🇺🇦Emmy Eats UKRAINE – an American’s first taste of Ukrainian treats

🇺🇦Emmy Eats UKRAINE – an American’s first taste of Ukrainian treats

[Music] greetings my beautiful lovely is hello it’s Emmie welcome back to another Emmy eats today I’m going to be eating the Ukraine so this beautiful package of Ukrainian treats was sent to me by Alisa Alisa thank you so much for sending this to me she actually came stateside from the Ukraine and filled her suitcase with all kinds of treats to bring for me to taste and so I’m so excited because this will be the very first taste of Ukrainian treats so thanks again Alisa so with all the things that Alisa sent me she also included a bunch of notes so I’ll be sure to read those – as I go along alright let’s go ahead and get started so the very first thing I’m going to try is this and this is a glass jar of pickled tomatoes right here and these are called tomate and they’re pickled tomatoes as you can see there’s some dill floating in there and some probably other some seasonings I see some peppercorns a slice of garlic so Alyssa says that pickled vegetables are very very popular in Ukraine and the homemade ones of course are the best all right let’s see if I can get this jar open alright I’m gonna go I’m gonna try this little trick here mmm it’s good Millis Dilli and tomatoey I’ve just got some plain saltines here and I’m gonna fish one of these tomatoes out they’re so stinking cute little cherry tomatoes love these alright put one right there according to google translate it’s must know whole hmm we’re really good great tomato flavor and because we’re still in there it is kind of reminiscent of pickles you find here in the states but it’s very tomato and I love that acidity a little bit briny and vinegar but really great tomato flavor so Alyssa said that pickles go really well with the next item which is this and this right here is a can of cod liver and this is called disc of chinco open it right here whew just got caught liver oil all over my pull this back oh there it is look at that Alyssa said this too is often served on crackers so I’m just gonna have some on a Saltine so it is really soft and buttery and it looks like a little bit of perhaps bay leaf there some kind of herb definitely see some peppercorns and the smell is a bit tinned and kind of reminiscent of deviled ham or potted meat it’s most good actually oh it is so tender look how butter really soft it is oh my gosh that’s gorgeous it actually looks a little bit like canned brains if you’ve ever had pork brains before that have been tinned it has a slight kind of pinkish color like this and just very anxious and buttery and smooth look at that oh my gosh it’s just gonna be amazing look at that it’s like instant pate hahahahaha mmm boy is that good hmm excellent the flavor it’s kind of reminiscent of sardines it’s got that great intense fishy flavor but the texture is lovely just so smooth and custardy and oily and anxious and amazing just a lovely lovely texture I’m gonna have one with a tomato I think that’s gonna be an excellent combination with the acidity of the tomato and the richness of the cod liver oh oh man tomato all right all together that’s a delightful combination because the cod liver is so rich and oily and then you’ve got the pickle in there smashing next I have this little package and isn’t it charming I love this little brown packaging here these are croutons that are flavored with ads itsuka which is a Georgian relish or dip that’s made its way to the Ukraine looks like based on this little drawing here sliced bread that’s been toasted and seasoned take a piece of these out similar to bagel chips but very very crunchy as you can hear and let’s give that a go here we go and those are very similar to a crouton as you can hear huge huge big big crunch and I would say a very similar texture to a bagel chip – very very firm not as crumbly as some croutons and a really nice flavor slightly tangy a little bit kind of sour cream garlicky and oniony and salty I think these would be great on a salad or dipped into a soup delicious hmm they also have a little bit of a rye kind of flavor to me just a little bit Alissa sent me a bunch of sweets but with that she also included some teas so I’m gonna make the teas first and while those are steeping then I can have my little dessert Sumati so Allah says that herbal and fruit teas are traditional and particularly from the Carpathian region and the first one this little package is a type of wild strawberry and this one called Melissa it doesn’t smell it mint at all this one’s a little bit like juicy fruits all right so I’ll put one of those in there it’s a wild strawberry one whoo that one smells like strawberry mmm that smells great all right oh this one’s immediately turning this very sweet pink color this one’s turning green all right so I’m gonna let these steep for a little bit while I taste some other things so lucky I’ve like the best job in the world I’m so so fortunate alright so next item we have is this and Melissa says she brought this in her suitcase and she apologized it for breaking no apologies required I’m just so pleased to be able to taste a little bit of the Ukraine so this is a little puffed rice brittle as it says right here and she said this is very nostalgic for her so what it looks like is puffed rice cereal held together with some kind of syrup mm-hmm and as you heard a very very big crunch and I believe that comes from the caramel that’s on here very hard sugary caramel that has a really great nutty caramel toasted flavor and inside is just puffed rice cereal tastes exactly like the puffed rice hero that we can find here in the US just a little bit sweeter and if I were to think of a flavor analogy I would say this was very similar to the breakfast cereal honeys Mac I don’t want to overstate my tea so I’m going to take the teabags out and we’ll have them with our sweets oh what a beautiful color all right let’s try the strawberry one first look at this color it’s so beautiful in terms of color reminds me a lot of Himiko which is a hibiscus tea that’s often