【High Calorie】 Rolled Pan Fried Eggs + Hot Dog!! Is That Tasty!? [4000kcal] [CC Available]

【High Calorie】 Rolled Pan Fried Eggs + Hot Dog!! Is That Tasty!? [4000kcal] [CC Available]

hello it’s kinoshita yuka today Jaan i made what called omelette hot dog i think there is something like an omelette sandwich and because i didn’t try this before now, i want to try it for today for the flavors, we have here the normal one, mentaiko, cheese, seaweed and honey so let’s se how we make it the ingredients… 4 eggs and 100 ml of water spoon of starch japanese sauce 1/4 spoon of soy sauce and 1/4 spoon of sugar let’s start with preparing the sauce water starch japanese sauce soy and sugar and we mix i really like the omelette to be juicy putting just small amount of the the sauce will make it easier to cook but it will not be that juicy and for that you need plenty of sauce let’s add the eggs and i’s okay to mix the white and the yolk together and we add our sauce and we mix it well after heating the frypan, we add the oil and you can use this bruch to add the oil and if you don’t have it, you can use a cooking paper and we add the mix and let it for about three min you can now roll it try to make the omelette with one mm of thick now you can roll the eggs little by little hay, add some oil to this side of frypan and let’s add what left lift the eggs to let the mix goes under it the way to cook it is different from the one that i used to make that’s why it’s so hard i shouldn’t make a mistake in making it hay, let’s flip it to fry the other side amazing this is huge and to preserve the texture cover it with a paper and we done by that and now, let’s make the other 4 let’s use the mentaiko i just made it, but i forget how to make it next, cheese let’s use the melty cheese you can see the cheese here next, seaweeds that’s so dark this is my first time to make a seaweed omelette but this looks so tasty the shape of it is so good and last, with honey i covered all of it and this is the last one with the honey and i’m going to put all of this in the hot dog bread it looks like an all stars eggs now jaan, we did it if you look at it from the top, it’s so normal but from the side, this is how it looks like amazing, looks like a hair style jaan, we did it beside the seaweed and the cheese one, i can’t see the different between them this the first that i made so, let’s start with the normal itadakimasu hay, this is the first what we gonna eat that’s so thick there are more eggs than bread this is so hard mmmm, this eggs is so tasty mmmm and the taste of the bread is strong looking at all this eggs is really amazing jaaan, we can’t avoid using the sauces it’s a honey mustard i feel that i’m going to mess it up, with this white T-shirt because this plate is scary i’m going to put it away mmmm, this honey mustard goes so well with the eggs this made it so much better the fluffy texture of eggs with the fluffy texture of the bread is really yummy it’s really scary to eat that but eating it with honey mustard is really the best the sauce in the fluffy eggs is really so tasty mmm, this goes so well with the bread hay, this is next i think this filled with mentaiko mmmm the taste of the mentaiko is strong this mentaiko is really yummy i think this is going to be so good with mayo looks so tasty mentaiko goes always so well with the mayo mmmm the balance of the mentaiko with the mayonnaise is really the best mmmm and the taste of the sweet sauce is really amazing with this bread next, cheese you can see this here mmmmm it’s not like the cheese hotdog that i made it before but cheese with eggs is really the best cheese goes with anything mmmmm this will be so good with the honey mustard sauce it will be so tasty with the honey as well when i made the cheese hotdog, i received plenty of comments that told me to try it with honey mustard that’s true, that’s why i made sure to not forget that this time so yummy this is good but i don’t feel like it’s a melty cheese next, is the seaweed one the taste is light mmmm and the smell is so good and i think this will goes so well with the honey mustard sauce as well tasty this sauce goes so well with so many things and the last one is the honey i’m going to topped it with the honey, and make it with a double honey hay, looks so tasty mmmmm it’s like a sweet cake now using plenty of honey is really a good thing the omelette with the honey is so tasty the last bite, itadakimasu mmmmm gochisousamadeshita the omelette hot dog was so tasty the look of it was so good it was so good to see all that filled in the bread it will goes so well with the meat as well but eating it is so difficult imagine how messy is going to be with the hamburger and making it didn’t take a lot of time and effort and because it was so tasty, why you don’t try this as well ? And as always thank you for watching ! if there’s anything You want me to do please tell me in a comment Section below if you like this video please hit the like And subscribe buttons bye bye all rights reserved. copyright © 2018 Kinoshita Yuka

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  1. If you liked the one with honey you should try making french toast. I'm not sure if you've heard of it but you take bread and dipped it in eggs and then fry it in a frying pan and put Maple syrup on top. Look it up 🙂

  2. 落ち着いた髪色にパーカーのゆうかちゃん似合ってますね❤️ 沢山食べても太らないの羨ましいなぁ〜🙃

  3. 明太子まんまぶっ込んでて笑ってしまったwwwww

  4. 寒くなりましたね😆身体気を付けて下さい❗ハニーマスタード食べてみたい☺ゆうかちゃん今日も美味しそうに食べてて、食欲無い私もお腹空いてきちゃった❤

  5. 砂糖多くも何回も卵液を、分けて入れれば、最後は綺麗な色になるよ!


  6. あんまり美味しくなさそう…

  7. やってることは

  8. ゆうかちゃんが食べたいものを美味しく食べれればいいと思います!

  9. 美味しそう!!!

  10. これがこの人の好みの味なんだろうから周りがとやかく言うことじゃなくない?マスタードかけたくないんだったらその人はかけないで食べなきゃいい話。

  11. 埼玉のパン屋「翠玉堂」さんが、こういった思いきりのいいネタ的コッペパンを作るので有名なんですが(桃の節句にはちらし寿司を挟んだり節分にはイワシと炒り豆挟んだりバレンタインには板チョコ数枚縦に挟んだり……)、中には美味しそうなのもある(笑)ので是非コラボしてほしいものです(*^-^*)

  12. こういういつも食べないもの食べたいなぁ~最近ご飯飽きたから変わったもの食べたい!笑笑

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