100 thoughts on “10 Foods Under $1 in Hanoi, Vietnam – Street Food Dollar Menu

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  2. Its sad that am allergic to bún đậu mắm tôm, it’s really good though(I eat its then I got a allergic reaction)😞😢😔

  3. Da sauce in TOFU IS BAHDAC ANd SUB TO THIS GUY BECUSE ummmm… He travels all across the world??? —_— For us a BUT SUB

  4. Hi, new sub here Son. 😄 Sorry, Sonny I really enjoyed your first video , so I'm now hooked and binge watching. Thanx bud. Seriously though, you're great, you're likeable and funny which I guess that's what U meant by charm? So I will check out your fb and Instagram as well , see U soon.
    ✌& ❤
    eeviegrl was here 9/2019

  5. Dude, the food looks so good but so much pork. I’m middle eastern and I’ve never liked pork so it’s kinda sad that I can’t enjoy these

  6. Tried several of the places in this list and everyone was accurate on price except the 6th entry (the one with grilled fermented pork and pork cake). They were pretty expensive 😅 not sure if we were scammed or not but still…great experience in hanoi for the most part. 👍

    PS: we loved the sticky rice place and bahn mi 25 the best!! 😆😋

  7. 2:41

    Honestly I just want to eat the noodles, scallions, and the broth..
    I would be far too scared to try the spicy chili oil, snails, and stuff..
    Although it looks delicious! Maybe when I stop being scared of almost everything I
    will try it.

    Love your videos so much! You are so funny, and you have great content! <33

  8. I love the places at Vietnam,but I had to live in America,but after college I’m going to move back to Vietnam and live there

  9. Sonny: this is really good food
    Me: (secretly wishes that it made from chicken not pork)
    Sonny: …with pork belly in there…
    damn again
    I can't eat pork 😭

  10. thank a lot for bring our food to world, one day, i will make VN as a best country for all to come to enjoy food and refreshness

  11. When he was eating the spicy mango. He said he never had spicy fruit.I guess he's never been to Mexico, Disneyland, Los Angeles, or Texas.😒

  12. Even though I am a Vietnamese I haven't those thing yet. My mom doesn't allow me to go out and my father is so overprotective

  13. That's a fantastic video, that's exactly what locals eat every day. Thank you for showing to the world about our cuisine. But, if anyone plans to experience street food in Hanoi, read it on my blog here

  14. Vietnamese interpreters should find better vocabs to describe Viet food instead of adding the word CAKE to every vietnamese savory dish.. they are NOT CAKE. “Cake” is literally translated as “banh”, but “banh” (food made using flour) isn’t always cake. CAKE sounds like a dessert in english (birthday cake). For example, it makes no sense to use “Roll cake” for BANH CUON (steam rice rolls).. roll cake is more like bánh bông lan cuộn (roll cake). Vietnamese Udon noodles (banh canh) isn’t “soup cake”. “Bánh Chưng” is more like savory pork tamales, not “feet cake”. “Bánh tét dừa” could have been better described as Sweet tamales instead of Tét Cake. It gets on my nerves how everything is called cake cake cake yet the food looks and tastes nothing like a CAKE.

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