served cool in Mexico beautiful color let’s see if it all tastes like it ah oh it smells so good it smells like strawberry jam all right here we go mmm that is lovely that doesn’t taste at all like but it just tastes like lovely strawberry infused tea mmm really nice doesn’t need anything with it doesn’t need any sugar doesn’t need anything it’s just lovely the way it is nice and kissed with strawberry so it does need a little bit of a biscuit so let’s try this one first and these are the very charming round shape to them and these are called sushi key and they’re sugar glazed rings that are traditionally Russian but now they’re found everywhere in Ukraine they’re eaten with tea and given with kids when they are teething how perfect based on their shape these look very similar to cookies that I had from Israel as you can hear very hard they look like tiny bagels mm-hmm [Music] yep you must have these with tea on their own they’re very simple and kind of plain hard crunch almost like a cracker with just the powder sugar kind of light glaze on the outside pretty dry but when you have it with tea and the tea soaks up into the biscuit and softens it and warms it up it is really nice mmm I have two more packs to this gift here these are cup tea on the heat and these are two different kinds this one is spiced and this one is peppermint these are glazed with sugar and that’s supposed to help preserve them see mint one look at that those are beautiful they’re like little moons oh oh they’re not like little chicks that one just looks like a stick oh how cute oh they’re different shapes oh my gosh this is like a tree this is looks like a chick to me but maybe not another tree I think this is maybe a fish let’s try this little moon shape pretty I’ll make you first hmm because I just had this huge game I was expecting these to be very crunchy but these are soft it’s much more like gingerbread soft and bread light and full of minty flavor that’s lovely as many of you know I’m a huge peppermint fan and I don’t remember ever having peppermint and bread before delightful that leaves a nice cool pepperminty feeling in your mouth and a great peppermint tea flavor and these are just lightly sweetened absolutely delightful similar to bread in terms of texture but it’s actually a little bit more you like they’re little denser they’re crumb is firmer and it’s fluffy but definitely denser than a bread all right let’s have some more Melissa tea ooh that’s nice that reminds me a little bit of Mota but not as a stringent and doesn’t have any bitterness to it at all it’s like MOT a mixed with chamomile alright let’s do this oh yes mmm this one I’m gonna call a little chick I see a little chick I’m getting chicks next month I can’t wait I’m super excited I’m gonna raise hens and so I’ve just got chickens on the brain so I see baby chicken alright here we go mmm those are lovely – same soft ready cookie texture I think this you might have a little bit of mint in it but this has spices very similar to spices that we would find around the holidays cinnamon a little bit of clove just lovely gingerbready but not overpowering some gingerbread I find it’s a little bit too strong for me but this is really light and lovely just lovely and we’ll have some in our tea as well next let’s try these and these are oceans lozenges oh I love those Packaging here the mint here the pear and this is Barbary I’ve never had barbarian for so stinking cute let’s give attitude lovely little hard candy here we go mmm that’s really nice I’m trying to find a flavor analogy it’s a little bit like pear and it’s a little bit like elderberry quite nice Parowan next boo the pear is a beautiful green color love that mmm very strong intense pear flavor mmm I find here in the US you don’t really find many candies or things that are flavored with pear and lastly let’s taste a peppermint and this one is kind of this translucent white color mmm that is very very minty mm-hmm peppermint clear and cool refreshing ze fresh like that I think of all of them the peppermints my favorite this is another a Russian item and this is a chocolate it’s beautiful chocolate bar five pieces I can smell the chocolate already it looks like a dark chocolate and these look like they’re filled oh yes oh it smells a little bit boozy alright let’s give that a go mmm the dark chocolate is really intensely flavored lots of chocolate mass in there a little bit bitter and full of chocolatey intense flavor and the inside has a filling with just a touch of booze in it not overly strong it doesn’t taste like an extract and it’s a little bit sweet this it goes really well with the bitter chocolate on the outside scrumptious mmm let’s try another sweet and it’s this one and this is magnet and magnet is a chocolate cooked walnut stuffed prune oh look it just served with these sweet little guys oh look at that alright I’m gonna use my knife and cut it open so you can see what’s inside ooh oh my goodness so chocolate-covered prune with walnuts inside whoa they’re very smoky Wow it’s like a smoked truffle the inside has the chew and texture and bite of a dried fruit because there’s a whole prune inside you’ve got the crunch of the walnut and you’ve got the coating of dark chocolate but the most flavor I taste in here is smoked there’s a nice natural sweetness that comes from the prune and the chocolate is not overly sweet it is just very strongly smoked it reminds me of smoked pool Artie so there you have it my little taste of Ukraine Alyssa thank you so much for taking all the time and effort to send me a little bit of Ukraine it was absolutely delightful I love the selection of things that you sent me savory sweet classic and just wonderful and thank you guys so much for watching I hope you guys enjoyed that one I hope you guys learn something share this video with your friends be sure to follow me on social media so you know what videos are coming up next and what I am doing to plan ahead like this video so I know you’ll like them and I shall soon my next one tillu take care [Music]

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