10,000 Calorie Challenge: Small Girl VS Food | EPIC CHEAT DAY

10,000 Calorie Challenge: Small Girl VS Food | EPIC CHEAT DAY

Enjoy you have still got food to eat. How could
they ten is vomit, how close are you to vomit morning YouTube today doing the 10,000 calorie challenge all right now it is currently quarter past eight in the morning. the
first thing I’m going to eat day or when I try to get down pack off these jellies
240 calories per pack well that was a fail! I even picked up the ones on the floor.
one down I have tracked everything using my fitness pal, so I’ll show you
that I think technically the only rule is that you can’t drink any of your calories and can only drink water. it’s currently 8.40am and I going to make my way to
McDonald’s and because I am such a good daughter I am
going to get my father, my papi, my life giver some food as well. okay thank you
alright so I am back home oh I have my McDonald’s with me and let’s get started
I want to give my dad food and walking there’s mine and my pancakes thats the last of everything. that was a little bit hard to get down. i’m not used to eating that much in the morning so
far that’s my pancake there’s my sausage McMuffin with no egg
and there’s my sweet jellies, so yeah 1,275 calories down alright now I’m going to get some work
done and have a little bit of a nap (sleep) yeah so see you next clip yes
is everyone ok how old this is each serving is a 135
calories and there’s a six servings because i feel fat already i only want something light so i’m going to have a pack and half a serving so I’m going to
measure that now and probably half with two of my Tesco I have 25 grams and once
I think if I do and will come off like really shy quiet awkward officially it’s
because I don’t love it it’s not what I do regularly it’s what TJ does so I do apologize in advance for that I will tried my hardest to be
as normal as possible but because the cameras dying and I forgot to get the
charger I weren’t sure every bite book that is what I’m going to have now and a
cookie i’m just having one because I still feel
pretty full from McDonald but first a little bit sick feeling sometimes ones
right now and then I’ll show you my fitness pal after finishing my lectures i really sick but I want to face off some more work and then I’m going to actually
get ready to start my day I’ve been looking at my fitness pals as well I am
technically at 1731 calories so that’s one cookie and a serving of them cheeseball
unfit to at least 2,000 run a house half of these arrests in them it’s just such
as the other judges that I had the cherries serving which is 25 grams is 93
calories I’m going to have at least half the pack log that in so I will get ready
first and the mobility getting because the battery’s dying so yes I am
I’m a structural sugar high right 238 in local prevalence of 8 and I think my
last meal service there that email that I have at 11:30 so it’s gonna go to
Kolkata still so forth but what I’m going to do is have a light snack so I’m
going to make myself an omelette and one for Papa Bear and while I’m doing that
I’m going to have a German dental possibly two because they’re they’re 250
calories hired a lot also guys just regular become a ditch and cut out on me
like to use my phone camera and just you know here’s the footage yep I don’t already love complex with also recently not recently right now it’s my honor requests us and
three rushes of bacon like the phone and such to me I’m gonna finish on Medina Purcell what’s up – down up down and now I’m
going to put me in three bacon and make I think I added one more alien
public-houses perennials it was gonna get one more question again I was like
my breath I should have to turn that down she deserves all yell at me so he
can’t hear me there’s like three unlit so here’s my omelet quite b20 amazin
attempt topically is a way girl thing we get it crazy only thing I know is my
baby right guys so I’m back in my room I’ve just finished the bacon omelet and
to be honest it was harder to get down than I thought it would be like alway
hard to get down a little bit I’m really full but I am going to try
one of the Belgian chocolate buns now the one missing because my dad decided
to go have one so I’m going to target that does get asserted on the cheese
balls again and then head to the Piazza many little ones of my language baby
girl as well started playing you know seven nigga making Lane swing on the
side nigga had your brain Mihai 3000 198 huh it’s only 3:30
I’ve got some catching up to do man all right guys so I took a unexpected nap
which I didn’t mean to take at all so actually is possibly notebook right so
just thought what I’m going to do go to zero is help another servant out please
well on the way to meet teacher tempus Viator first so right back now to just
work and beer right now I’m going to go and link up with PJ so I can finish the
rest of my calories but I’ve got is the other portion of my tea dissolve to
snack on what I’m going over there so yeah I’ll see you gonna get there it also just reached look a lot like
this much left so I’m just going to eat them all right now okay all right so
what we’re doing now is I already had but one serving of cheesy balls in there
so I’m just going to change that now to two servings
now boosts milk 3334 calories and this is a half five guys like I really need
ketchup so where we are going now is to McDonald’s again so I can feel sick
again the yes well I will say quickly is that
this challenge has really taught me keep your mouth shut
correctly because not even me can do so yeah I’m not still trying be teachers
for them yeah so shall be peers o’clock viewers and subscribers hopefully I
think Tory’s been doing okay if you need to this channel altitudes my channel
between feature in issue is one an air gums
what are they jealous playing a secretive ten thousand calorie challenge
