망고 크레이프 케이크 만들기 : Mango Crepe Cake Recipe : マンゴークレープケーキ | Cooking tree

망고 크레이프 케이크 만들기 : Mango Crepe Cake Recipe : マンゴークレープケーキ | Cooking tree

Add the sugar and salt to the egg and mix well Put a force on the sieve Add about a third of the milk first and mix Add all the remaining milk and mix well Add the melted butter and mix Please sift Put a wrap and let it rest in the fridge for about an hour Mix the batter and mix the batter into the pan Please bake at low cost If there are a lot of bubbles, turn it over and cook a little more Please bake repeatedly Please cool Mango is peeled and trimmed and sliced ​​thinly. If it’s thick, it won’t dry well. Slice it as thinly as possible. Whisk the softened butter at room temperature Add sugar powder and whip If you put sugar powder and mix it with a whipping blade, it will be less powdery when whipping. I put sugar powder in two Whipped enough to cream Whip it up with a spatula I whipping for 6-7 minutes Whipped cream and vanilla extract Add mango puree and whip to finish The chilled crepe was cut in three pieces Paste the cut crepe for a long time and apply cream Gently pick up the joints and paste them Please don’t Repeatedly crepe and apply cream Place the sliced ​​mango on top of the cream Please don’t Please do not repeat When it is dried to a certain thickness, fill the bottom with cream and stand in the center of the plate Now, apply cream one by one, put mangoes, and apply cream again Please put it back on the crepe Please stick well When it’s the size you want, add some cream to the top and apply some icing Please harden it in a refrigerator Apply butter cream to cake and harden Put it in the fridge Put fresh cream and starch syrup in white chocolate and heat it in a microwave Add the slightly warmed mango puree and mix Add soaked pangelatin and mix well Put food coloring to give color Please strain and remove the fiber of mango Drop the white food coloring and pour over the cake to coat Hardened in the fridge and decorated with mango on the top. If you cut the cake, you will get a wonderful cross section ^^ Thank you for watching

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  3. It should be everyone's goal in life to find at least one person on earth they would be willing to make such a tedious cake for.

  4. 썸네일 신기해서 들어왔는데 시작한지 30초만에 자막 3eggs과 영상에 노른자4개보고 음? 했어요ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  5. This video is so brilliant! Your recipes are always so refreshing and new! This particular recipe however, takes the cake XD
    The rolled up cake is a brilliant take on cake making. I love watching your videos because it is so soothing. Thank you for all the effort you take to produce something this lovely!

  6. Can you do a mooncake cooking video please? Also can you try to make lavender infused mooncakes if you do try this out? Thanks!
    Or I shall start a thread with day 1,2, and 3

  7. Adorei! Amiga coloca a legenda no vídeo em português além do inglês pode ser? Tem alguns confeiteiros orientais q postam assim para um melhor entendimento.

  8. 가난한 아프리카 어린이는 고급크레이프케잌을 꿈꿀수 없죠 저는 눈으로 감상 하는것으로 호사로움을 느낌니다 과분한 욕심 은 안 생겨요

  9. I jus want to like… thank you for existing? I will call you the tree of life, because your videos give me life. Yup.

  10. I finally found you after so long, I watched your videos once time, I had to make a new account and couldn't find you. I'm so happy now

  11. just my own personal opinion but I think the layering kinda failed. Mille crepes usually have horizontal layering while in this video it's vertical, thus when she cut the cake it kinda fell down. Probably she wanna experimented a new way of layering, but I just think it doesn't work and aesthetically not as good as the traditional way

  12. I know some people will complain so much work about this cake. But as a professional baker. Sometimes you wanna something new or creative. Some people just know how to eat shit instead of enjoying the process.. That's why they never succeed making a new thing.keep it up. Cooking Tree. 2M subscriber you deserve it

  13. I bet there’s a higher percent of people watching for the aesthetics than the recipe 😂😂😂 I am one of those aesthetics people

  14. This Video is so beautiful!
    But knowing the consistence of creps, i wouldn't like to eat it. Creps does not absorbe the creme. I am not sure, the taste is harmonic!

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