​​Rajma Chawal Recipe | How To Make Rajma Chawal | Kidney Beans With Rice | Food Recipe

​​Rajma Chawal Recipe | How To Make Rajma Chawal | Kidney Beans With Rice | Food Recipe

Hello and welcome to ‘Khana Ghar Ghar Ka’ Welcome to ‘Khana Ghar Ghar Ka’ with me Meneka Arora and let’s prepare Rajma Chawal, the ‘Punjabi Way’ Ensure you soak the rajma overnight Let it cook for at least 6 to 7 whistles Even if it whistles 7 – 8 times, then that’s not a problem The more your rajma gets cooked, the tastier is its result So, let us prepare its tempering We will add a little oil in our bottom pan Finely chopped onions Add a few green chillies Just for that little flavour Allow the onions to get a little brown Ginger – Garlic paste You can also choose to add finly chopped ones 1 tablespoon Mix the paste property with the onions The onions are now perfectly brown We will add a few chopped tomatoes to this Add salt while boiling the rajma We will also add a little salt to the spices while cooking Just a little salt Onions Tomatoes Ginger – Garlic paste and Green Chillies Pretty much the backbone of Indian cooking Turmeric Powder Half tablespoon Because we cannot afford to lose the Reddish colour of our Rajma Coriander Powder 1 tablespoon Cumin Powder 1 tablespoon Or a little less than a tablespoon Red Chilli Powder Which will enhance the Reddish colour of our Rajma Along with making your dish a little more spicy We have also added a few green chillies So you can add the red chilli powder according to your taste Mix and fry the entire spices properly Give it that colour While tempering your spices, Do add a few drops of water This will help your spices blend perfectly And also keep you away from coughing inside your kitchen The ingredients have blended properly by now all together The tomatoes have also softened We will now add our pre-boiled Rajma to it Mix them all again Now the trick here is You patiently allow the ingredients to boil, simmer in a low flame So that the Rajma we had boiled release its extracts and give us a thick gravy You get a nice creamy rajma to have it with your hot rice A little more water We will just add a small quantity of water And cover it with a lid to allow it to simmer It takes 10 – 15 minutes to let the rajma boil Till the timebeing, you can prepare your rice or salad Let us now check our rajma Nice It has turned thick as well as blended perfectly with the onions and tomatoes I will be adding a few pinch of Garam Masala now It is optional If you like the taste of Garam Masala, you can add it Or else you don’t Coriander Leaves You sure use it to garnish But if you add them while preparing the dish its flavour gets amazingly blended with the entire dish Garam Masala and Coriander Leaves Very Inviting After you taste it Nice! Eating your Rajma Rice with hands is the best way to relish it Eating it with a spoon is quite its opposite! Onion Rings That tastes really good with Rajma Rice So just go wash your hands and get started Ditch your spoon for today! So, if you liked our Rajma Rice ‘the Punjabi Way’ recipe and you have tried it then make sure you subscribe to #Fame Food Like Comment and share And I’ll soon be back with a new recipe only on ‘Khana Ghar Ghar Ka’

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  1. One star for the recipe. One star for the presentation of the dish, one star for the tip on 'ek cheenta pani", one star for the tip on eating with rice. One star for the presentation of the video.

    Overall amazing. A complete pleasure to hear and watch you cook.

    Thanks again.

  2. Dear Meneka ji, Absolutely Wah,Wah,Wah. Great cooking with wonderful narration.One of the nicest Rajma recipe. Good tips also during narration.

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  4. You look like Amrita Singh and sound like Lillete Dubey and your recipes are awesome!! Loved the simple ghar wale rajma ki recipe!!

  5. Hi…I saw ur video of rajma …very nicely U explain…I wanted to ask u one thing…which gram masala U used …d brand name ..bcoz d gram masala I'm using doesn't hv much taste…can u advice me on dis…Vl be really happy. ..

  6. I was hungry and was watchng for sm quick rajma recipe but i had to watch ur vdeo twice coz frst tim i couldn't concentrate on food coz i was started cazing u . U r vry vry beautiful

  7. If there was a minus star, I would given for the way you cooked. When she tasted and took 5 seconds to understand, it showed on her face like “shucks wtf did I cook”

    Madam this does not look like your cup of tea. You better sip some coffee 👎🏻

  8. U didnt show us how u cooked white rice? In rajma chawal both must be shown, and last but the least ur style of presentation is appreciable

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