which I was like I don’t think you can but you rather go so much me offer as a
channel decided to make her do it because when you want you got shit y’all
back at your work I had some unexpected I was honestly I’ve had a sequel ask
around and I hope finish the back of the
foregoing thanks okay bill can you look off and Olaf you happy now I mean then
things can obtain each other well you’re back to do nail I would say one price it
all mine oh hey – why what David Byrne I got sane people show us a glove if it
what it is I guess find that hole on my very life I’m already serving almost as
if you don’t coming up there folks we’re almost in support it’s been a
Darlington in the war that was awful he’s a hospital –
be hard but is a little bit cooler so enjoy still got these three having no be
$2 got two ones left come on yeah cram that very bf at a glassful for the
camera guys how do you feel to be funny like a fat bastard
that’s for men I can see you know coyly all right so just finish 20 nugget
files loser Christmas or so that puts me at I think 5021 calories okay a real
dish really sings oh I mean like ha ha ha ha ha
anyway I’m gonna say it’s gonna look at I mean it was funny holy jumping up the donor read first
place is often a workplace of pocket I love you
I call it my birthdays so I have to get my drink on this it’s nine thirty eight
I’m going to have another pack of three stages and half took up on screen what
me so logic in my heart being put me to 5560 seven calories I’m going to have
half a tub of having those cookies and cream ice cream
although I don’t this I’m dead Holland or have and are various houses are I’m
going to have half a cup of husband of ice cream
and see how I feel after the back door and haagen-dazs thankfully you can look
drink that stated before it sticky is goodness getting this is half half a
little amoeba so don’t kill myself and I’m making back for the rest a little
bit later so I will away at now I should I get two hundred and seven point five
glad you see it my evening little bit more than half mother leave
her that mere litter anymore Arnie better I think that that can make
a cookie with it or something do that key base got cookies in it anyways add
my one cookie broke it off put in there and then you got one cookie either way
break up into pieces small little chunks I’m a-gettin for you there you go here you go back to break these cans
your fish I’m helping you is smelling it no I’m
not super calm are you break into pieces ah what would either you can have whole
you know sweet that is I’ve never been big on excited about ice cream of my
life so another that is about it what benefits do you think there are
today in the ten thousand calorie challenge a really wide area for coal
that is for Co maybe a break on the rest of the cookie lettuce come on o slowly
is ice cream value here by how you met a heart rate through anything to pay you
if I take you down – you can touch me because I’ve had you you would love not
had you a part of me black fuck you whether fine but you act like you wanna
Morgan come on she last bus bus yeah how you feel how you feel 21:13 on not
20 years not only no you put us out dodgy belly a way that seconds while ago
you bring out a Buddha belly alright guys I’m just going to add those
calories in now man on I’m in total of six thousand three hundred and fifteen
calories and it’s 10:25 I do aim to get to seven thousand or more so this did
get to do the ten thousand calorie challenge again because let me help you
I mean I see for you to help you mama support me holy Lou Goku that’s my body
you got me going crazy you the other half of the cookie with a my idea great
it was dropping extra calories everyone’s doing this extra half of the
pastor’s a ruse for me I was mirror I think her name was so I’m doing it de
Leon I feel like a digital my name yeah
I’ll feet right over the pen I have faith in you happy play same come on see more spoonfuls you can make
it I have faith I have a favor day of my life yeah since equal so like me the
video game and eat it eat if I was exiting out will drop the aunty daddy
can we tell you the average love you my heart
but you never gonna marry Akane funny the uniform that I compute free calories
period ah everybody’s it should make you wanna
vomit voice hear me before I hit how could very tense moment how close the
vomit this all around seven on 10,000 hour
rule Jesus want to see it ought to be Harding employer he comes in certainly
fades come across money other words you know where you can play the bathroom not
care to me I think you’re the only black Gogarty thing I try to take any
challenge so it’s kind of a not plenty more pressure on you kind of record for
the race and agenda I’ll be good alright we say how many of these your can you
tax any payments under ten thousand long good to magis see you back in LA fucking town you know you
oh boy right now Wow you need to record only no teeth you
call it it so you go out to unit a gonna take an elf so I’ve got 826 grams of
carbs there is no 66 grams of fat and 150 grams of protein feel proud yes
surprisingly so sick as hell I’m gonna long it describe a minute
little girl like me thank you for watching the video like subscribe I’m
happy that a lot of 7,000 wouldn’t recommend anybody to do that shit Holly
do you believe you can do the 10 thousand calorie challenge I know you
can’t I can get paid to pay ten thousand calories is harder than it is
yes older sister my mouth shut to us we’ll beat you only thing I know is no
matter baby Hey

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  7. #CongratsKarine Funny as F. I could see the sick bucket in the bathroom and laugh so hard that the neighbours were looking at me through the window LMAO. Karine needs a new challenge!! Maybe 10 BIGMAC's or 2 Buckets of KFC

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