10 Foods You Should Never Eat When You’re Sick

10 Foods You Should Never Eat When You’re Sick

the season is upon us while that holiday feeling is starting to buzz in the air there is something else coming in the flu we all have our own ways of trying to beat the flu season but sometimes it catches up with us anyway and takes us down when that happens it’s tempting to eat all our favorite foods in order to comfort us but this is a bad idea in order to beat the flu and get back to normal there are ten foods and drinks to avoid when you’re sick and here they are citrus and other fruits when we have that feeling of being rundown nauseous or a general lethargic feeling and we’re instinct is to grab a nice refreshing glass of orange juice after all it’s full of vitamin C which is good for you right as much as your body needs vitamin C what it doesn’t need when it’s sick is citrus oranges grapefruit pineapples limes lemons and even tomatoes are a big no-no when you were ill the acid can seriously irritate the stomach lining and make you feel even worse than you did before if you were feeling nauseous or have a stomach flu that avoid citrus fruits until you were feeling a bit better as the acid will not only make things worse it will probably come back up on you and result in added problems like a sore throat best to avoid other fruits and veg that should be avoided when you’re sick are bananas papayas and avocados I don’t know how to pick out an avocado well they got to be soft house often factors while there are plenty of health benefits to eating these fruits it’s best to stick with them when you’re healthy as they can all trigger histamine which can swell your nasal passage and make you feel more congested and stuffy my dog jumped up with Clark canned soup one year another food that seems like the perfect cure for the flu is canned soup while soup is good for anyone feeling under the weather the best form is good old-fashioned homemade soup the reason for this is that canned soup as well as a lot of canned foods are very high in sodium and salt too much salt can dehydrate the body which is bad news when your body is already less hydrated than it should be when the body is dehydrated during illness it makes the symptoms much worse and the body struggles to combat them so your illness can last a lot longer as well other foods that are high in sodium that you should avoid while you are sick are processed deli meat such as pepperoni baloney and ham you should also avoid foods like bacon sausages and most canned or overly processed foods such as microwave meals also anything pickled or brined such as pickles and canned tuna another big food group to avoid is anything high in msg not only are these sodium levels high but some reports say that MSG can worsen headaches and migraines when you are sick so no Chinese takeout when you were ill we know being sick is the worst but avoid salty foods and you will be back to normal very soon please bring me some soup while I still understand what a spoon is for coffee another round extra shot while a big cup of morning coffee can perk you up and get you ready for the day ahead coffee is one of the worst things you can have when you’re fighting off that flu bug caffeine is a diuretic that causes the body to become more dehydrated the more caffeine you take in the more dehydrated you become and the longer your flute will last drinks that are high in caffeine such as coffee tea most sodas and energy drinks make the body lose fluids which is not a good thing when you are under the weather also most of these drinks are high in sugar which can cause inflammation and make it harder for the body to fight off infection and recover from the flu sorry we keep getting orders to let the when must be a school day the other drink that a lot of people reach for when they are ill is sports drinks as most of them claim to be full of things like electrolytes a lot of people think that drinking a lot of sports drinks when they are sick can help the body recover quicker unfortunately this is not true and sports drinks can actually make things worse falling under the same fate as other sodas sports drinks are high in sugar these drinks can make stomach or bowel problems a lot worse the only thing those extra electrolytes will be used for is spending your day running back and forth from the bathroom what I thought you were a shy pooper you know what shy pooping is Rick alcohol is a big no-no so that’s why that shot I took wasn’t vodka it was bleach what the thought of a hot toddy or even a nip of whiskey to warm your body up when you were ill may be an appealing one but just before you reach for the liquor bottle there are a few things about alcohol you should know just as caffeine does alcohol will dry your body out and cause dehydration the body needs plenty of liquids when it’s run down but not alcohol too much alcohol when you’re ill will interfere with the body’s natural immune system and could cause your kidneys to stop doing their job properly oh dear God this match kidneys have exploded if your body is overly dehydrated then this process can’t happen smoothly and it will take you a lot longer to recover the other thing about alcohol is that the effects will probably hit you a lot harder and stronger when your body is run down plus too much alcohol can affect medication and antibiotics that you may be taking as a result of your illness the best thing to drink when you’re ill is good old-fashioned water it may be boring but it’s the best liquid to get you back on your feet what do you say that we’d never had the flu we were just having alcohol withdrawal yeah fast food dude I’m telling you if you keep eating like that your body’s gonna quit on you stop talking we all know this one it’s tempting to order your favorite comfort food when you are feeling low and ill after all eating a tasty burger and fries from your favorite fast-food joint is bound to cheer you up isn’t it while the comfort factor and general feeling of fast food might help your mood a little everything else will make you feel a whole lot worse greasy and deep-fried food can increase inflammation in the body as well as make stomach problems a lot worse then there are the ingredients themselves red meats are off-limits when you are sick as the high fat content is not going to help with nausea and digestive problems french fries are definitely off-limits as the potato which is high in starch and sodium can cause even more problems with inflammation and digestive issues