Hey guys ! Today we are in Bangkok, and we are going to attempt a 10,000 calorie challenge ! And it’s gonna be a lot of fun ! This means, guys, welcome to Bangkok, and we are going to attempt a 10,000 calorie challenge ! Eating 10,000 calories in one day ! It’s gonna be crazy ! If you don’t know who ì am my name is Antoine Fombonne, I’m 27 and I’m a personal trainer And on my channel I try to help people bail the mindset that allows them to free from their fears to go through their obstacles and to become stronger physically and mentally to achieve their full potential and make their dreams come true. So I hope you’ll like this videos much as the others. Subscribe if you haven’t already, because I think you might like the content I create ! We’re gonna do a quick physique update Are you ready ? Let’s go !! Ok guys, Sawadee Khrap, an welcome to fresh air ! So today the goals is to annihilate 10,000 calories. Why this challenge ? Well first because I’m such a foodie, I really love food ! Thus I always wondered how many calories I could destroy in a day. I’m wearing some special occasion red Chuck Taylor’s to match my hat. We are in Sukhumvit area, soy Sukhumvit 56 for those who know And we are in front of Muscle Factory one of the best gyms I’ve seen, probably one of the best gyms in Asia. The gym opens at 7:45, it’s now 7:09. I’m gonna seat over here, and destroy the first meal of the day. Let’s do this ! Krispy Kreme doughnuts, probably the best doughnuts in the world. We don’t have them in France, but they are a lot in Bangkok, look at what I got ! Look at that ! Let’s begin with the original glazed, shall we ?
10,000 calories in Bangkok, let’s do this ! Very good ! Third one ! People walk by and look at me eating doughnuts in front of a gym as if I was insane. Which I am ! Ok last one. Oh boy ! This one is stuffed with chocolate. It’s not gonna be easy ! Ok ! 6 Krispy Kreme doughnuts killed, and time is 7:22. I’m gonna walk around a bit to stretch my legs… and my belly ! And up next : macadamia nuts ! I hope this is gonna be a strong ally to get some easy calories in all day long. Each box contains 130 grams, and I bought two of them ! When the gym opens I’m gonna train legs. The goal is to get some high volume to burn some fuel, use some glycogen. Move move move and burn some calories ! Not to set a new PB, not to work on my strength, no. Just get my muscles to work and to burn some fuel to clear some space for the next meals. I hope it will make me hungry and help me get through the day, because this challenge ain’t gonna be easy. I ate the 6 doughnuts, it’s over. I was a bit worried about this first meal, but it’s over now. Well it’s down there ! It’s slowly starting to activate down there. I can feel it working. And we are at 1883 calories my soldiers, I’ll put the total just right there. Pretty solid for a single meal : 231 carbs, 99 fats already and 23 proteins. Look at this amazing gym that is gonna open just for us ! Hey it’s already open : let’s go ! 151 pounds, to which we can subtract 450g of doughnuts, 100g of macadamia nuts and 150g of water. So 150 pounds. Ok my soldiers I just killed the Mentos and the 130g of macadamia nuts, I just finished my warm up And I think it’s because of the food, but i’m sweating like a little pig ! It’s really hot here, and we are now at 2964 calories. Which Is almost a third of my total intake for this challenge and it is 8:24 ! I’m gonna go for 4 sets of front squats. It’s really hot, it’s hard, I think the doughnuts are making it harder. Then leg press, leg curls, leg extensions, and get out ! Let’s go my soldiers ! It is now 9:34. Oh that light ! Oh that heat !! It’s very hot, we’re gonna go back home, take a cold shower, I really need it. I’m gonna wake up my friend, we’re gonna work on the course we’ll launch in september for one or two hours till I’m hungry again And then we’re gonna go and eat something savory, because I’m tired of all that sugar already. See you ! We’re gonna shave as well because I’ve been in Asia for a month and a half and haven’t even touched a razor to be adventurous while I have as much beard as a 12 year old boy ! So we’re gonna shave once and for all. Ready ?! Um, no, it was better before. Or maybe with a little mustache. Nah, that’s ugly. That’s better ! Ahah Second meal ! What time is it ? 11:24 Cookie Dough, my favorite, and that thing is packed with calories ! So we are doing the exact opposite of all the advice I give to my clients and followers to maximise your food volume and eat healthy ! Ok I don’t know if I’m gonna finish that. I’m going to try to eat as much as possible without making myself sick. -It seams easier
