10 Kitchen Gadgets put to the Test – Part 10

10 Kitchen Gadgets put to the Test – Part 10

What’s up, everybody welcome back to my laboratory where safety is number one priority and today i am going to show you 10 kitchen gadgets. I know that it’s your guys’ favorite videos because it gets so much views and likes So as lot of you guys keep giving those likes on these videos. I’m going to keep making them more Thank you guys so much well let’s get to it. For the first gadget I got here is an apple slicer this is not like I did before this one has a lot more pieces that is going to slice through. So I just never had one of these before so let’s see if it actually works or not I honestly love this apple slicer something about it is so satisfying every time you slice an apple in perfect into many many pieces it just feels so good instead of using the knife, one piece at the time this makes it a lot easier l also really like this feature. I’m going to show you what it does in a minute. We got here an apple and let’s just Slice it you see how it’s not all the way. It’s kind of got stuck right here. Well, with old gadgets like that. It was kinda a problem now you just close this cover and push it again and your apple is completely out! Beautiful. In many many pieces actually like this like they’re even better because it is smaller pieces easier to eat look at that that perfectly sliced up apple that it can even stand. Let’s try this one more time. Look how beautiful that is… They’re just so satisfying as you see it’s stuck on this side a little bit just close the cover and (BOOM)! Continue and all your apple pieces is completely chopped and this you discard. Awesome, love this apple slicer, and this kind of slicer in general, they are amazing. For the next gadget, I got here herb slicer look at that. That’s so cool. This looks like a weapon, well let’s see if it works. I got here few different type of herbs and let’s say I need to slice them up. I’m just going to get one piece from each. Okay. Let’s see how this works. There is a cover right here, you open it up really easily. Wow, I like that cover a lot. Cool. And this is actually it looks like bunch of pizza knives put it on like this I’ll put it on the cutting board and let’s see yeah on a cutting board, it spins pretty good Wow, this is awesome. That’s so easy No way, you know what I just recently had to cut up bunch of herbs, and it’s annoying with a knife but look how easy it is with this thing Wow, I love it. mmm that mint smells so good Wow, I’m using this gadget all the time from now on. Boom. I can just put them together I probably need a bigger cutting board Wow, look at that super awesome. Okay let’s try out the other one same way Wow, look at that. It’s cutting it so well And it’s so easy, it doesn’t take me much time at all to chop it up It’s kind of spread all over the board, but I can just put it together again So make sure you using a bigger cutting board. This is a medium one But wow, look at that. Boom, and you have your herb chopped up, and right here I got rosemary. I think Chop it up like that. Wow this is insane So easy, I honestly doubted it. I doubt it It’s going to work, but as you can see it does a really fine job You can just put it all together if you want to chop it up more Just go ahead and chop it even m-more How cool is that? So awesome. Definitely saves a lot of time and of course to wash it, you press that Put it in a, or even Take out all this stuff put it into the washing machine, and it’s all good to go and cover it I’m glad that there is a cover for the blade So that way nobody going to get cut. For the next gadget You probably have seen somebody cut themselves or know somebody or you probably cut yourself chopping some kind of carrots, maybe Cucumbers when you cook so this gadget prevents you from chopping and cutting yourself. So let’s try this out I’m going to put it on like this. Yeah Hugo, I’m gonna put it like that. So then I’ve got here cucumber Usually I would hold it with my hand like that in one hand, cutting it Well, this-this way. Let’s just cut in half. Let’s say, I only need to use it half of the cucumber Yeah Hugo, watch me how– I’ll teach you how to cut a cucu– cucumber so you can cut it for me look at that perfect grab. I like that and then what I’m gonna do is just go like that Wow, and I can actually make it really really thin slices with this kind of gadget This is actually super epic Look at that tiny very small slice of cucumber, and I can even cut it sideways with that kind of gadget, it helpful a lot. wow. It’s not just protects you from cutting yourself it also Helps you to cut the cucumber much much thinner the way you really want to You know what guys? I really love this gadget; definitely protects me, you see? Awesome, and then I can just stick it in a dish washing machine and clean it up Good boy, Hugo! Now you’re going to cut cucumbers for me, okay? He’s like “Uhhhhh (dog machine broke) Wut? Just give me a biscuit. Look, I even sit down for you.” Good boy. He’s so nice Luke is camera-shy every time. Oh here is Luke. I don’t have chicken for you today In the last kitchen gadget I give him bunch of shredded chicken. the unflavored chicken, now They all excited thinking that they’re going to get more for the next kitchen Gadget I got here avocado slicer And it’s very different from what I showed you before so I thought what if it’s this one is better Let’s put it to the test. First of all what I’m going to do is just cut it in half just put it like that and go right in the middle and, boom. Now I’m just going to twist it and it’s always stays on one side, and right here, I like that a lot You see how it’s closes. I’m going to grab it pull it and twist it wow that’s super easy and super safe I like that a lot and then right here, the tool also squeezable this way So that way you can go on this big side and squish it to where it fits and just go Down this way and boom Wow, that’s actually amazing look up perfect that is Also, you can use this tool right here Cut it this way. It’s not very sharp as you can see but avocados pretty soft so you don’t need it sharp boom like that then twist it around and go through it Epic so now you can make guacamole Wow, it’s amazing. I really like this avocado tool honestly This is best of avocado tool that I ever tried. For this gadget I got here a nut chopper you buy those fresh nuts It’s usually in a container like that or you can buy already chopped nuts But this is way fresher to just buy it like that and chop it up yourself that way They are way more fresher and taste way better, so let’s see how it works So normally you open it up like this, and you put different types of nuts in this time I got cashew nuts I put a bunch in You can measure it out. How much nuts do you need and then we gon’ close it and simply right here It’s sticky, so it’s really nice. Not sticky, but rubber So it doesn’t slip as much and then I’m just going to spin this Handle and look at those nuts pouring down this is awesome Now I can put it on my ice cream fresh nuts I can put it on my salad Anywhere, that you need fresh, chopped nuts. Look how well it works. You see how it’s grinding? really really well and it’s not going to go through ’til it’s small enough to go through and get it really chopped up. boom Now I can untwist that All the nuts mostly chopped up and
