✅ We Made Jamie Oliver’s Chicken In Milk Recipe

✅ We Made Jamie Oliver’s Chicken In Milk Recipe

Welcome friends! It’s Saturday morning so
we’re gonna do another one of our most watched recipe videos on YouTube videos
and today I want to do: chicken in milk! So let’s take a look and see what we’ve
got and if we filter that by view count. Okay so the ones at the top aren’t the
style of recipe I’m looking for they use coconut milk and chicken pieces. I’m looking for
a whole chicken braised in milk and the first one at the top is is a Jamie
Oliver recipe. So let’s take a look at that… the video looks pretty
straightforward but there’s no actual recipe on YouTube. You have to go to
Jamie Oliver’s website. So we’ll go look at that, and interesting the recipe on
his website is different than the recipe in the video. They’ve made some changes
and I wonder why they’ve made those changes. So let’s get started! The
recipe seems really straightforward not too many ingredients at, all of course
chicken, salt, pepper, butter, cinnamon, garlic, lemon, and some sage. That’s it.
Oh and milk of course milk. So we start out a little bit of olive oil on the
chicken, and then we coat it with salt and pepper. You know coat it all over just make
sure you’ve got it coated all over the best tool is of course your hands I’m
operating the camera an I’ve got a lot of other things going on so I don’t have
time to wash my hands in between each task. So just get right in there with
your hands and make it happen. That’s it. That’s pretty well coated at
this point. Now like I said before the recipe that they do in
the video is different than the recipe that they link to on Jamie’s website. On
the website they make no mention of butter, in the video they brown the
chicken in the butter and they burn the butter and then they pour the burnt
butter off and they put in more butter and then they keep browning it and then
they burn the butter and they pour the butter off. I think a lot of people
found the burnt butter to be too bitter. Burnt butter is bitter so they’ve
probably taken that out in the written recipe. But I’m gonna do it exactly the
way it is in the video. So I’ve got this cast-iron Dutch oven it’s heating up
almost there I’m going to stick knob of this butter in the bottom and let that
melt. Now that’s melting I’m just going to
prep some of this other stuff so we’ve got a bulb of garlic and we’re not going
to peel it we’re just going to cut it in half and get that ready to go in. And
some lemon so we need to zest the lemon and I’ve just got a potato peeler and
we’re gonna pull off sort of big ones like that. Okay I can hear that butter just
starting to sizzle so we’ll get the chicken into the pan and start browning
it on all sides. So the chicken is getting some really nice colour but you
can smell that burning butter. I’m not too sure about that I know my
grandmother used to burn butter like nut-brown butter or beurre noisette but
actually burnt, and she’d put it on potatoes and it tasted great as a child
but right now the smell is not very enticing.
So as for their instructions you take the chicken out and you pour off the
burnt butter oh that’s burnt smells really acrid. Back
on the heat fresh whack of butter let’s get that melted a little bit and
we put the chicken back in and continue browning. Okay I think that’s it.
Out comes the chicken and you can see inside there it’s just acrid and burnt.
So we’ll pour that off. At this point not very enticing. A
little bit smoky in the studio too! Now in the bottom of this pan I’m gonna
put in all of the garlic, the lemon zest, the sage and cinnamon stick. Put that in
and the idea is that just kind of bring that up to fragrance. The chicken goes
back in and we put in a couple cups of milk. Starting to smell pretty good and then
the juice of one lemon and I’m not too worried about the seeds at this point
just get that lemon juice in there. This goes in the oven and there’s a
discrepancy in both time and temperature between what they say in the video and
what they say in the written recipe so we’re just going to make this happen and
I’ll see you when it’s cooked. All right so not sure how I got the
carving job! Julie’s carving! Really not my skill set, okay so don’t watch don’t
watch. The sauce in the pot is not
visually appetizing, well the lemon essentially turns the milk into a cheese
so you’ve got curd and whey. But let’s just taste it I think
the sauce should taste good. I’m just gonna pull some of this off. This
is why I don’t handle meat – I have no grace at this. There’s the skin for you.
okay it’s hot. A reminder it’s hot it’s still steaming. Tastes like roast
chicken mm-hmm. The milk though does give it that kind
of green curry kind of texture to it. Okay I see where you going with that.
yeah you know I mean… It’s not a curry but … you know the curries that are made with with coconut milk it’s got that
kind of subtle flavour to it but there’s nothing that jumps out as a flavour. No it
is very subtle but its moist yeah its moist it’s throw down the vegetables I tasted the sauce I was worried about the
cinnamon a little bit. Oh Cinnamon? there’s a cinnamon stick in there cinnamon didn’t add much and the lemon flavour is very subtle. We don’t
know that that’s the thing it’s also very subtle yeah I don’t know that I
could tell you what’s adding flavour or not. The lemon is subtle though like
usually / often lemon can be very yummy like that there is lemon in this chicken
and there’s you know a fistful of sage in there and I’m not getting overpowered
with sage everything is very subtle mm-hmm I mean the chicken really shines.
Which is nice yeah I think this is a I think this is a good chicken. If you
are one of the
you know 90% of North Americans that want super crispy skin. oh you’re not gonna get it with this style of chicken all right not
at all. I mean there’s the skin on the top is a little bit crispy but
underneath it is not crispy at all. yeah So you’re not gonna get gravy I
don’t think this sauce is of much use although it might taste really good on
mashed potatoes? Try it later um I think the chicken is great so
number one recipe yeah I guess it’s number one for a reason so I will
in the written recipe denote the changes you don’t get any of the bitter flavour
from the from the burnt butter. yes discussing that earlier so so I was
really worried as I was burning the butter it was good it tastes like burnt
butter which can be not pleasant it didn’t smell Pleasant but there’s
absolutely none of that in here which could just be sort of a bottom note yeah
it could be something that’s way in the background if it’s not there you would
notice that it’s missing but you don’t know that it’s there kind of like the
cinnamon. Well I’m gonna say let’s get some vegetables together and great. So I’m
gonna give this one a thumbs up I think this works yeah it’s probably number one
for a reason Jamie Oliver’s probably a star chef for a reason he has a few credentials he might know what he’s
doing so so thanks Jamie and and give this chicken try! Jamie Oliver’s Chicken In Milk Recipe.

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  2. Would it be better to cook with clarified butter (ghee butter) instead of straight butter? I wonder how that would taste… just a thought…

  3. Please find us a solution for the smoke in your recipe version 😃 many thanks Chef Glen 🙋🏻‍♀️🌷🌿💕

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  8. using a combination of olive oil and butter gives both a higher smoking point. It might still burn but it might be more manageable.

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  11. You messed up the whole recipe up, you forgot to fry the lemon zest, garlic and sage with the final knob of butter.

    I recommened redoing the whole video ; )

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  13. The chicken comes out subtle and moist but what makes the recipe unique is the sauce. You really miss the mark by not trying it with the chicken or a side. You should have at least spooned some out to show how it came out for you. Criticism aside, I appreciate the genuine candor of your video, I hope I did not come across as too harsh. Keep making videos, I enjoy your tone.

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  17. Cool recipe, but seems like a lot of fuss simply to arrive at "This tastes like roast chicken but vaguely different."

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  21. I made this recently and the sauce was delicious! We poured it all over the chicken and our veggies and gnocchi. The chicken came out soooo tender. I can’t imagine making this dish and not utilizing the sauce.

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