100 thoughts on “【食べ比べ】高級な炊飯器を買ってみた【秋刀魚と豚汁】

  1. あすか、時間枠9:10では、これらのKeurigポッドですか? あなたをコーヒーの人だと思ったことはありません。

  2. @KanaChanTV i love you Asuka.. You're amazing. I wish WWE treated you better… Shame how they treat everyone that they've taken off the indy scene that they didnt really had any plan on having originally.. Keep grinding tho..! Cant wait to watch what you do on here!

  3. when I first saw her on youtube.最初youtubeで彼女を見た時、I thought that a beautiful person imitated asuka.美人な人がasukaの真似をしていると思った。I am confused that it is very different between

    usually asuka san and asuka on the ring. 混乱してしまうわ。普段のasukaさんとリング上のasukaがめっちゃ違いすぎるわ。

  4. 宮城の登米のお米チョイスはナイス👍

  5. なんか知らんけど、おすすめにでてきた。

  6. コスチュームの時は胸にしか目が行かないけど、エプロン姿なら顔が見れるw エプロン姿もいいな。

  7. その豚汁で毒霧せな。

  8. 豚の生姜焼き 造るのかと思ったら 豚汁モドキか。 しかし 量が 多いなぁ。全部 たべちゃうのかなぁ?

  9. この動画一時見れなくなってたみたいですが復活して何より。
    わりとマジでそういうのあるみたいです、面積の問題で。so-called thicc body だしw

  10. Good God. Yes, this is Asuka from WWETV. Her given name is Kanako (or Kana for short). Yes, she is obviously gorgeous. No, she will not give you any (even if you tell her how beautiful she is and how you'd treat her like a queen). All of you who post the same damn comment on each video clearly need to just fap into a sock and get the desperation out of your system. JFC.

  11. Awesome, i have an Aroma rice cooker, the most handy gadgets ever!

    Try adding a flavor to your rice, add your favorite sauce to the water, soy sauce, chicken broth or bouillon cubes, etc.. 👍

  12. La verdad que no soy así de cursy soy muy serio pero la verdad que esta mujer me encanta desde q la vy en la lucha me encantaría invitarla a salir a comer comida japonesa

  13. i love asuka…great performer and also i have 2 little girls ages 8 and 7 and you are their hero and favorite wwe superstar!

  14. I love asuka nice that you love cooking. So your rice cooker is japanese and you are japanese when you dont understand what is stated there.The more we wont be able to understand.😁😂 I believe you will be a good wife

  15. litirally the most adorble channel ever haha 😀 from wrestling goddess (the real goddess) to a very excitedble cooking genius xD

  16. Now THIS is good cooking! If I mix this with some veggies and low sodium seasoning, I'd be well on my way to being trim and slim! My weakness is too much of the big three: salt, sugar, and fat. It's too bad I'm allergic to a lot of fish 🙁 🙁 but I'm stealing this recipe ;D <3

  17. Honestly hun I love your matches and your YouTube channel about cooking i think one day I'll get do cook some very traditional Japanese styles with you love

  18. いやーむしろちゃんとしたご飯作ってあげたいよ・・・今だからこそ材料はあるだろうけど満足出来て体に負担掛からないもの食べないとね。

  19. Awesome thanks for the upload 🙂 you're a amazing woman Aska (Kana Chan) I am pleased to say that you're my best female wrestler I wish you all the success in the world a awesome lady like you would be s fantastic wife or partner for a very lucky man indeed. God bless you and have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy new year x

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