10 MINUTE HEALTHY PIZZA RECIPE – How To Make A Quick Low Calorie Lunch!

okay guys so today we’re gonna be making
my favorite mini pizzas I love doing these because they’re super quick and
easy and especially if you have young kids and you’re trying to figure out
something quick this is the perfect recipe I mean doing two different kinds
today I’m gonna do more of a vegetarian sort of Mediterranean Greek style pizza
and then I’m going to be doing a Hawaiian one so I’m super excited to do
that one because I haven’t tried that one yet so for my pizza crust I just get
these lebanese style pita breads I get the whole-wheat kind and each of them
are 170 calories each so they are pretty low cal for the pizza crust you can get
any of these at your local grocery store as well so I have here some sliced grape
bread Tomatoes then I’ve chopped up some white onion I have here some smoked ham
that I’ve just kind of ripped apart you can also chop it it doesn’t have to be
perfect and then I have some shredded mozzarella cheese this one’s part skin
then I have some spinach leaves organic ones and then I chopped up some
pineapple from a Hawaiian pizza so excited for this one so for the Greek
inspired one I have some kalamata olives this gives so much flavor and it’s super
salty and tasty so I love putting these on my pizza and then of course you’re
gonna need some soft so this tomato sauce I got from Costco try to get a
tomato sauce that doesn’t have too many fillers in it too many ingredients I
like to keep it very simple if it has just salt in it and pure tomatoes then
that’s perfect okay guys so I’ve just set up a pan sort of like this and I’ve
laid down two of my pitas because I’m gonna be making two different styles
today and I’ve also preheated my oven to 400 degrees on bake okay so the first
thing we’re gonna need is our tomato sauce so we’re just gonna lay that on
the bottom and then I just kind of use a spoon to
kind of bring it around the entire pita I tried to leave a little crust around
the edges and it took me about two tablespoons to get all this off to cover
the pita I like my pizza so say okay so now our sauce is all spread out so now I
like to put my meat before this one I’m gonna make completely veggie and this
one I’m gonna make the Hawaiian meat one so for the Hawaiian one we’re gonna go
ahead and add our smoked ham now we’re gonna put our pineapple so again I’ve
just chopped these up into little cubes I love Hawaiian pizza because I don’t
get fruit a lot because I’m not really a big fan of fruit so this is my way of
kind of sticking a little bit in there and I just like the sweet and salty
taste and then with my Hawaiian I like to put a little bit of onion too just
because they are a little bit sweet as well and then we’re gonna put our cheese
on top I don’t put a ton of cheese but I put enough just to kind of cover the top
here so with the Mediterranean one we’re gonna lay down some spinach leaves I
chopped it up I just like to put them whole just looks very organic then I like to sprinkle some of my grape
tomatoes I’ve just cut them in halves and some of them are in quarters just to
make them a little bit smaller I love when food is like super colorful that’s
my favorite then we’re gonna add in our kalamata olives you will need a fork to
take these out and I just kind of sprinkle them over top it makes the pizza super salty if you
like that sort of taste and they just give it so much flavor like how easy is
that there’s so many different things that you can do usually I put turkey
pepperoni I just don’t have any today I get the Butterball turkey pepperoni from
the grocery store but today I just decided to use ham and do something a
little bit different than what you guys have seen on snapchat and the last thing
on our Mediterranean pizza is our cheese of course Jesus the last thing I love to
put on my pizza because I feel like it’s like the glue of the pizza and it just
keeps everything all together so our pizzas are ready for the oven like I
said I already had preheated the oven at 400 degrees so now we’re gonna put these
in and they literally take only five minutes to bake and then they’ll be
ready okay guys so the pizzas just came out of the oven look how delicious they
look we’re just gonna let this sit for about two minutes and then we’re gonna
use our pizza cutter okay guys so now we’ve let our pizzas
cool down so now we’re gonna go ahead and cut the pizzas look at our Hawaiian
pizza I’m so excited to try this one because I love Hawaiian pizza and I
haven’t made it with this recipe and our Mediterranean one I love how colorful
this one is this one’s gonna be for my mom and this one’s gonna be for me so as
you guys can tell this was super easy it literally only took us like five to ten
minutes to make this recipe and you guys can put a bunch of different stuff on
top of your pizzas and make it your own and again you can do vegetarian you can
even try vegan and switch up the cheese for vegan cheese so thank you guys so
much for watching and we’ll be cooking together next time

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