【High Calorie】 Melty Brûlée French Toast Donuts!!! 24 Krispy Kreme Using 18 Eggs! 7603kcal[Use CC]

【High Calorie】 Melty Brûlée French Toast Donuts!!! 24 Krispy Kreme Using 18 Eggs! 7603kcal[Use CC]

Hello it’s Kinoshita Yuka
( English subtitles by ~Aphexx~ ) So today tadaa! I made some french toast donuts they look so ugly though
I don’t have a knack for making things like this They so ugly
I know its an gross looking presentation but its
T O T E S gonna be yummy I made these out of 24 original glazed from
Krispy Kreme So basically two boxes of 1 dozen alrighty lets get cookin Let’s start making the French toast Donuts tadaa my all time faves Krispy Kreme donuts I will be using their original glazed Start off with making the eggs sugar, milk Just eyeball how much you use.
trust your gut and add as much as you think would work Time for the original glazed Cut them in half Dip the two halves of french toast into the egg mix wait it’s not French toast
what I mean is dip the original glazed Add some butter then fry up the donuts flip looks so yummy I’m lovin that buttery aroma right now Once they’re cooked move them to a plate they’re plumpin’ up the donuts are so soft
They’re as soft as tofu Since these Donuts are so soft
It’s a good idea not to let them soak too much Second bunch of Krispy Kreme donuts
err…. I mean second box so that makes this the 13th one and by the way I ran out of the egg mix that
used up 10 eggs I had to crack open 8 more eggs Tada I’ve transferred them to a plate
And added a pad of butter tada its all done
They look amazing And to drink I have some soy milk
its an organic soy milk made by provomel I’ve just found these recently
And it tastes so yummy just check out the packaging girls love things like…….~~~
uhhh I don’t think I’m allowed to say that in 2018… sorry but we like things like this Packaging is so important
I really enjoy picking up all sorts of organic products I like to buy organic food, make up, and all sorts of
things like soaps I’ve got some maple syrup
But I’m going to try the first ones without any I dun goofed I shoulda
prepped some cream and stuff for today This is what they look like its totes yummy it just melts in your mouth
melt in yo mouth It’s covered with a sugary coating
and its slightly melted and so yummy I’m so shook at how gooey and melty it is Usually when you make French toast like this
You’re supposed to soak the bread overnight to get it to be this soft and gooey
this soaked for only a bit and it got soo~ soft already if you let it soak too long they’d fall right apart in the egg For those of you who are into sweet and salty flavors
You probably want to add some salt to this butter is a bit salty it might be good looks so yummy dat butter tho~ The butter as a bit of saltiness
I love it so much I just can’t get enough of this When you take these original glazed and make them
Into French toast they kinda shrink a bit 2 boxes worth of them turn into this Perhaps I don’t need any maple syrup
Since I added so much sugar to the egg mix It’s plenty sweet already
I kind of feel like adding some salt to this I love that sweet and salty flavor But just a bit
Only a tiny amount But I think the saltiness from the butter
Goes better than with this the saltiness from Salt its almost like a creme brullee flayvr~~ its much tastier I suck at Japanese words like that
whenever similar sounding words are said so close together I get tongue tied so easily I ain’t doin’ this on purpose provamel is a belgian soy milk There are some people out there that have allergies
to milk Since this is so yummy
Kids who weren’t able to eat things like normal people It’s so nice to know that they can enjoy things that
taste even better than the thing they’re missing out on I truly respect the hard work that people like this are doing It’s nice that they’re doing something that makes everyone happy This doesn’t need the added sweetness
But since we already have it out lets use a bit maple syrup so yummy omg its so yummy with the maple syrup This maple syrup doesn’t only add extra sweetness
but it adds extra flavor that added flavor is so yummy I kind of want to try this out tadaa what would this be like with some olive oil green well… that’s different Olive oil is so yummy when you put it on anything And so I thought it might make it yummier olive oil didn’t work olive oil is just so different that it
isn’t really that friendly with the french toast donuts It kind of looks like a layer cake Last mouthful
itadakimasu gochisosamadeshita Krispy Kreme french toast donuts were so yummy They were so soft and gooey
It’s an experience that you don’t get that often It was almost like eating a souffle and the glazed portions of the donut were so
crunchy and yummy I forgot to prep these today but
some whipped cream would have been yummy AF I made the egg mixture like I would a
normal french toast mix but the bread used in making french toast
isn’t sweet And since donuts in general are so sweet already I shoulda made the egg mix
a little less sweet But since I like sweet stuff so much
I totally loved it But I feel as though some people out there
Would prefer it with less sugar And with less sugar in the egg mix
you can offset that with some maple syrup Also some ice cream and stuff like that would be
the bees knees it was so yummy won’t you all please give it a try And as always thank you for washing if there is anything
You want me to do or eat please tell me in the comments
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  1. ダイエットを心配してくれる方が多いけど、運動を頑張ってるよ!

  2. Aphexx i hope you read this, THANKS SO MUCH for all the translations you did and still do!
    I am from germany but i like your english translation better then the german hehe
    I really appreciate it – and i bet i am not the only one that does <3

  3. 途中から韓国語の字幕のシンクロールが可笑しいです
    5:56 からです

  4. I recommand you to put vanilla extract or orange-flower water in your mix " milk/sugar/eggs " that a different taste and (in my opinion) that's so much better 😀
    (In the southeast of France we really love this two flavors ^^ )

  5. Kinoshita-San you forgot to put cinnamon to the French toast mix, try it again and you will notice the nice flavor, saludos desde Venezuela.

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  8. 食べたい(●´艸`)

  9. 自由でいつも楽しそうなところが大好きです!

  10. "some people that are allergic to milk" You mean lactose intolerant? There are a lot of people that have it

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  19. OoOo…I wish I could eat that, but it would make me too fat, and is not good for my heart! The next best thing is watching Yuka eat it!

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