10 Products You Wouldn’t USUALLY Be Able To Eat!

10 Products You Wouldn’t USUALLY Be Able To Eat!

OH MY GOSH. It’s in my beard. isn’t it? It made my nose blue. LOL Lemme See!!!! *Hyena Laugh Hello everybody welcome to dope or nope I was on my phone. where we got the TEA. I WAS ON MY PHONE. with no fee Yeah, cause i made it for you. It cost me money LOL So true, Alright, he’s on to me.. Today we’re gonna be looking at ten products that you wouldn’t expect to be able to eat. That’s right 😀 Ten things like wait a second. *Dial tone. I can put that in my mouth?! You’re gonna be asking that a lot, everybody. Make sure if a child that is susceptible to putting things in their mouth. ehh make sure they’re ( blah blah adultt stuff)supervised by an adult Chinese century eggs, that means they only come once every hundred years or ten, ten years. century? century? century? Aw, those look Disgustng ew>oo

100 thoughts on “10 Products You Wouldn’t USUALLY Be Able To Eat!

  1. Matthias: everyone buys converse high tops because they look cool but then they notice they are uncomfortable

    Me: I only buy converse high tops because they’re comfortable and they have cool patterns

  2. I like how Matthew and Tanner are arguing about the Playdough while Michael's in the background dying from taking a bite

  3. My family eat Century eggs, but to me it tastes like metal at times but it’s pretty good in certain ways..

  4. Vote : Would you eat this?

    11% : people who ate century eggs and know they are kinda healthy

    88% : probably some junk food eater 🙂

  5. I ate play doh up til 5th grade it’s was salty (I haven’t eaten it since because the commercials say fun to play with not to eat but they didint say that back in the day)

  6. HOW DARE YOU! Rhett and Link are amazing!
    Granted, I love you guys too, but Rhett and Link came into my life first 😂

  7. You mentioned Rhett and Link. I wouldn't have thought you guys would know who they are. Not at the time of this video or even now, in summer of 2019.

  8. But was the jellyfish "boiled for safety"?

    By the way squid ink pasta is really good, we also make it with risotto, hello from Italy 🙂

  9. no one:
    My chihuahua at 4 in the morning when I'm trying to walk around the house without turning on the lights and I step on her 17:22

  10. There is so many fresh produce out there so I don’t see the need to eat really old egg that looks so bad..so no way would I eat that..

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