【HUGE ACCIDENT】 [Deep Frying] Burning Warning!! High Calorie Corn Tempura [CC Available]

【HUGE ACCIDENT】 [Deep Frying] Burning Warning!! High Calorie Corn Tempura [CC Available]

hello it’s kinoshita yuka today Jaan – the bruise in my arm because of the massage shop in korea –
i made deep fried corn tempura i saw in Izakaya restaurant’s menu and i like it ! and i made it for my first time you may think that the amount is less than usual that’s because of what happened, i ran away as fast as possible so, let’s see how we make it !! the ingredients… corn … flour … starch… water …. salt and oil let’s start preparing the oil at 180 ° C and we put the corn in this bowl… and we add to it some flour … and starch … with water …. and we mix and in this warm oil … we fry it i’m going to fry it spoon by spoon aaah, looks so tasty this is like rice crackers aaaay !!! why ? why ? what’s going on with this corn !! waah, i’m so scared !! this is impossible! oooh, this is really dangerous ! to dangerous !! a real danger !! be careful everyone! jaan!! we did it ! the oil was so dangerous it was popping like a popcorn maybe because we fried it too much there is a small burn here ! but it looks so tasty ! itadakimasu ! let’s start eating it with salt looks so crispy looks tasty mmmmm!! so crispy and tasty !! the taste of the corn is so sweet the sweet and the salty taste of the salt is so tasty the taste of the sweet corn is irresistible!! mmmmmm !! when i ate it in the restaurant, i thought that i can make it so easily using canned corn i thought at first that the corn will fall apart, but it’s solid it will be so good with the sake ! the fried food always so yummy it looks like a rice cracker it’s will be good with the japanese tempura dip, but it’s much more tasty with the salt it’s so refreshing, the balance between this salty taste and the sweetness of corn is amazing it’s my favorite way to eat it it’s so crispy !! i’m going to try to eat it near the microphone what do you think ? with a salty taste and crispy texture and i really like it , you can find it in Izakaya shop menu i can make it so easily by myself and this is a good thing you can use the canned corn but i think that the raw corn is much more better the last bite, itadakimasu mmmmm!! gochisousamadeshita the corn tempura was so tasty i made about just 5 of it !! i though that’s is easy, but i was surprised !! i think using the raw corn will be better than the canned corn, it will be much more fresh and tasty but you can use the canned corn in any season ! it was so easy ! but the oil was so scary ! it’s a corn after all, it like a popcorn that’s why be careful everyone and because it was so tasty, why you don’t try it as well ? And as always thank you for watching ! if there’s anything You want me to do please tell me in a comment Section below if you like this video please hit the like And subscribe buttons bye bye all rights reserved. copyright © 2018 Kinoshita Yuka

100 thoughts on “【HUGE ACCIDENT】 [Deep Frying] Burning Warning!! High Calorie Corn Tempura [CC Available]

  1. フレッシュのとうもろこしが美味しい季節なのに、なぜ缶詰を使うのかw

  2. 고레에다 히로카츠 감독의 걸어도 걸어도 영화에서 이 음식이 나오죠,,,아직 못먹어봤는데ㅜㅜ 맛나겠다

  3. 한글자막이 왜 계속 제대로 안되어있는거죠…다른분 구해서 넘기시는게 나을듯 합니다

  4. 옥수수 통째로 튀기면 팝콘처럼 터지기때문에 적당히 다져서 튀기는게 좋아요 ㅠㅠㅠ 안 그러면 기름과 화상파티….🔥

  5. omg i was giggling when you were getting scared of the corn and yelling about it, but then i saw the burns on your arms and felt so bad!! be careful Yuka!! ♥️

  6. You must mush the corn a little bit to avoid the popping. Also those tiny bits leftover in the oil from the last cooking batch must be removed before you continue cooking, otherwise it will pop too. And try to add leeks, grinded garlic, salt and blackpepper when mix with the starch, it will taste even better!

  7. 美味しいよねー。実家でもよく作ってるけど、生のトウモロコシ使ってるよ!

  8. 食品はインドネシアのと同じであった、ここでは、ここで食品を揚げたコールempalトウモロコシやトウモロコシにそのように食べることが容易に発見され、非常に手頃な価格

  9. I think you should turn down the heat just before you pick the corn out then put the heat up again for cooking the next batch

  10. You have to crush the corn a little using a mortar and pestle. so that when it's fried it doesn't explode 😊

  11. 今日それ食べたー!


  12. it's called "BAKWAN" or "DADAR JAGUNG" in indonesian ^^
    You can also add shrimp, or more veggie on it. and make sure your oil isn't too hot. can use less oil too! eating with mayonnaise also delicious!!

  13. 항상 조심해요 ㅠ 이번에는 정말 위험했네요… 일본어를 하지 못해서 항상 좋아요만 줬는데 이번에는 너무 걱정이 되어서 덧글 남겼어요…

  14. コーン天ぷら美味しいですよね!!
    ゆうかさん!納豆天ぷらもすごく美味しいですよ!!! コーン天ぷらと同じような感じで作れて美味しいのでぜひ食べてみてください😂💕

  15. You kinda made Hush puppies, next time try a recipe for "Hush puppies", made with creamed corn, and more batter, that way it's easier to fry, without as much oil Splashes.
    But i love watching you cook, no matter what lol

  16. 私はあなたの映画を見るのが好きで、あなたはとても強くて、私に小さな爱情をあげることができることを望んで、私もわざわざ日本語を勉強します。

  17. Is that really a coincidence? This video was posted on the date of my birthday and guess what , the food also my favorite food
    Im so happy
    Sad to say , i cant eat too many compare to you
    I wish i had that big appetite 😅

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