【MUKBANG】 [High Calorie] Trying To Deep Fry Cute Sakuramochi Sweets!!! 30 Pieces, 5000kcal[Use CC]

【MUKBANG】 [High Calorie] Trying To Deep Fry Cute Sakuramochi Sweets!!! 30 Pieces, 5000kcal[Use CC]

Hello! This is Kinoshita Yuka!
(zero effort Garbage subs by ~Aphexx~) Today is voice gets raspy for a while after waking I guess that’s right this was shot in the morning. Well, it’s daytime Yes! its already spring It is Sakurabaki!
(cherry blossom rice) there are two kinds from supermarkets and convenience stores, like Seven Eleven I bought Sakura rice/mochi 30 pieces! I love this cherry mochi rice There’s a lot of you out there that like this
Isn’t there I want to fry this a viewer told me that. If you fried cherry mochi in oil, it is delicious Is what they said it would be totes delish Ithought I am planning to do it today. Sakura mochi…. this one is from 7-11
but there are types with leaves on it and types without leaves cherry mochi, leaves…do you all eat it or not There are a lot of people who probably don’t know what to do Of course I am one of those who eats it I make sure to eat whatever I can I was curious about this so I looked it up on the Net The factor that affects people eating
Or not eating leaf Depends on how it was made Sakura mochi leaves leaves are full of wonderful flavor
and scent And they usually add it to impart
Extra flavor It is safe to eat and very edible
And some people encourage the eating of the leaf There are some people who say that
the flavor of the leaf is way too strong Some people say it’s not there to be eaten
And so don’t eat it Well, if you are interested It’s probably best to ask the seller of the product alrighty
It’s time to get deep fried These are the ingredients I use spring roll skin Oh, it’s very springy and soft This is actually my first time using
spring roll skins Perhaps Well, I’m getting nervous Scary scary scary scary It’s so scary! This might be the toughest thing I do all day And I will put this cherry mochi on top It’s so Kawaii with an actual sakura blossom on top Convenience stores have really upped their game
With their Sweets To put on Oh, this is just cute It looks so Spring like
as it is And wrap it up Let’s crush a bit. When wrapped so far This is a mixture of light flour and water It is a light flour with water spread it like this Well, I will cover it. It got a bit weird Yes! It looks like this ~ Ah! you can see a bit of the pink cherry color peeking
though… its so KAWAII The skins wreck easy when you are rough
with them These are smaller so we’ll use two Of course remember to add the leaves A bit small for just one It’s bite-size and so cute I want to make an envelope Something good, is not it? Cherry blossom letter It’s the appearance of a fryer after a long absence Deep fried with oil Oh, it is nice ~ is good! So exciting Oh, they are already energetic Be careful when dropping it in I almost always overfill my fryer It looks super tasty! Like a pie My favorite cherry mochi bean pie? prolly the ones made by Lotteria If only I was able to make them But it’s just easy to buy them Mr. Lotteria, thank you for offering It looks really delicious! smell super nice. (inaudible) inaudible Okay, while I what’s frying this I thought of a good thing Look at this I cut it with scissors and made it I can put these on top Powdered tea and powdered sugar This is powdered green tea, Well, I will remove it It didn’t turn out that well It didn’t turn out as Kawaii as I thought it would It’s a shame It did not become so beautiful What about powdered sugar? It’s difficult. It is surprisingly difficult to turn over This turned out nice Perhaps I sprinkled on too much sugar I was successful after a few
Bad attempts I feel I was able to do this most beautifully This, this and this It looks really delicious! smell super nice. and It is exactly like my favorite from lotteria it smells like that cherry mochi pie pie milk tea Let’s go to hanami together with this guy today いただきます! The flower turned out nicely on this one Super delicious with and crispy Sakura rice cake and it is warm in this it gets so soft inside and
its the ‘bestest’ stuff around Despite still having the leaves inside The smell of leaves is also good Really delicious! I love this! Hot Because it is spring roll skins It’s so thin and crisp keeping things 100% I tried using a new mic without listening to the video first I’m worried if it’ll turn out well Because I have a microphone I would like to try eating near the microphone Did you guys hear it This is probably the one in Seven Eleven This one made by 7-Eleven might be
Way chewier This one is sooo delicious! Then what she is very gooey You can taste the great taste of glutinous rice Let’s cut one in half Really nice sound looks delicious I think I prefer the ones made by 7-Eleven I made milk tea to drink today but…. Japanese green tea might have been the best
Drink for today Well, it’s delicious! Milk tea too Yes! For Japanese sweets, tea is ‘bestest’ Yup Well, I also made some plum kelp tea Without a doubt sweet Japanese treats Go perfectly with japanese kelp tea Sorry ~! I’ll give this a drink too because it’s so yummy I would like to have donuts and cakes Ah ~ delicious ~! The ‘bestest’ With this sweet cherry mochi spring roll It matches very well! Japanese kelp tea is very yummy It is tasty ~ last mouthful
itadakimasu gochisosamadeshita Sakura cake spring roll, it was really delicious! My favorite rice cake + fried in oil Without a doubt you know it’s got to be yummy And, in addition to making it It was fun to fold I believe a lot of girls or kids
Would get a kick out of making these I like it. Doing things like this I am clumsy but I like it So,, work like this PLUS It’s so easy to make It makes for such a fun time This way, though I did it But doing this sort of fine work
and keeping at it and yes… there are some parts
of this that are super tough to do it kind of irritates you So it’s simple and fun This will probably be super fun
To make with your kids I thought of this afterwards This is not sweet, is not it? If you’re into salty and sweet tasting things
I think it would be a good idea to add salt that is.. if you are into that kind of flavor It was awfully superb if you combine it with plum kelp tea Thank you very much for the viewers who told me about this It’s so easy and taste great Why do not you try it all by all means? Thank you for watching today too! I want something I want you to do or if I want something to eat Please let me know in the comment section etc. if it is good! if you thought this was a Good video Subscribe to all means by all means! BAIBAI

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  11. Kinoshitasan! In Korea we also have a similar mochi called Manggaetteok(망개떡)! It's delicious so if you have the chance please try it!

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