-Yeah it’s easier than the doughnuts. But it’s cold ! I already slammed 3000 calories, which is more than what I eat in a normal day So since 10,000 represent 4 days worth of food, I think I’m gonna hâte my life pretty soon ! Ok, now it’s starting to be a bit nauseating, so I’m not gonna force myself, it’s not worth it. I’m just gonna keep that in the freezer I’ll finish that up later and add it to my calories total once it’s done. So I think the carbs are playing their magic on me, look at that ! Tomorrow I’ll probably look like sh*t, but right now, look at those veins ! And I think it’s gonna be even crazier once we eat some savory things ! So what are we going to order ? And in order not to be lulled if they take half an hour to cook the pizza I brought a second box of macadamia nuts which I’m gonna snack on to get some extra calories. 100g contains 720 calories. So it’s 991 calories for the whole box ! It’s huge, and it took me only two minutes to destroy half of it. -Kevin Levrone is making a very strong comeback man ! Like really strong ! So 130g of macadamias again, we’re gonna add them up into MyFitnessPal. And brings us to 3954 calories. And look at what’s there ! What else ? Lord, bless this… MEAL ! 13:34. Here – we – go ! I’d like to take two minutes to thank Maxx Chewning. He is an amazing american Youtuber I love what he does, and he inspired me a lot recently to create better content, angles and videos. Go check him out ! It’s in english of course, but his channel is amazing ! He does a great work, he’s humble. I owe him a lot ! Ok I ate half of the pizza, and now it’s getting hard I’m not hungry anymore. I think eating those macadamias right before wasn’t a very smart move. I don’t remember if « Puking is cheating », but we are gonna try not to. -Is it really hard? -Yeah man ! TONIGHT WE DINE IN HELL !! AHOUUU ! Till the end my soldiers, till the end ! Whatever it takes ! Ok, to motivate ourselves, I’m gonna do a little edit edit just for those two little slices. Ready ? Kowabunga ! Last effort ! -Think about something else.
-Think about your mother ! My soldiers, recently I’m trying to introduce movie quotes in all my videos. It can be anything from movies, series, anything. And I love to see your reactions when you know where do the quotes come from. It’s a lot of fun. Right now, I’m wondering how not to puke everything on the carpet. « On the carpet ? You’re the one getting excited with a carpet ! » Which series is that from guys ? I thought it would be easy, but I’m struggling. Ok my soldiers, I’m not gonna make myself sick, I’m just gonna weight this out on the scales and take those pieces out of the total. 64 grams. One slice is 145 grams, so 64 grams is a bit less than half a slice. Let’s say half a slice to play it safe. so let’s say I ate 3,5 slices on that second half pizza. Ok, so that is 130g of macadamia nuts half a Stuffed Crust Cheese Pizza and 3,5 slices of Stuffed Crust Chicken Supreme Pizza, 3471 for this meal I’ll put you the screenshot just right there. I’m dead. Let’s get back home, take a shower and I think I need to sleep a bit. I’m at 6434 calories, without counting the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream that i haven’t finished yet. 64% of our goal, a bit more if we count the Ben & Jerry’s. I feel terrible but we’re doing all right ! -Are you hungry ?
-Yeah. Just kidding ! -The aftermath. The guy is dead.
-I’m feeling so bad ! I think it was a strategic error to eat those macadamias right before the pizza, or the second half of the pizza. After the first half I was still feeling all right, I was really confident, and now I really hate my life. -You’ve bitten off more than you can chew
-Right now I can fell my blood pumping in all my veins I’m gonna sleep a bit and then we’ll try to go and train again, shall we ? Before with can move on to the next adventure ! -Triceps. Shitty light -Let’s hit the sack ! Ok my soldiers it’s 17:14 I took a little nap, and I’m not gonna lie : I don’t feel well. Let’s say that all the way down to the chest, that’s fine, but underneath that, it’s a nightmare ! Of course, this challenge was not supposed to be easy ! Till I reached the second half of the pizza I thought I was gonna do in a blink of an eye. And then I payed the price ! I slept a bit, I feel a tiny bit better, I took a good shower and I’m going to the gym for the second training of the day. I’m gonna try to clear up some cellular space, burn some fuel and make me hungry to destroy my last calories tonight. See you at the gym ! Ok my soldiers it’s almost 7pm. Let’s head to the hotel. Finally this training was really not that bad I’m full of calories and carbs so plenty of energy and my belly didn’t hurt too much So I could go all in and kill a good workout. I hope you enjoy the edit because Hello !
