【High Calorie】 Baked Hokkaido Steamed Cheese Cake With Butter Is Super Tasty!!! [6000kcal][Use CC]

【High Calorie】 Baked Hokkaido Steamed Cheese Cake With Butter Is Super Tasty!!! [6000kcal][Use CC]

Hello it’s Kinoshita Yuka
( English subtitles by ~Aphexx~ ) So today tadaa! I made some Hokkaido steam cakes
Don’t they look delish A viewer Linked me a photo of this
And requested that I try them out And when I did a bit of research into it
It seems like these were really popular last year I had a tough time trying to find a shop that sold these did Y’all notice anything? I finally cut my hair again
and tried out a short hairstyle…. just when its about to get cold Hair takes forever to dry…. especially when its cold
And when you have short hair it dry in an instant I got tired of the long hair so I gave this a try
Alrighty let’s see how it’s made We start by prepping the steamed cheesecake I’ve got 10 of these First we cut the Cheesecake This is very easy to slice hokkaido looks so KAWAII on here Then bake in an oven
The cooking time depends on the oven If you’re trying to make this as well please
keep checking on the cakes while cooking the KAWAII cheesecakes will now start to bake Cut some butter to desired sizes its enough to cover one of the cakes
since I was a little kid I loved seeing pancakes with pads of square-ish butter like this Once they’ve warmed up to temperature
Place the butter on top If it butter isn’t melting that well
Then place it back in the warm oven Just look at it Will ya
they look so delish Then add some honey they look delish They look irresistible tadaa its done
Just look at how Yummy they look As for sauces I have honey and maple syrup and I made some melted butter here as well Of course cheesecakes would pair perfectly with milk
but I don’t got any so I’ll be drinking soy milk with this itadakimasu
without a doubt these are going to be yummy It’s covered in butter and honey It tastes amazing
The steam cheesecakes surface is crisp And I can’t get enough of that honey and butter flavor This is definitely one of those sinful treats it legit tastes great with this soy milk
It’s so nice drink after a mouthful of yummy cheesecake honey and butter and
let it rinse away with soy milk Just look at this will ya
Look at how the butter and honey get soaked into the cake I love the flavor of the butter
if you are using unsalted I suggest adding a bit of salt The parts that are really soaked in butter
are made super soft and flavorful Since I love butter so much I’ll add more It looks so yummy drenched in butter I am deeply moved by how yummy this is This tastes like a piece of heaven
it feels like you are being lifted up into heaven when you taste these yummy flavors This butter is amazing
The cheesecake alone is very yummy but I just can’t believe how much yummier it
gets when its baked and covered in Honey and butter All we did was bacon and top it with honey and butter
I had a feeling that it was going to be yummy without a doubt I just had no idea that it would get this good
its just soooo EZ to make I just realized that this steamed cheesecake is from hokkaido
and the butter is also from hokkaido this honey is made in murrica though
and the maple syrup is… of course from canada but anyways its no wonder that both of these
hokkaido products taste so great together If you let it sit for a while the butter soaks into the cake
and make the cake feel sort of rare and delish There’s a chunk of butter on it
it reminds me of a pancake It’s way thicker and fluffier than a pancake
It’s also more moist and well… its made of cheese….
so of course its different sixth It’s so yummy that I can eat all of these with just butter
and honey since we already have some maple syrup lets use it butter…
it just looks amazing all of my viewers out there will probably love these
especially with all this butter on it and now for some maple syrup The maple syrup is darker I love the smell of maple syrup I feel as if the maple syrup gives it a grown up taste I feel as though kids would really love the honey flavor just look at this
its the bees knees I’ve been calling this stuff the best… the best… the best
all throughout this vid and well when you analyze the meaning of the “japanese word”
it means that its the “most highest” and is it alright to use this word this many times over
and over again? I do believe so Just look at how its soaked into the cake
its the “bestest” its best with plenty of butter I really love that moment when the milk
and cake mix in your mouth… its exquisite They both taste great but I think I prefer the honey a bit more A bit of extra salt would taste great as well I was inspired by a famous japanese cook since this cheesecake really soaks up so much butter
when you bit into it the butter gushes right out and this is also another one of the “bestest” just how many times am I going to say ‘bestest’ over
and over again. it really is legit yummy though last mouthful its the ‘horn’ of hokkaido
itadakimasu gochisosamadeshita
These Hokkaido steamed cheesecakes with butter and honey were so delish
I knew they probably would taste great but I had no idea that they would exceed my expectations
but this pairing of butter soy milk and hokkaido cheese I know this is soy milk but when the milk and
cheese cake comes together its just out of this world Hokkaido stuff is so yummy I love how you can get the title cheesecakes
down here in the kanto region and all sorts of other places These were so yummy want you all please give them a try as well
And as always thank you for watching if there’s anything you want Need to do or each please tell me in the comment section below
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  14. With sweet treats remember to have plain tea or warm milk, makes the experience of eating sweets so much better

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