【MUKBANG】 [High Calorie] Warning!!! Extremely Tasty Dumplings + Butter!!! 3.1 Kg, 6794kcal[Use CC]

【MUKBANG】 [High Calorie] Warning!!! Extremely Tasty Dumplings + Butter!!! 3.1 Kg, 6794kcal[Use CC]

Hello its Kinoshita Yuka so today! tadaa I’ll be using a yummy gyoza recipe
told to me by a viewer and here we’ve got 40 pieces of gyoza lined up and we’re currently cooking them up like usual
with a bit of oil and the gyozas lined up on top of it alrighty lets start making them so just spread some oil and line up the gyoza on top
then cook till they take on a golden color once they get to a good color
add water then lid so up until this its the usual way you cook these looks yummy
and then flip all of them once they’re all flipped we then…. tadaa add some butter ~dis gonna be good~ then next sprinkle some pepper on top and ra-yu chili oil to taste K that’s all looks soooo yummy
itadakimasu and today I have 4 cups of rice
these smell so wonderful butter is justice dip it on the rice they’re so crispy and the butter flavor is so yummy and the ra-yu gives it that nice spicy kick and
you can taste the pepper as well its a different taste experience from just dipping the gyoza into things its very different from deep fried gyoza as well it gives it a sort of foreign taste since were using this hot plate they’re so piping
hot which makes them that much better when you fry them with butter it makes such a difference
from just frying them with oil that rich buttery taste just takes the flavor
to the next level since they’re too hot to eat I’mma
plate them first looks so yumym I made a dipping sauce in this dish adding dipping sauce is nice as well
it combines with the butter flavors making for a different experience second round so yummy prolly 80 pieces of them when eating them with rice I think its
best when dipped in the sauce I’m sure y’all know this already but
when you mix butter and soy sauce on rice its so yummy its kinda like that forgot the pepper 3rd round
this is the last of it… it was about 100 in total this is the last of the gyoza I think I like these butter gyozas on their own as
opposed to eating them with rice makes them feel more like a snack since you don’t havet’a bother with the sauces
they’re great for something on the go last mouthful itadakimasu gochisosamadeshita
the butter pepper gyoza were so yummy well it might be better suited as a snack rather than as
part of a meal I totes love them I also think that sprinkling some salt might
be a good idea as well but pepper is so yummy and butter and pepper go so nicely together butter is so amazing
” Butter Magic ” put them together you get
” ButterMagi ” special thanks to the viewer who told me about this apparently some shichimi spice would be a good addition
as well everyone won’t you try them out
and please won’t you all give these a try and as always thanks for watching and if there is anything you
want me to do or eat please tell me about it in the comment section if you liked this video please hit the like and subscribe buttons
(English subtitles by ~Aphexx~)

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  1. 만두 맛있겠다~ 특히 저렇게 한쪽만 구우면 빠삭하고 촉촉한게 같이 느껴져서 진짜 맛있죠. 찐만두와 군만두의 감촉이 같이 느껴진달까

  2. バターにラー油って…ヘヴィというか油まみれじゃないか…!!!😳😂でも、ラーメンにバター入れるとうまいっていう、あの感じにひょっとして近いの…かな?🤔😙酒のつまみに食べてみたいっす!!😋🍻✨

  3. あなたのおかげで固形バターを丸かじりするのが将来の夢になりました。ありがとうございます。

  4. せめて油の代わりにバターだったら・・・でもやっぱりさっぱり食べたいのでお酢と塩胡椒がいい。ああ胃もたれ・・・

  5. Do you Just buy industrial sized things in the store or is it online you get them, asking as i live in a very small Town in North norway. Also how do we send you things? Can People in europe do that? I have a line or norwegian meals id love to send

  6. I don't think I've seen you try lasagna. That would probably be something you would like: layers of pasta, meat sauce, and cheese. So delicious and easy to make.

  7. いつもゆうかちゃん楽しそうに作ったり食べたりしてるからみてるこっちも全然あきない(๑>ᴗ<๑)♪餃子がそんなに美味しく食べられる方法があるんだ!すごい!(๑°ㅁ°๑)‼これからも頑張ってね♪( ๑>ω•́ )۶☆

  8. いつも見てて思うんだけどさ…

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  10. うちも餃子100個だよー。弟が餃子大好きだから競争しながら食べてる!

  11. バター美味しそうですね☆今度やってみます☆私の餃子の食べ方は、孤独のグルメでやっていた、タレを醤油とラー油ではなく、酢とコショウを使ったタレです!




    すごく美味しいのでやってみて下さい✩°。 ⸜(* ॑ ॑* )⸝

  12. これが最後の餃子です。って言ってるゆうかちゃんが切ない感じで可愛すぎる☺️😍💓💓

  13. 遠いところにご飯置いてる時もわざわざバウンドさせてるけど、そこまで餃子を移動させれるんならバウンドしなくても食べれるんじゃ?

  14. 餃子100個すごいなーって思いながら見てたけどそういや、ンダホさんも餃子100個食えるんだよね!

  15. これ美味しそうで何度も見に来てしまう!同時に食欲増して最近太ってしまった(;_;)

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