दिल्ली के खास पनीर वाले भटूरे घर पर बनायें | Paneer Bhatura Banane ki recipe

दिल्ली के खास पनीर वाले भटूरे घर पर बनायें | Paneer Bhatura Banane ki recipe

Extremely soft, bloated bhaturas and
they are stuffed with cottage cheese Wow! Everyone will surely enjoy having it Namaskar! I am Nisha Madhulika Today we will make cottage
cheese stuffed Bhatura These are very tasty Bhatura You all will really enjoy having it Come, let us start the preparation To make it, dough is required We took 2 cups of refined flour in a bowl We will make some space between it as shown Add a 1/4 cup of curd to it Add a teaspoon of sugar to it Add a 1/2 teaspoon of salt to it Add a 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda to it Add 2 teaspoons of oil to
it, we took 2 tablespoons of it but, for now we are adding
a tablespoon of oil to it We will use a tablespoon of oil later on Mix all the ingredients well Add some lukewarm water
and knead its soft dough We have kneaded the soft dough Apply some oil on your
palms from the saved oil. Mash and make the dough soft We have kneaded the soft and smoother dough A 1/2 cup of water was utilized to
knead the required quantity of dough Cover and keep it aside to set for 2 hours The dough will ferment after a while.
Later on, we will make its Bhatura 2 hours have passed The dough has also fermented Firstly, we will punch the dough Apply some dry flour on your palms Mash it softly as shown It is a soft dough Now, we will make its lumps Take some dry flour and divide
the dough into two equal portions Again, divide its half into
the three equal portions Now, we will make their dough lumps Prepare the round shaped
dough lumps as shown Divide another half into
the three equal parts too Here, we took 6 dough lumps We will cover these so that they won't dry Here, we will preheat
oil to fry the Bhaturas To make it, we have to make
a stuffing of cottage cheese It is 150 grams of cottage cheese Now, we will grate it Now, we will mix some spices to it Add a 1/2 teaspoon of salt to it Add a 1/2 teaspoon of freshly
crushed black pepper to it Add a 1/2 teaspoon of
coarsely ground dry red chilli Add 1 to 2 tablespoons
green coriander to it Mix all the ingredients well All the ingredients have mixed well The stuffing is ready Now, we will flatten the Bhaturas Lift a dough lump Cover rest of the dough lumps Coat it with the dry flour Later on, we will expand it
into the diameter 3 to 4 inches Place some stuffing over it Lift and seal the stuffing
from all the sides Seal it well Press it with fingers to
spread the stuffing easily Dust it with the dry flour Press it more using your fingers Now, flatten it by applying
the lesser amount of pressure Do not apply much pressure
while flattening it Keep it slightly thick Do not keep it too thin You can make them of your desired shape If you will that it consists a lot of
air then dab it using hands as shown We have flattened it We have kept it rightly thick Do not flatten it too thinly Otherwise, it will split To cook it, checking the
temperature of oil is important Extremely heated oil is
required to fry the Bhaturas Add a mini dough lump to
the oil for checking it The dough is floating on the
surface, the oil has heated well Now, we can fry the Bhaturas Keep the flame on high Add a Bhatura to fry in the oil Once the Bhatura starts
floating, press it with a ladle. Now, we will flip it As we can see, there are bubbles over it Fry Bhatura from other side until brown Bhatura has become rightly
brown from other side too It has fried Drain it out Stop ladle on the corner of wok
so that extra oil moves back in it Here, the Bhatura has cooked Cook all the Bhaturas likewise Once the Bhatura has bloated,
flip it and turn the flame to low Cook it crispy We have fried the Bhaturas Cottage Cheese Bhatura
is ready to be served It is tastier to eat You can serve it along with Chola
curry, dip or pickle Everyone will enjoy having it Cooking it is an easier process But, be attentive Flatten it while applying the
lesser amount of pressure on it The oil should be highly
heated while frying it Add it to fry,
fry it and turn the flame to low Cook until crispy You will make the perfect Bhaturas You should try the recipe and eat it Share your experience with me Do let me know which latest
recipe you want me to post Do subscribe to my channel

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