मुंबई स्टाइल वड़ा पाव घर पर बनायें | Vada Pav Recipe | Mumbai Street Food | In English

मुंबई स्टाइल वड़ा पाव घर पर बनायें | Vada Pav Recipe | Mumbai Street Food | In English

the vada pav will be made in two
steps the first is making the potato mixture or vada mixture and the next
step is making the batter and then combining the two today we are going to make vada pav
the ingredients are besan or gram flour boiled and mashed medium size
potatoes salt red chilli powder haldi or turmeric powder garam masala coriander powder mustard seeds baking powder garlic paste
or chopped garlic chopped green chillies curry leaves or curry patta
and chopped cilantro or Hara dhaniya or coriander leaves and oil. we will make the
potato mixture first and then make the batter so heat some oil in the kadai and
keep the flame high we’re going to mix the potato mixture on high flame once
the oil is hot add the mustard seeds and let them crackle when the mustard crackles add the garlic
paste or the chopped garlic and mix this for a while and then add the curry patta
or the curry leaves stir a bit & add the chopped green chillies & stir fry this
mixture till the garlic is roasted a light brown color the garlic is roasted now so add the
mashed potatoes stir mix the mashed potatoes a few times and now add the salt the red chili
powder the haldi or turmeric powder coriander
powder garam masala and the chopped hara dhaniya or cilantro now
mix the potatoes well with all the spices and the masalas
the potato mixture is ready now to make the vadas and now we move on to step two
that is making the batter these are the ingredients for the batter –
the besan so to the besan at the healthy or the turmeric powder and salt and some
water stir well and add water little by little until the batter is ready and it should be of this
consistency so that it coats the vadas properly now make small balls the size
of a ping pong ball from the potato mixture one by one the vadas are ready. we will coat them with batter & fry them now keep oil for heating in a kadhai or wok and when the oil is
hot add the baking powder to the batter you already made and mix it add the
baking powder just when you’re going to coat the vadas
so now we’ll coat the vadas as one by one and fry them half the vadas are ready so while the rest
are being fried we will make the vada pav that’s the pav and we’ll put one vada
in each pav which has been slit three-fourths of the way in the middle
and then will serve the vada pav with green chutney this is the green chutney
and tomato sauce. check out the vada pav dry chutney & green chutney video links on the screen to see how you can make them at home here is today’s recipe – vada pav
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  1. So thank you so much for sharing such a nice recipe..and this is a special food there in mumbai localite loves it really…

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