plus an all-around feeling of nausea and general Crum eNOS pose the same goes for potato chips while fast-food in general is to be avoided when you are sick there is one tasty dish that is worse than them all and that’s pizza everyone’s favorite takeout item is a triple threat even a simple cheese and tomato pizza isn’t going to help the saturated fats from the cheese are going to trigger inflammation and the tomato is a known histamine release sir which is going to make things like sinus congestion a lot worse plus it’s super acidic then there is the pizza base itself which is high in wheat which can not only trigger gluten intolerance ‘iz but can increase inflammation and digestion problems not actually gluten free so I can’t have doughnuts sweet treats can I have a cookie mmm no Gary why not it’s no secret to any of us that our favorite sweet treats contain lots of sugar while that might pep us up on a normal day when we are ill sugar in particular refined sugar is a must avoid food group refined sugar causes inflammation in the body which has been shown to decrease the immune system by weakening white blood cells which are the cells responsible for fighting off infections while eating candy and chocolate may well be the ultimate comfort food when your body is feeling down it can do more harm than good when fighting off infection and diseases then of course there is the nutritional factor or lack of it in candy you want to focus on the neglected food groups better to eat something that has more nutrients or your body can fight back against the illness quicker many people might think that there is a way around the no candy rule when they are sick and that is to have sugar-free candy there are plenty of sugar-free options on the market and they are also a big no-no while they don’t contain refined sugar many of them do contain sorbitol as a sugar substitute sorbitol can’t be digested by the body and can cause stomach issues and discomfort also many artificial sweeteners can have a bad effect on a sick body too and trigger headaches and migraines so your head doesn’t explode and kill us all anything dairy this is not going to make many people happy as yes we are afraid this includes everyone’s favorite go to sick food ice cream full fat dairy is a big food group to avoid when you are sick whole milk in particular is bad for congestion as it can thicken existing mucus which can lead to the nasty bugs and viruses sticking around in your body longer whole milk has also been known to actually stimulate the production of mucus and phlegm in the body which is something we really don’t need when we are already working our way through plenty of boxes of Kleenex a lot of ice creams and even some yogurts use full fat milk but they also use plenty of sugar another dairy food to avoid is cheese while it does contain the full fat dairy element it is also high in saturated fats which isn’t good for the immune system either although it can be tempting to reach for your favorite dairy product especially when you are stuck in bed it’s best to avoid anything that has full fat or full dairy until you are feeling much better but made of cheese yeah and that I painted the rest of magic marker no toast burnt toast dr. Penfield I can smell burnt toast there is no question that toast is most people’s first thought when they are ill after all we’ve all known that toast is good for an upset stomach while plain toast can help with digestion and other stomach issues we might have the are unfortunately some downsides to eating this classic snack when we are taken by the flu it’s all to do with refined carbohydrates the carbohydrates are broken down quickly into sugar by our bodies and then they go to work on our immune system by weakening it much like refined sugar does so toast pasta and anything with enriched flour is to be avoided another iconic food to eat when you were feeling ill is a cracker or saltines with a love of God you unfortunately we are going to ruin them for you as well many people out there think these crackers are a better option when ill as surely they can’t have anything bad in them actually they do many crackers saltines in particular contain high fructose corn syrup and soybean oil which all have the same effect on the immune system as refined sugar and carbohydrates on top of that there is the texture of crackers and toast which can aggravate a sore throat or any swollen glands toast I smell burning toast oh my god my toast seafood food that you’re gonna see Oh seafood seafood may not be everyone’s first food to eat when they are feeling ill maybe that’s because a lot of the time it might have been the seafood that caused their illness in the first place however just to be on the safe side we thought we should add it to our list of foods to avoid when you are sick pretty much all fish and shellfish contain compounds that can trigger the release of histamine in the body which will make congestion and stuffiness much worse no shellfish is so unfair this will also lead to the illness staying around for longer and possibly even getting worse another way to enjoy seafood is to deep-fry it this is an even bigger nono as this will increase the fat and grease which your stomach will not thank you for while some kinds of seafood are seen as aphrodisiacs eating them while ill will not put anyone in the mood especially with a Grosskopf and mucus filled sinuses would you call that moss green or forest green all things spice this is what a Frenchman would call Caliente fiestas not rage if you were having congestion problems or general stuffiness that a little bit of spice can actually help clear your sinuses out and help you breathe a little better however if your issue is a little more South than it’s best to avoid spice altogether as it can make your stomach problems so much worse other foods in this area to avoid when you were ill especially with the flu or stomach issues are soy sauce vinegar horseradish and wasabi how about death pistachio ice cream you know what’s a B all of which is going to trigger histamine in the body and make things a lot worse on top of that these types of foods and sauces tend to have a lot of salt and therefore high sodium levels which can dehydrate the body and take the body much longer to fight off the flu or illness I feel so much better stick around and tap that screen for more of our great videos checking us out for the first time then show us some love and hit that subscribe button and ring that bell to join our notification squad

