【MUKBANG】 THE Happiness OF High Calorie [Camembert Mixed Rice “TKG”] 5.1Kg [8500kcal][Use CC]

【MUKBANG】 THE Happiness OF High Calorie [Camembert Mixed Rice “TKG”] 5.1Kg [8500kcal][Use CC]

Hello it’s Kinoshita Yuka
( English subtitles by ~Aphexx~ ) So today tadaa! I made camembert and egg on rice I use a whole entire camembert to make this I wonder how camembert cheese would
pair with eggy rice It was super easy to make though
alrighty let’s see how it’s made These are the ingredients
rice camembert water egg soy sauce sesame oil Green onion
Add Japanese seasoning and soy sauce when you cook the rice Let the rice sit in the water for over 30 minutes
Add seasoning and soy sauce and the camembert cheese Then cook as you would normally It’s done cooking It looks yummy After it’s done cooking remove the cheese It’s very melty right now Mix it all together wow there’s even yummy looking burnt bits Transfer to a bowl
Add to Camembert cheese and egg
Since I love these runny eggs I used them The recipe calls for raw egg yolks but I
Chose these runny eggs instead I like these because you get to have the egg whites as well Add soy sauce, and I love this noodle sauce
So I will add some of that as well Add sesame oil to taste Sprinkle on the onion tadaa it’s all done the burnt bits of rice look so yummy
itadakimasu I will now try to break one of these eggs It looks amazing I will now mix it in well It has been thickened by all the Heat This looks a lot like cheese risotto It looks amazing its so cray hot The Camembert cheese sticks to the rice so nicely
It’s so very rich and tasty It’s a perfect pairing with the egg Let’s add some more of that noodle sauce The Camembert cheese tastes so good with the
noodle sauce as well The rice is flavored so nicely and
Is very yummy It might be a good idea to mix all the Camembert cheese
Into the rice before it cools off With all the cheese in this it really does
Remind me of a risotto I don’t often get to have this Camembert cheese
but dang its so yummy It’s amazing how nice it goes with rice I have one kilogram of red miso soup to drink Since I slightly cooked these eggs the yolks are
a bit richer tasting That really serves to level up the flavor of
The camembert cheese I flavored this with sesame oil but
Butter might be a good substitution as well a viewer told me about this recipe
TYVM Y’all know all these yummy recipes
they really help me out a lot tadaa
I def know this is gonna taste yummy…. lets add some butter Since the rice has cooled off a bit
I decided to melt the butter It looks so yummy The butter ads such depth of flavor and saltiness
I just can’t stop eating this This is made with butter and
camembert cheese as well… this be the
devil’s recipe nothing can be compared to happiness you get from
a bowl full of yummy The camembert cheese is very yummy on its own its got a bit of a chewy exterior with a very soft interior Last mouthful
itadakimasu all done
gochisosamadeshita The camembert and egg rice was so yummy I love high calorie dishes so much It was packed full of this extravagant
camembert cheese and it combined with the eggy rice so nicely Special thanks to the person who told me about this
recipe It was so yummy and easy to make what’s y’all please give it a try
And as always thank you for watching if there’s anything you want Need to do or eat please tell me in a comment section
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  2. That definitely would taste awesome.. too bad I can’t really eat like that right now cause of my high blood pressure😭.. next time I’m gonna try to make it a bit..

  3. Я не понимаю что ты говоришь, но это весело смотреть.

  4. めっちゃ美味しそう…😳ダイエット中で高カロリーのもの食べれんからこれ見て我慢する😔

  5. I really enjoy your videos ❤
    I like your hair too👌
    I really wonder how you can eat all of that huge bowl of food and still be so skinny !😅

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  7. 海苔かけたら絶対美味しい!

  8. Fisrt I was like "WHAT DID U DO WITH OUR CAMEMBERT" then i remembered that here in France we were doing sugar soy sauce so, I can't say anything

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