It was very cool ! Now I’m going to finish up the Ben & Jerry’s, which is going to bring me to 7500 calorie or so. So we’ll only have 2500 calories left to complete the challenge ! Come to daddy ! We have a pending deal you and me ! So we still had all this ice cream left to be able to add it up to the calorie counter so we’re gonna wait for it to melt a bit, and we’re gonna smash it ! With a Kinder Bueno, and maybe if we feel like it some Haribo candies 240 plus 220 makes 460 calories, on top of the Ben & Jerrys : pretty cool snack ! 7:02 pm, let’s go ! Brain freeze ! That’s it ! Only took one minute. We’re gonna add that up into MyFitnessPal. 1118 calories. I’d rather brush my teeth if I don’t want to have cavities. Ah it’s so dry ! Very hard to eat ! I’m gonna eat the second one, I can’t be bothered not to. Have you seen how the abs are slowly fading away ? So much for being stupid ! There you go ! Two Buenos destroyed ! What time is it ? 7:06 pm. 4 minutes, 246 calories, which brings us to 7800 calories. Ok if i eat those two servings I’m at 8000 calories, 80% of the goal ! EASY !! It’s super hard to chew ! Washing down cola candies with diet coke ! I can’t even chew then, I just swallow them. I’m stupid, it’s way too hard to chew. We’re gonna leave that serving, too bad I’m only counting 30g. So we’re only at 7900 kcal, no big deal. Sorry about that ! Ok : 30g of Haribo candies, one pint of Ben & Jerry’s, and two kinder Bueno bars. There you go ! We are at… 7900 calories ! I’ll put a screenshot of the last meal so we’ve done 79% of the goal, I’ll put the calorie total just right there. 79%, which means almost 80%, which means we only have 2000 cals to smash, and it’s game over. It’s only 7pm, we have 5 hours left to smash 2000 cals, so unless I fall into a diabetic coma, we’re pretty safe ! We’re gonna take a shower and get ready to go to Siam Paragon and find something cool to smash like a burger or some sushis Let’s go ! Ok we’re going to Siam Paragon, one of Bangkok biggest food court. Ready ? Let’s go ! There you go ! Siam Paragon, one of the most exciting places I know for food ! Can you smell that ? Smells like victory ! 2100 cals left, and we’re gonna begin right there. « Can I have a third one please ? » I didn’t order fries, but they come with the burger, so you can’t really refuse them, right ? This burger is a Cheesy Bacon Whopper. 760 cals, plus 500 calories of french fries, plus three 80 calories mayonnaise servings. Which brings us to 9400 calories, if I can eat all this. Let’s go ! So don’t say I’m not eating my veggies today !! Look at that perfect synchronisation ! Last fries ! Ok so we are at 9401 calories. We still have 600 calories to smash, so I think we’re going to grab a little ice cream. « Can I have a big vanilla brownie ice cream please ? » « Thank you ! » Let’s grab a seat. Where is my big strong boy ? There he is ! Look at that ahaha !! This ice cream is 630 calories, so if I smash it, we are at 10 031 calories, and that will be mission complete ! For this special occasion, we need a special symbol Ready ? Banzai !! It’s 9:16pm, let’s go ! Brain freeze ! Till the end ! Till the end !! So let’s make a deal : if this video reaches 10,000 thumbs up you might get another one with Dr Barnett smashing his own 10,000 calorie challenge ! Deal ? Enough foreplay, let’s get back to business ! I’m not the only one suffering ! It’s hard, isn’t it ? Look at that my soldiers : the sound of victory ! Till the last drop ! It is 9:28 pm, I just finished this 12oz Dairy Queen ice cream and we are at 10,031 calories. I’ll put the grand total just right there. One, two, three, four, five, six, all the doughnuts of this morning 9 Mentos, because sir Nevin ate one 130g of macadamias nuts. Then the tough macadamias that killed me in Pizza Hut. The large pizza. Then after the second training the pint of Ben & Jerry’s, the Kinder Bueno bars and the Haribo. And then for diner the big Whopper, which was « only » 760 cals, even if I thought it would be more, but fair enough. The french fries, the mayonnaise and the dairy Queen ice cream. I think we can call that a victory, I think we smashed together this 10,000 calories challenge. Let’s check out the abs ! I’m gonna end the video here. Am I gonna go and grab something else to eat ? I hope you liked this video. For once there was no info, no advice. The goal was not to teach you how to eat right to have a six pack The goal was just to test my limits, to see how much of a foodie I really am. I really needed a challenge and something a bit crazy to do ! I think that’s a wrap, isn’t it ? Bro fist ! Thanks for watching this video, give it a thumbs up if you liked it, subscribe and leave a comment below. And remember, if the video reaches 10,000 thumbs up, you’ll get another crazy food challenge video. He’s already regretting it ! Thank you for watching the video, love you all and I’ll see you in the next one and as usual, happy, stronger, and fitter ! My soldiers, I just got back to my hotel and realized something. I’m at 10,031 calories. So potentially, some people might say « Yeah but you never know, maybe it was low fat mayonnaise, or you forgot a slice of bacon or what not » Which is not totally stupid. Technically, even if I completed the challenge and so on, for some reason I might only be at 9987 calories or so, who knows ? So I said to myself : to get everyone to agree, let’s play it safe. And we’re gonna do that right now ! M&M’s crispy, 35g, 180 calories. Here you go, get inside me now ! It is 10:52pm And with those M&M’s crispy we are now at 10,210 calories. I think NOW we can all be on the same page ! Bangkok, than you so much for having me, and see you soon. Thank you all for watching the video, I love you and I’ll see you in the next video and as usual, happy, stronger, and fitter ! BAAAAAM !


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