😱 100 CALORIE VEGAN ICE CREAM?! || Taste Test

😱 100 CALORIE VEGAN ICE CREAM?! || Taste Test

Hey everyone~ My name is Andrea. Today I’ll be reviewing 100-calorie per pint vegan ice cream Oh my gosh my Wink frozen desserts have arrived So I saw the ads on Facebook What made me decided to buy it was because each pint was only 100 calories Only 100 calories~ you want some? It’s summer It’s hot and I was craving for ice cream, but I don’t want to get fat so I decided to give it a try It’s dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free, egg-free, nut-fee, and sugar-free I immediately bought 6 They had this coupon code “1STWINK” you get one free I could literally eat all 6 of these right now and it would be around the same calorie as my one meal So I let these thaw out for like 15 minutes I looked at the ingredients and they’re pretty much the same All of them contain: pea protein and they use stevia for sweetness First I’m gonna try the dark chocolate. It smells like those rich Belgian chocolate The texture is pretty good as well It smells good but it tastes like sh*t It tastes like watered down pea protein It costs $8 each So the other 5 flavors better be worth the money I’m gonna go with strawberry The aftertaste still haunts me It smells like those Japanese strawberry kakigori (shaved ice) which I love~ This better tastes like that When I was a kid, I liked to use strawberry flavored toothpaste This reminds me of my childhood But… my toothpaste tasted better than this holy sh*t What did I get myself into… Cinnamon bun Now I just hope at least one of these is good This smells like a fresh-baked cinnamon cookie It smells really appetizing as well Hmm So at first bite, it actually tasted quite good However, when the aftertaste kicked in… it became a nightmare It gives you that same… chemical-ish, toothpaste-like aftertaste K let’s try the pumpkin spice latte This one doesn’t have much scent It has like a tiny hint of pumpkin spice Oh fck I can’t Get off my spoon It tastes like… some kind of lotion Try the strawberry cheesecake one next Oh my gosh, this one looks like Play-doh and it also smells kind of like Play-doh… It’s worse than the strawberry toothpaste This is the last one Chocolate mint Chocolate mint is one of my favorite ice cream flavors But I bet this tastes like sh*t… This smells really good I think this is the best smelling one out of all The mint is so overpowering…it tastes like… Airwaves I don’t taste chocolate at all… I guess you could eat this before going on a date cuz it definitely freshen up your breath I’m probably gonna toss most of these away… Idk… Being a cheap Chinese I usually don’t waste food but… Out of all 6, only the cinnamon bun was edible for me I’m really sad right now cuz I spent $40 on these… and only one is edible But it’s not even that good I would rate the edible one 1/5… If you’re looking for vegan ice cream to try… Please don’t try these I don’t want to ruin vegan ice cream for you. You should go with Ben & Jerry’s or So Delicious They make really really good ice cream, but… also fattening These are meant to be diet ice creams So yeah, I shouldn’t expect much… but for $8 each? C’mon They should at least make these edible Moral of the story: If you’re craving for good, fatty, delicious ice cream You will get fat. Thank you so much for watching I hope you enjoyed this video and… Spend your money wisely. Please support me by giving this video a thumbs up, leave a comment, and hit the subscribe button~

18 thoughts on “😱 100 CALORIE VEGAN ICE CREAM?! || Taste Test

  1. This is my first taste-test video and I didn’t realize I pronounce “PINT” wrong til’ after I finished editing (I thought it would be read like “mint”)…PLEASE FORGIVE ME, English is a confusing language. 😭

  2. Thanks for taking one for the team, Andrea! You saved so many taste buds with this video 😂

  3. I love your honesty and description…"lotion"??? lol I would love to see more taste-test! Maybe try Halo Top next?? ☺️

  4. Haha I am DEFINITELY not buying that ice cream. Thanks for reviewing it, so now I know to avoid it. Have you tried Arctic Zero? I haven't tried it yet, but I believe it's also a low calorie (not 100 calories though) ice cream

  5. Even though you had an unpleasant experience, this was a super fun, funny and cool taste test vid, Andreaaaa! ^^ Inulin, any isolated protein and baking soda together sounds so weird to me. Thanks for TOFTT. xD <3 If you visit Seattle area some day, try out Full Tilt's vegan flavors and Frankie & Jo's (they even ship domestic US!).

  6. Aigoo 🤦🏻‍♀️ 😂 your facial expression tho 😂 기여워…
    Lemme try all 'em, maybe it's tasty for me 😅 😂 ✌🏻*Complain to the shop, maybe they will return your money 😉 ✌🏻

  7. how do they create and taste these in a lab and think YES people will buy AND love this??? or are we all just suckers oooorrrrr do they think we eat with our noses (aka through smell lol)

  8. You did saved many taste buds 😂 Good Job for that 👌 1 out of 6 is edible 😂 Well what to expect to a diet ice cream hahahaha but your reactions are cute thou

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