right here, you’ve got bunch of chopped nuts fresh chopped nuts I really really like that a lot and look right here It’s actually a measuring cup as well, so it tells you how much nuts you have chopped up It’s amazing love this gadget, and we actually used it before and it was very very useful I like that a lot. For this gadget. I got here food saver. So what it is, it’s a regular You know when you have leftovers, after you cook, everybody eats– let’s take off the plastic –you put food in and then you Close it wow, that’s really tight I like that lid. It’s really well done and then you can change it right here, the date month and the date So that way you don’t eat the bad food. I really like that option a lot This is like the coolest thing ever seen look at that you can change the month and the date So that way you know how long the food been sitting. This is the coolest invention ever As you can see it came with three different sizes I love this gadget a lot definitely using this from now on. Every time Kat have been cooking We always have leftovers so before we would use a regular Standard containers to put the food away in the refrigerator, but if we cook everyday, we like stock up on that leftovers, then we kind of forget How many days it’s been since we put this food out there in a refrigerator? So this is definitely an amazing invention and I think all the food savers should have one of those so that way we don’t have any more upset stomach or Even worse. for this gadget. I got here tea infuser and I like to drink tea this one instead of teabags it’s also tastes way better when you drink tea like that as well. A lot of tea infusers are really annoying and how to use so I really have big hopes for this one Let’s see if it works, so what I would do is open it up like that It twists this way you see it So this is what I’m supposed to do open it put it in a scope and then close it And of course shake it off, so now I’m going to add hot [water] in here Some of the tea have come out but oh, well, it always does but looks like Way too much of this stuff have come out from the tea infuser Honestly I had really high hopes for this one But kind of disappointed that some of that tea flakes have come out into my tea actually way too much, so Maybe this works not for every tea Maybe big leaf tea will work really well, but this small leaf tea does not work as well But I love this gadget because it’s really easy to use you see I can easily Discard and it is easily rinse it off I love that a lot the only problem is it’s not going to work with everything the leaves are too small that You’re going to have all the leaves inside of the tea, but honestly it’s normal I drink tea with a little bit of leaves all the time And I actually like that a lot still really love this gadget because it’s so user-friendly And easy to make tea from now on for the next gadget I got here pretty cool jar With the special lids let’s see what it does a lot of you probably buy this kind of nuts or peanuts different kind of stuff And it’s in this really tacky jar and having in a table does not look good at all and also when it’s halfway out There is still air inside of it So the peanuts on different type of food goes bad Faster because of this there’s of a jar still a lot of oxygen in there So this jar will air seal your food. Do you hear that? Let’s see what happen if I push it in Did you hear all the air came out? It’s like little clop once in there. I think that’s how you say I say it in Russian but let’s see. I’m a pour all my nuts in there Wow, that looks super epic, and then when I close it boom It’s air sealed, and it doesn’t matter how much food you have it seals all the way to the bottom I really love that kind of Lid I never seen anything like that for example you see I have a little bit of peanuts I close it So the air doesn’t get in now, but there is so much air in there, so it just goes bad faster. With this little gadget Your food is going to stay good longer because it’s airtight. I love the noise It makes a really cool suction cup for sure amazing. For this gadget I got here whisk wiper So let’s say I want to make some pancakes or something like that, and it bunch of flours then I need a cup of milk or so and Then couple of eggs of course And then I’m going to have a whisker wiper on it like that, and then I’m going to mix it all up. So, as you can see I got that whisker really dirty Let’s see what happens when I’m gonna pull this out this way oh Oh wow, look at that It’s still kinda dirty But as you can see most of that extra dough you can just wipe it on I think that’s how it’s supposed to do it and then to put it back. Let’s try. Oh, that’s cool. It fits pretty easily just gonna go back and forth Wipe it off boom look how much dough have came off of it So that way, when you take it out, you’re not gonna make dips from the whisker. You know what I like it I’ll give it a thumbs up really cool gadget. And for the next gadget. I got here a toaster You’re going to ask me everybody got a toaster, but this is a different type of toaster look This is actually see-through so we can actually see how the bread getting toasted. Let’s see if it works Right here defrost setting, bagel, single, reheat. check this out. This is actually Touchscreen so I can turn this on That’s so cool. I can press cancel. That’s insane I actually don’t have a toaster, so I’m really really happy and this say tonight here How toasted do you want it to be you see this light bulbs are changing? That’s so awesome. So let’s put some Bread in just like that and right here, that’s how you push it down and Your bread is in there wow The screen is kinda hot. It’s touchable, but it’s pretty hot so I wouldn’t touch that And the side of the toaster right here is kinda hot as well, so be careful with that, too But this side right here is not hot at all But to this side, it’s pretty hot and this is really hot so I would not lean it next to something But I also put it on a hottest settings love the toaster. Alright guys, that’s pretty much it Thank you for watching and let me know in comments below which gadget was your favorite and also Please give this video thumbs up. It helps a lot, and I’ll see you next time

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    Seriously, it was good to see him use a cutting board. Unlike Part 11 😡
    "It's touchable, but it's pretty hot so I wouldn't touch it". He touches it

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  4. 6:20 yeah just maniacally hack away at it
    Just lets a piece of plastic keep his hand from being destroyed by a sharp knife
    What a true Russian

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