सांबर मसाला अगर ऐसा बनाएंगे तो मार्किट कभी नहीं जाएंगे | Sambar Masala | Sambhar Masala Recipe |

सांबर मसाला अगर ऐसा बनाएंगे तो मार्किट कभी नहीं जाएंगे | Sambar Masala | Sambhar Masala Recipe |

Hello Friends, Welcome to the Masala Kitchen We had made Idli and Sambhar and also we had made the sambhar masala that we put in the Dal Today we are going to make Dry Sambhar Masala at home and we can use it for long time For making the Sambhar Masala we need some ingredients Here are some Dry Red chilies and I had made them dry at home We need some pulses- 1/4 cup of Tuar Dal (Split Pigeon Peas), 1/4 cup of Chana Dal (Split Chick Peas) and 1/4 cup of Urad Dal If we need then we can just rub these pulses by a cloth or if you want to wash them then mix all three together and wash them and then rub them by a cloth for making it chemical free I had washed the pulses and now we will rub them by a cloth properly Now we will make the pulses moisture free so we will roast them in a pan like this We will roast the pulses for 5-7 mins on medium flame till it get crispy You can see that the Pulses are getting dry so we will roast them for few mins more Now the colour of the pulses are changed so turn off the flame and then we will take out them on a plate The pulses are roasted now Now we will roast 15-16 Red chilies and we will remove the upper part of the Chilies like this and put them into the pan Now add some Curry leaves in it also and roast them Now the Chilies are roasted Now put 1/2 cup of Coriander seeds in the same pan Now it is halfly roasted so we will add 1.5 tsp Fenugreek Seeds Add 25 pieces of Black Pepper, 2 tsp Black Mustard seeds And 2 tbsp Cumin and now roast altogether Coconut Powder is also mixed in Sambhar Masala but we need to use this for long time so we will not add coconut powder You can add Coconut Powder while cooking time The Masala available in the market is also good but the Masala prepared by us at home is very delicious It is also roasted now take out all this as well After sometime we will put all the ingredients in mixer jar While grinding add 1-1.5 tbsp of Turmeric Powder and 3/4 tbsp of Asafoetida Add 1/2 tbsp of Salt and grind them Whenever you will grind some Masala like this then don’t open the jar suddenly, open it after sometime And you can see the Masala is ready in few mins and it should be slight coarsely grinded and the colour of the Masala is also perfect And if you want its colour slightly red then you can add some Kashmiri Red Chilies in it but it is perfect And one more thing is that if you will make a small bowl of Dal then you have to add 2 tbsp of Sambhar Masala in it One more thing for the beginners or working people is that they don’t have enough time to cook so this Sambhar masala help them to save their time And second thing is that you can take Tamarind without seeds available in the market and make them dry in contact of sunlight And then roast 1/2 cup of Tamarind as well with the ingredients and grind it so that your time will be saved and follow this trick it will help you alot So the Sambhar Masala is ready and it is very easy to make and keep the Masala in the air tight jar and the jar must be properly cleaned otherwise it will catch fungus If you liked my video so please like it, share it and subscribe my channel

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  1. Mama ji namaste mam kya Jo Ye Sara Saman hai kya Hame in ko Nariyal oil mein Main Ban Sakte Sab Ko Ek sath jawab dene Mein please

  2. Maam I wanted to comment that I came across your youtube videos just a few days back and I wanted to let you know that all your recipes are excellent. You also have a very practical way of explaining. Well done!

  3. Thanks Did you are doing great job for all new entries in kitchen ,very very easy way to learn and make superb SAMBAR MASSLA AT HOME.

  4. I made it with ur recipe n I tasted it. It was bitter in taste. Is it due to methi dana? Kya sambar me dalne ke baad bhi kadwa taste aayega

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