like. It is free styling When you order chatpate at one stall and the other stall It tastes completely different Therefor, we have our favorite stall to order Chatpate Spices, however, are very important So watch the video til end Let`s start today`s recipe I have used 4 boiled potatoes Cut the potatoes in small cubes I am making large portion, for about 4-5 people Add the potatoes cubes in a large bowl We will add other ingredients one by one I am using 2 handful roasted chickpeas These are bought roasted, you can also do it at home I have also used 2 handful roasted soybeans You can also use roasted peas instead or both I have also use 2 handful roasted flattened rice I have also use 2 handful puffed rice 2 handful Bhujia, it`s an Indian snack Buy good quality Bhujia, it really matters. You can replace it with papad We have also used 2 handful green peas You can also use soaked chickpeas when we add chili, it depends on how spicy can you eat Chop it in to small pieces. You can use scissors or use chopping board I have also used 1 red onion. You need to chop the onion really fine It has something to do with the size of other ingredients You can follow the procedure as shown in the video If you have not yet subscribed to our channel, Please subscribe it now and also press the bell icon And if you like our videos, hit like, comment on the video and share with your friends Now add the finely chopped onion in the bowl We are also going to add 1 tomato We should not add the tomato as it is Because it contains a lot of water Therefor, it important that you de-seed the tomato as shown in the video Now you can chop it really fine This is one of the best way to get the taste of the tomatoes without getting too much moisture It helps to keep the Chatpate dry Add the chopped tomatoes in the bowl. We will add some instant noodles You can always substitute instant noodles with Bhujia or Papad But…Instant noodles has a special kind of taste and when it comes to Nepalese people, they just love instant noodles I have also used the taste enhancer found in the packet We are also going to add some other spices 1 tea spoon Himalayan black salt and common salt We are also making the homemade spices blending We have used 1 tea spoon Cumin seeds and 1 tea spoon coriander seeds roast them on the pan until they are golden brown add four dry chili Roast until they are crispy but keep eye on it. It should not burn If you don`t like spicy, you can avoid it But Chatpate tastes better hen it is tangy and spicy Make powder out of roasted cumin and coriander seeds As shown in the video I have not mixed chili here so that you can adjust the amount of the chili later on Add about 1 table spoon of this powder in the bowl It gives really nice taste I have used 1 tea spoon chaat masala I have also prepared the chili paste I have powdered the roasted chili, added 1 tea spoon of chili powder and 1 table spoon mustard oil I have used a little more than 1 tea spoon in the bowl. Now it is the time for lime juice We squeeze the juice from 1 lime into the bowl The sourness when combines with all other spices and chili, you can not imagine………. We often request for more lime juice in Chatpate when we are eating at roadside stalls We have also added some green coriander leaves Chop them fine We need to give a good mix and we add 1or 2 more ingredients before we serve Check the description for the complete list of the ingredients We have also provided the link to some of the important videos in the description Mix the chatpate really well All the spices need to spread evenly I can promise that it tastes amazing the fried cumin and coriander powder along with chili paste … It is just going to be mouthwatering We will add one table spoon Mustard oil Use pure mustard oil It enhances the flavor After you have added the oil, give it a good mix again You can use a spatula, or mix it with your hand Mix it thoroughly Now it is ready to be served Serve it the way you like Serve it on a big plate and put it in the middle of the table and enjoy with your family It is typical in Nepal to serve Chatpate on newspaper What do you think about today`s video Hit like, comment on the video and share with your friends Subscribe to our channel to support us We will be back with the new recipe Thanks for watching

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  1. Omg 😲 यति राम्राो चटपटे को recipe देखेको थिन thank you अब त के चाईयो 😁 😁 😁

  2. Thank you ekdum hit cha yo recipe. Bidesh ma vayeko le Nepal ko taste sadhai miss hunthyo.. hajur le garda afai le banauna sajilo vayo .. hajur lai dherai dherai dhanyabaad.. where are you from?

  3. Yo chatpate ma khas praye le misaune tyo golveda hoki ke ko paste hunxa ni chatapate lai ladakka banaune ani mitho pani…ha tyo chai banaunu paryo ek choti tyo mix garesi balla chai mitho hunxa

  4. म चटपटे खान मन पराउछु तर मेरो बुडिले चटपटे खानु हुदैन स्वास्थ्यको लागि खराब छ भन्छे त के यो साचो हो?

  5. Last mitto vayo dai thanky ma hajur Lai ahjja ahgadi veterw thank you vanna maan lagyo lot ob love dai🥺🤗


  7. Nice and great job.

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  8. Street food tara Home made bhaya pachi healthy ani tasty ta huney nai bhayo. Ma pani follow gari herchu tapaiko recipe 😋

  9. Just wow 😍You deserve more subscribers
    Tyo tori tell tarayera halne hora?toritelko smell ali dherai aaucha tesaile olive oil halda huncha??

  10. मुख बाट रयाल चुहियो धन्यवाद चटपटे बनाउन सिकाउनु भयो

  11. Haha Cheura bhujiya chatpatma ???? Never seen it jpt yesto ni chatpatey huncha ? Haha jira dhaniya haiet yo chai chatpat bhayena nana bhati garwra chatpatko bejat yesto joe video chai banauna bhayena original chatpatma sirf bhuja chana lemon and marmasala huncha jpt video

  12. One of the top , famous Nepalese Street Food .So yummy, mountwatering , tasty receipt , Thanks you for sharing a wonderful video .

  13. Do try with roasted souph(fennel seed) and timbur (sichuan pepper) also, ekdumai mitho hunxa 🥰 5 masala ingredients madhye ma zeera, geda dhaniya, souph, timbur ani dried red chilli add garera chatpate banauda tah ohoo 😍

  14. la dai tapai chatpati walla bhaiya bhai saknu bho aba chatpati banayera bechnu lastai bik chha chatpati😂😂😂😂

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