【MUKBANG】[Max Brenner] The highest Calorie Pizza? Marshmallow Pizza & 2 Hazelnut Crepe[CC Available]

【MUKBANG】[Max Brenner] The highest Calorie Pizza? Marshmallow Pizza & 2 Hazelnut Crepe[CC Available]

Hello ! it’s Kinoshita yuka today ! jan ! do you know restaurant called MAX BRENNER CHOCOLATE BAR ? it’s restaurant founded first in israel and now have around 40 branch around the world and there is branches here in japan as well after i searched a little bit on the net… there is in Tokyo, osaka, and fukuoka let’s know what there is inside the boxes Jan ! because it used to be a chocolate specialist restaurant… it use a lot of chocolate this is ” Chocolate Chunks Pizza ” and the price 2.300 Yen “Strawberry Hazelnut ” 1.600 Yen “Banana Hazelnut” 1.600 Yen “Totti Fruitty ” 1.600 Yen it’s looks so delicious this kinds of pizza is so famous ! so let’s warm it up we finished that itadakimasu Look at this if you please ! it looks so delicious waaa !!! Chocolate and marshmallows melted unnnnnn !!!! in this simple taste of the pizza… the balance of the sweet taste of the Chocolate and marshmallows is irresistible unnn !!! the pizza is so soft … and so rich by the topped chocolate and marshmallows let’s try next to eat Strawberry Hazelnut it’s a Crepes this is also looks so delicious unnn ! The surrounding is so crispy … and the burned sugar is so crispy as well and this is so delicious and the smell of the hazelnut is so stong and this match with the strawberries next “banana hazelnut” it’s topped with Choco Chips as well Ah ! You can see that the banana filled inside unnnnn! the strawberries so well with the Choco But… the Banana and chocolate are good as well it’s so crispy and delicious next is this… Totti Fruitty It’s a waffle this how it looks nnnn ! cause it’s waffle and not Crepe there is Difficulty in chewing and the smell of the waffle is so strong unnn ! it’s the Best i finished the Marshmallow Chocolate Chunks Pizza mixing both the marshmallows and the chocolate made it so sweet and Both my hands are now dirty Both beside strawberries there is raspberries as well the flavor of the butter in this Crepe is so good and that matched so well with the Chocolate finally, banana Hazelnut unnnn ! the light flavor of the banana is so good cause the burned sugar is so crispy, that’s so delicious the last bite, Itadakimasu unnnn! – Cat : You forget to said ” Gochisosamadishta”
the sweet of Max Brenner was so delicious Marshmallow Chocolate Chunks Pizza… was so topped with Chocolate and Marshmallow … and that made it so sweet and the crepes and waffles had also chocolate… but it was less sweetened and the smell of the chocolate was so good and that’s so delicious and the fruits matched so well Marshmallow Chocolate Chunks Pizza… with the feeling of the warm pizza… and The Marshmallow that is topped around was irresistible it was so melted and Cause it’s so delish… if you had chance for that… everyone, won’t you give them a try? and as always thanks for watching and if you liked this
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  1. 유카 사랑해😍 고마워 좋은 영상 잘보고 있어요 그리고 지저분하게 먹어도 너무 이뻐ㅠㅠ 화이팅 한국에서 응원해요🎉🎉

  2. 헤헤 늘 잘보고있어요 !! 한국어를 아실지모르겠지만 그냥 한국어로 남겨버리깅~! 항상 응원해용 잘보구있구 너무너무너무 기엽습니당 화이팅!!!!

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  4. ってかずっと思ってたけど

  5. わー、今回のわ見てるだけ吐きそう😰
    甘いもの苦手( ´•д•` )💦

  6. 今日の食レポすごくいい気がする…

  7. 木下ゆうかさんの動画初めて見ました‼︎とても面白くて食リポが凄く上手ですね

  8. 私も木下ゆうかさんみたいに、みんなに元気をあげたいな〜

  9. マシュマロめっちゃ美味しそう!!!!!そしてゆうかちゃん可愛い!!!!、!😍💖

  10. 私は甘いものあまり多く食べられないから、いっぱい食べてくれる木下さんを見るとなんか自分もいっぱい食べれる気がしてなんか楽しい♪

  11. お値段が高く感じるのは、田舎育ちだからでしょうか…クレープみたいなやつが1500円て( ;∀;)都会ではこれが普通なんですかね?

  12. この日の髪型と髪色似合ってて、いつもに増して可愛いですね✨マシュマロのやつ最近有名やから一度食べてみたいな

  13. ケーキとか甘い物を食べてるゆうかちゃんの動画大好きなんで高カロリー動画もっと撮ってほしいですー!🙌🏻💚

  14. I went past the Max Brenner in Boston today. I am going to try the chocolate fondue special soon. You should, too!

  15. ゆうかちゃんって毎回

  16. 私この前、原宿のマックスブレナー行って、マシュマロチョコレートチャンクピザのホール、友達と食べたけど、私には甘過ぎて、食べ切れたけど私も友達も気持ち悪くなってやばかった!

  17. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ마쇼마로ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ귀여워 ㅜㅜ진짜 마슈마로를 마쇼마로라고 하네요?? 기여워 ㅜㅜ

  18. マシュマロのピザイクスピアリで食べた!一切れだけど(^▽^)スゴイおいしかったな~(o^~^o)

  19. これぴざひとかけで甘いもの一年分摂取した感あるやつよね…

  20. You eat surprisingly a lot! I was expecting you to take one bite and say that your full but I admire you goddamnit! 😀

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