– Hi, welcome to the cocktail vlog. I’m Steve the Bartender and
today I’m gonna show you how to make 10 easy cocktails. So these are super easy to make at home. As you can see, there’s not
a huge amount of ingredients. I’ve got like 12 spirits,
and I’ve probably got about maybe five or six different mixers, including coffee,
syrups, and citrus juice. Very easy to make, all of them, except for one, are
three-ingredient cocktails, and I’ll provide a full ingredients list in the description below so you can get started
making some cocktails. So first up, I’m gonna
make an espresso martini. This is a massive favorite
here in Australia, so what better way to get started? (upbeat music) This particular recipe I’m
doing is gonna be equal parts. So equal parts, one ounce,
30 mils of coffee liqueur. Thanks for the team from
Tasmanian Moonshine Company for sending me this bottle. Second ingredient, Vodka,
one ounce, 30 mils again, and likewise for your Espresso. This is a cold drip coffee that I’ve got pre-measured ready to go. Then fill your mixing glass with ice, and give it a hard shake so it’ll get that nice, thick, creamer on top. (ice shaking) So ideally shake for about 12 seconds, and strain it into a chilled Coupe glass, and then garnish with three coffee beans. And there you have the Espresso Martini. Cocktail number two is an Negroni. Same again, three ingredients
equal parts, nice and simple. (upbeat music) Today I’m doing it straight in the glass. First ingredient, one
ounce, 30 mils of Gin. Followed by a Sweet Vermouth, and of course Campari. So three equal parts. Fill your glass with ice and stir it down, so give it about 15, 20 seconds. So this drink is going to
develop as you drink it as it dilutes a little bit further, and for garnish just a twist of orange. So there you have the Negroni. (upbeat music) On to cocktail number
three, the Aperol Spritz. Three ingredients and the
ratios are three, two, one. Prosecco, Aperol, and then soda. (upbeat music) I like to pour the Aperol first,
so the 60 mils, two ounces, and add that straight
into a big wine glass. Then next, fill that wine glass with ice. Don’t hold back. Add 90 mils of Prosecco. Just estimate it, and one ounce, 30 mils,
just a dash of soda water. Give it a really quick stir and finish with a slice of orange. There you have the Aperol Spritz. (upbeat music) On to cocktail number
four, the Brown Derbie. This one is whiskey, grapefruit
juice, and honey syrup. (upbeat music) So start off with your cocktail shaker, and measure out 60 mils, two ounces, of your preferred Bourbon. 30 mils of grapefruit juice, one ounce, and 15 mils of one-to-one
honey syrup, half an ounce. Feel the shaker with ice
and give it a good shake. (ice shaking) Then strain it into your
chilled Coupe glass, and garnish with root beer or grapefruit. And there you have the Brown Derbie. And on to cocktail number
five, The Bees Knees. As the name suggests,
it’s got honey in it, so this one is gin,
lemon juice, and honey. (upbeat music) Start with your cocktail
shaker and measure out 60 mils, two ounces of your favorite Gin. Followed by half an ounce,
15 mils of lemon juice, and half an ounce, 15 mils
of one-to-one honey syrup. Fill your shaker with ice and then give it a real quick shake. (ice shaking) Strain it into a chilled cocktail glass, and garnish with a lemon twist. So there you have The Bees Knees. (upbeat music) So on to cocktail number
six, the classic Margarita. An awesome party drink,
often I like to serve on ice in an old fashioned glass. Today I’m going to serve it in a Coupe. You can serve it in a Martini, and of course optional, the salt rim. (upbeat music) First ingredient, 45 mils of Tequila, so that was one and half ounce. Followed by Cointreau or a Triple Sec, half an ounce, 15 mils. Then an ounce of fresh
lime juice, 30 mils. Freshly squeezed of course, and fill your cocktail shaker with ice. Then shake your Margarita. (ice shaking) Strain into your chilled Coupe glass, and garnish with a lime wheel. So there you have the Margarita. (upbeat music) On to cocktail number
seven, a classic Daiquiri. So today I’m going to use
Bacardi Carte Blanche, you can use Havana Club, a white rum. Otherwise if you prefer
you can change it over to an aged rum or a spiced rum to add a little bit of complexity, but
I’m going to keep it simple. White rum, lime juice, and simple syrup. (upbeat music) So first ingredient, 60 mils,
two ounces of your white rum. Followed by three quarters
of an ounce, 22.5 mils of both lime juice and
one-to-one simple syrup. Fill your Boston glass with
ice, and give it a quick shake. (ice shaking) 12 second shake before straining into your chilled Coupe glass. And garnish with a lime wheel, and there you have a Daiquiri. Only a few more cocktails to go. This is the only two ingredient cocktail that’s on the menu and it’s a Godfather. So the Godfather is a blend
of whiskey and Amaretto. Normally it’s equal
parts, but today I’m going to bump up the whiskey and lower Amaretto, so it’s not too sweet and
it’s a little bit drier. (upbeat music) So the Godfather is made
straight into the glass with one point five ounces,
or 45 mils of Scotch whiskey. Followed by half an ounce,
15 mils of Amaretto, so as I mentioned you can do
equal parts if you prefer. Fill the glass with ice, and garnish with a twist. No need to stir, but you can if you like. There you have a Godfather. (upbeat music) So cocktail number nine, only
one more to go after this one. I’m going to show you
how to make a Manhattan. This particular one I’m
using a Rye Whiskey. If you want to, if you preferred
you can also use bourbon. (upbeat music) So two ounces, 60 mils
of your Rye Whiskey. Add that into your mixing glass. Followed by a Sweet
Vermouth, one ounce, 30 mils, and two to three dashes
of Angostura Bitters. Add ice to your mixing
glass and stir it down. (ice stirring) So you stir for 20, 30 seconds
til it’s nicely diluted. Makes sure your drink is really cold, and of course serve it
into a chilled Coupe glass. and then garnish with a Maraschino cherry. And number ten of the
easy cocktails is going to be a bit of a nightcap,
it’s the Brandy Flip. So this one has whole egg,
one-to-one sugar, and brandy. (upbeat music) First ingredient, 60 mils, two ounces of your preferred brandy. Followed by a full egg, yolk and all. And a full ounce, 30 mils,
of one-to-one sugar syrup. Now because you’ve got the egg in it, you want to dry shake to emulsify. Dry shaking is just the
act of shaking without ice. (liquid shaking) Then fill it with ice, and
give it a second shake. (ice shaking) Strain into your chilled,
stemmed cocktail glass. This is a perfect way to end with a rich, creamy, Brandy Flip. Garnish with some freshly grated nutmeg. So there you have a Brandy Flip to end the ten easy cocktail recipes. Make sure you read in the description, I’ll put in a full ingredients list, all the recipes for you to
follow, a few links as well. Make sure you comment
below and let me know out of these ten cocktails
which one is your favorite. Thanks for watching. Make sure you like and subscribe, and I’ll see you soon for
another cocktail video. Cheers. (upbeat music)

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