【MUKBANG】 [High Calorie] Fluffy Margherita Rolls Using Bread & Plenty Of Cheese!! 4000kcal[Use CC]

【MUKBANG】 [High Calorie] Fluffy Margherita Rolls Using Bread & Plenty Of Cheese!! 4000kcal[Use CC]

Hello it’s Kinoshita Yuka
(English subtitles by~ Aphexx~) So today! Tada I made some margarita rolls to eat today
I wrapped mozzarella in bread and added some tomatoes and basil To make something that resembles a margherita
Alrighty let’s see how it’s made These are the ingredients
Add milk and some salt and pepper Let the bread soak for a bit Cut these tiny tomatoes up into fourths Tear up some basil Add two slices of mozza to bread Tomato Basil Roll If you are having a hard time
Try using some plastic wrap And I made two of these with some sugar
To give it a different sweeter taste ~I kind of forgot to add cheese so I’ll add it now~ put plenty of olive oil in a fry pan Then fry tada they’re all done The toughest parts where rolling them
And frying them without them falling apart But once they started frying the cheese start to melt
And they gradually started to stick ~and you can somehow fumble your way through the process~ I believe the mozza will be nice and melted inside
And super yummy ITADAKIMASU let’s break 1 open The cheese is all melty
The cheese is so stringy looks so yummy Is this the sweet version or is it one of the
Normal ones that I made I made two of the sweet-tasting ones
~Now I can’t tell them apart~ It totally taste like a Margherita The bread is nice and moist and soaked up all the milk
And has a flavor that is very different from Pizza It tastes more like moist bread wrapped around margherita
so yummy And this one turned out to not be one of the sweet ones And since we use plenty of olive oil to fry these
The surface is so nice and crispy With a nice yummy moist and soft interior The cheese is all stringy So yummy I love Hot sandwiches so much
If I’m ever served them for breakfast or lunch
I get totally excited Before I forget the drink I have today is
Cafe Au Lait with plenty of milk I haven’t bumped into one of the sweet ones just yet These are a bit moister than regular hot sandwiches
And since we fried them in olive oil It’s got a nice crispy and tasty exterior That olive oil flavors really nice as well This is so yummy
A yummy flavor that is very different from pizzas or sandwiches I just might prefer these rolls over those
And since we soaked the bread in milk they’ve increased in size And they all have a very slight sweetness to them But Cafe Au Lait is so yummy I’ve eaten 10 of these but have yet to
Bump into one of the sweet ones ~What if I already ate one and didn’t even notice~ I’m lovin’ that Basil flavor and aroma Why is it that Basil tomato and cheese
Make for such a great combina~~~ ~ wait this isn’t a combination~ Uhmmmmm? Trio? ~its amazing don’t ya think?~
These are all such disparate ingredients That come together And make for something that is so
It’s kind of like a small miracle isn’t it FINALLY!! It’s one of the sweet ones The sweet ones are so yummy as well
The cheese is sweetened a bit which is nice It kind of reminds me of a crepe
Yum Should have made more Last
Hey you The last mouthful
Itadakimasu gochisosamadeshita The margarita rows were so yummy
I still have some ingredients left over They were so yummy that I totally want to
Run to the kitchen to make a second batch The interior was so soft and moist and the exterior
Was so very crisp It’s an eating experience that you won’t be able to have
Even if you bought it at a store It’s one of those yummy taste experiences that you
Can’t have unless you make it on your own I think It was filled with stuff to resemble a margherita
Tomato basil and cheese are so yummy on their own as well The interior was also so moist from the milk with an
exterior that was so crispy from frying in olive oil It was all so yummy
The one I made with sugar was SRSLY yummy as well I think I might have preferred the sweet ones more Don’t you guys think cheese is so amazing?
it makes bread rice and Noodles so yummy tasting ~prolly cuz ‘ I like cheese so much~
I totes love cheese so much K, These were all so yummy won’t you all please
Give them a try as well And as always thank you for watching and if there is
anything you want me to do or eat please tell me in the comment
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  1. 充分な量やのに最近少なく感じる(笑)

  2. フィリピンのドリアン食べてみてください! 匂いはちょっとくさいけど食べたらおいしいです。うそじゃないですよ!! 本当です!! 🇵🇭😆

  3. 神様、この女性はどうやって食べますか、私はあなたを愛しています。❤🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  4. Sometimes I worry about Yuka, she could do a small mukbang or ASMR, rather than eating large meals and risking her health.

  5. I know this is random but last week a storm system came over Tennessee and I was over my granny’s house and the lights went out for .1 seconds 😂 after that I blinked and thought the lights went out again 😆 we think a tornado went over her house because the red part of the storm went over Nashville and there was REALLY strong winds… she has a giant tree that we call Charlie Brown….the tree has been through it all…the 2010 flood her as a child 🤷🏾‍♀️it’s a very old tree

  6. Please try Arabic food , I think u have Arabic restaurant in ur beautiful country we have so many things I'm sure u like it

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    혹시 제가 일식에 대해서 잘 모르지만
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    (번역기로 돌려서 이상할수 있습니다.죄송합니다.)

  9. そろそろあかん飯やって欲しいよー(´;ω;`)


  10. なんかたまになんでそうしたのってことするよね

  11. Soaking the bread in milk is worthless and adds nothing. In fact, it probably makes it difficult to manage the bread. I would have added another slice of REAL Italian mozzarella to each bread slice, plus would have added garlic before frying in olive oil. The sugar? I have no idea why you used that, sorry.

  12. 自分で食べると500カロリーくらいは高いとおもうけだ、ゆうかちゃんが食べると低く感じる

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  14. めっちゃ美味しそうです😋💕💕

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