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  4. This video is basically telling me that I’m never going to get well because I’ve been doing all the things that it tells me not to. 🙄

  5. I would just be sick longer then, I always have toast and some of the other stuff on this list, when I get sick. I did have toast when I was sick earlier this year, and I was better in less than two weeks 🤣

  6. Would it not have been easier just to quickly say when you have flu you should only really have water and home made soup?

  7. So basically your telling me to be depressed and watch me drown in a ocean of sickness cuz I’ve been doing all this stuff and so this video is telling me to die in a hole and stay there until I’m 100% depressed and go drown and start screaming in my head and screaming silently
    Donuts time donuts time time to eat donuts!
    *this video eats donuts*
    Revenge time,Revenge time time to play revenge of who drowned my emotions and ate my donuts!

    This vid:we are going to ruin them for you as well ;D 😉

    (Except no alcohol because I don’t drink it)

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  10. I can save you 13:50 of time on this and sum up what you CAN have in 4 simple words: NOTHING BUT PLAIN WATER!. There. I just saved you a lot of time that can be devoted to better pursuits.

  11. Well, what can I eat because she's literally said that I can't eat anything. The title says ten THINGS. She said ten GROUPS OF FOODS.

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  13. Well I'm never getting better because I love to eat toast, lemon, pasta, and all things spice. I've been sick for the past 5 weeks now. What foods or drinks can I eat to get better? Could you make a video about it?

  14. Actually if you are dealing with a stomach bug, you DON’T want to be drinking just water because it’s very likely that you will be hit by the nausea right away after you try eating and drinking. This is why people drink Gatorade or Powerade, ginger ale or any soft drink to help counteract the nausea and related symptoms that come with getting a stomach bug. At least this is what my parents recommend for me and my two older brothers, as both of my parents work in medical professions.

    And also this video is basically saying that almost all and every type of food that is out there shouldn’t be eaten when you get sick. BabbleTop this video is clearly starting to sound very misleading because I am sure that some of these items that are mentioned are still okay to have when you’re dealing with sickness. This video is basically saying that there’s nothing good to be eating or drinking when you’re fighting off illnesses. 🤔🤔😒

  15. Me ,my mom and dad got really sick because of seafood but my brother didn't because he didn't eat the seafood and it's annoying because I love seafood

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    Also me: I've ate two oranges today

    Edit: I ALWAYS have toast when sick. My parents say its good. This is a misleading video -_-

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