【High Calorie】 Moist Castella French Toast Using KAHLUA !! [5739kcal] [CC Available]

【High Calorie】 Moist Castella French Toast Using KAHLUA !! [5739kcal] [CC Available]

hello it’s kinoshita yuka today… jaaan ! here the castella jaaan ! and by using KAHLUA… i’ll make castella french toast castella french toast alone is so tasty it’s so tasty, isn’t that, lon ? and by using KAHLUA, it will be much more tasty so let’s see the recipe now ! the ingredients… eggs, KAHLUA… castella, butter… and milk we put the eggs and KAHLUA milk… and we mix the smell of KAHLUA is so nice we put the mix in a hot plate… and we soak the castella because this castella soak up the mix so quickly… we need to be careful we melt the butter and fry the castella what a nice smell jaaan ! we made KAHLUA castella french toast so heavy and this sauce here, i made it by mixing both the KAHLUA and maple syrup and here whipped cream let’s add the sauce… ah, there is another thing… this KAHLUA is for adults, it’s not for children so be careful itadakimasu it looks so tasty mmmm ! it’s so fluffy and the outside texture is so crispy and rich with flavors in really tasty way mmm ! let’s use whipped cream too ah! it looks so yummy with the cream eating the hot castella french toast with cold whipped cream is truly delicious this KAHLUA gives a nice adult and tasty taste you know that the castella soaked up a lot of sauce by looking at the egg here, you find it not toasted eggs was always goes so well with castella look here, it is burning from the bottom what makes it so rich and delicious i really like the outside texture of the castella… it’s crispy and tasty this here is so moist and really soft from the inside we used 400 ml of KAHLUA, this dish needs plenty of it and there is no need to use sugar because the KAHLUA itself is sweet this is really moist look at this the last layer the last bite, itadakimasu mmm ! gochisousamadeshita castella french toast using KAHLUA was so tasty castella french toast using KAHLUA was really easy, moist, fluffy in really delicious way the castella soak up the sauce so quickly compared to a normal bread, and this makes it so moist and the taste of the KAHLUA is really yummy KAHLUA is a coffee-flavored liqueur and this sweet coffee taste is so delicious and because it was so tasty, why you don’t try this as well ? and as always thank you for watching if there’s anything You want me to do please tell me in a comment Section below if you like this video please hit the like And subscribe buttons and i wish for everyone happy and tasty day bye bye ! all rights reserved. copyright © 2018 Kinoshita Yuka

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  1. Yuka, you need to start slowing down. You're starting to turn fat or you just aren't as young as you used to be. Take care of your body.

  2. Je connais cette youtubeuse que aujourd'hui, quelqu'un peut m'expliquer comme fait elle pour avaler autant de nourriture ??

  3. ほんとにかわいい、ゆうかちゃん

  4. カステラも結構甘いしカルーアもかなり甘いからすっごい甘そう!

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  6. この人糖尿病ならんのかなならんのやったらこれくらい甘いの食べても心配せんでええね

  7. ほらーぁカルーア何て使うからアルコールでロレツが回らなくなってます、運転は控えましょう。

  8. 프렌치토스트 정말 좋아하는데 커피 맛이나는 프렌치토스트 라니ㅠㅠ 아주 맛있을듯해요 🥰

  9. 手めっちゃ綺麗ですね!

  10. I've got a friend who used to add kahlúa to his white russians coctels and maaaan, those were awesome… <3 lol btw greetings from Spain sweetie those looks delicious 😛

  11. 優香ちゃんの食べっぷりを見てかわいいとおもったのえついチャンネル登録しちゃいました!!

  12. ほんと盛り付け方もっと勉強した方がいいと思う。自分食べるだけだからいいかもだけど汚らしいわ。何か果物添えるとか全部茶色じゃなくてカラフルにしたらもっと見栄えいいしみんな見てくれそう。

  13. 食パンで作るよりガッツリ甘いの作るそ〜

  14. 元々なのか、アルコールのせいなのか、木下さんのロレツガ気になって心配です

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