10,000 Calorie Vegan Food Challenge | Healthy(ish) Epic Cheat Day

10,000 Calorie Vegan Food Challenge | Healthy(ish) Epic Cheat Day

Hi guys today I am taking part in yet another
video challenge, and of course, it is a food eating challenge. Now this is quite popular
on YouTube at the moment, and it’s called the 10,000 calorie eating challenge where
basically you have to eat 10,000 calories in a single day. Now I’m taking part in this challenge with
another YouTuber call Josh Baldwin. He has a channel called VeganFit, so I have linked
to his channel in the description below. There will also be his version of this video online
so make sure you go over there and check it out. Now watching some of these guys take part
in this challenge, they eat a lot of junk food, fast food, sweets and crisps, and they
make it relatively easy on themselves to hit that 10,000 calorie target. Speaking with Josh we wanted to have a slightly
healthier approach to this, or at least as healthy as you can get when you’re eating
10,000 calories in a single day. So we’re not going to be eating any junk food or fast
food, and we’re going to base this solely on the vegan diet. Now I’m not vegan but I
eat a lot of plant-based meals, so that’s something that’s relatively easy for me to
follow. But 10,000 calories is A LOT so let’s get started, let’s have breakfast and see
if we can make a dent in this 10,000 calorie goal. Okay slight change of plan already. I’m a
little bit late for work so I am making myself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I wouldn’t
consider it to be the healthiest thing in the world, but it’s on Dr Zaks protein bread.
I need to start making a dent in this pretty quickly or these 10,000 calories are all going
to be at the end of the day, so here goes… NOM. So I’m now at the office and I have my breakfast
ready to go. I have 250g of oats with 250g of raisins. I have 5 bananas. I was going
to chop these up and put them in but I think I’m just going to eat them now, and I have
a litre of coconut almond milk. So yeah, that is nearly 3,000 calories which is more than
I would normally eat in a day. What do you think Steve? It looks like a counter
of a hotel breakfast buffet. Haha. This is the biggest bowl I could find, so I feel like
I’m going to be eating out of a bucket basically, so yeah not very civilised. But here we go. Oh wow that is quite coco-nutty. I didn’t
realise how much coconut that was like. Oh my god. Let’s give that a try. If I can’t
make all this work I’m going to have to drink that as well. Oh I can get more in there than
that. Let’s try this. Do you want some Steve? I’m good, I’ve had my breakfast and… no.
Hahaha. Right then, let’s give this a go. When do you eat the bananas? I’ll just eat
them. So that’s like a pudding? It’s like a side-order. Yeah, like a pudding. You know
they don’t give the monkeys at Blackpool zoo that many bananas? Hahaha. Yeah I know this
going to suck. Let’s give it a little try. Mmm. That’s pretty good! It tastes like muesli;
if you like that kind of thing. This is going to take a long time to eat though. I’m feeling
full already. Are we going to have to time lapse this? No… Okay so I’ve been eating for about 2 minutes
and I’m already full, and I haven’t even made a dent in this. Although I’ve had a banana
so that’s a good start, right? Yeah just 4 more bananas to go. And the milk. Yeah there
is about 500 ml of milk left as well. It still looks the same. It looks thicker.
It does. It looks heavy. Filling. Yeah, yep. Absorbent. Yep all those things. Sponge. Why
don’t you wash it down with a banana? That’s a good idea. It’s like cement. It feels like
I’m eating cement now. Oh no it’s actually less calories than I thought
actually. Nooo. It’s 2,593. It’s still 93 more than I would normally have in a day,
but, nonetheless it’s a lot less. You need to pick up the pace. Here we go. That’s it finished and here are
my 5 bananas. Oh crap. I still have this to drink. Right, I’ll drink that now. Damn it. Oh this belly is so full. Right then, I am
still so full from breakfast which was 3 hours ago now, and I have all this food to eat.
I’ve got 4 avocados, and apple, 500g of grapes, some tomatoes and 4 more slices of Dr Zaks
protein bread. So let’s try and get it ready. What do you think, Steve? It looks incredibly
tasty and healthy but just if you had one of them, a bit of that, and some of them.
Yeah I concur. You have to eat all of that? I don’t how I’m going to do it to be honest.
I can’t even face drinking water at the moment I’m so full, so I have no idea how this is
going to go. I wouldn’t eat that much guacamole. Let alone just avocado. Yeah. I’m beginning
to regret this, quite a lot. Oh I almost ended up in A&E there! It would
have been a great way to get out of this? You could bring it with you. You could bring
it all in a big bag. I might have to blend this. Right there we go! Crikey, that is a
lot of food. Enjoy! Thank you. Don’t forget your other
food. Yeah a kilo of fruit. God the weight of this. Oh God this is going to be painful. Oh I tell you what, let’s start with some
nice refreshing tomatoes. One. You can mush that up into some fake guacamole. Mush it
all together? Yeah. You just 10 bags of Doritos. Alright stop talking, let’s get this done. Was it? I’ve been looking at it for ages thinking
the chocolate one looks really nice. You can’t eat it then? You can eat it. So you think
it will be a bit… it’s probably fine. I looked at it and though, nah, there’s no way
you can have something like that. It’s coming. It’s stuck so badly. I’m in so
much pain. It hurts so bad; it’s right there. Oh God I’m going to vom. Please be sick…
*Belch* Ah I had to get it out, I couldn’t prolong it I’m sorry. *long belch* Phew. Okay so it’s about one o’clock. I’ve
had about five and half thousand calories so far today, and if I’m completely honest
I feel dreadful. I’m just trying to walk it off a bit now, but I’ve never eaten so much
food in such a short amount of time before. I just feel, I feel a little bit drunk if
I’m completely honest. So I’m just going for a quick breather. I’m just trying to walk
it off a little bit, and in about 2 hours I’ll be eating my next meal so let’s see what
happens. Okay so I think I may have of underestimated
how difficult this challenge was going to be. I feel terrible. I have never been this
full in all my life, and I’m finding it difficult to drink water. I last ate at one o’clock
it’s now nearly four o’clock, and I’m supposed to be having my next meal which is supposed
to be beans and rice and I cannot bring myself to even think about it let alone eat it. So
I’m going to knock this back a little further and maybe have that around six, and then have
dinner much later than anticipated to see how I get on. But I feel useless, my brain
is not even working right now. I don’t think I have ever eaten this much food in such a
short time in all my life. So let’s just see how we get on and see what happens. But, the
way things are going at the moment I may, I may, have to forfeit but let’s see what
happens. Okay so I’m now back home. It is just after
seven o’clock. I didn’t have that rice and bean meal so I’m now really behind on my calories,
still on about five and half thousand. So my plan is to have a really big dinner around
eight o’clock and see if I can get as close to those 10,000 calories as I can so let’s
see what happens. Okay so this is what I have planned for dinner.
Essentially it is a Thai Green curry but of course it is a vegan Thai Green curry so we
have tofu instead of chicken, and we have a vegan friendly Thai Green curry kit. So
I’m going for calorie dense foods at this point, so we have full fat coconut milk, coconut
oil and I’m going to try and fit some side dishes in here as well I think just to try
and get the calories up and try and get as close to 10,000 calories as we can. So let’s
get cooking! So dinner is bubbling up quite nicely now,
it’s almost done. Then we have a ridiculous amount of rice, it’s about 300g of rice in
there hence the spillage that overflowed out of my pan a little bit. So I’m going to get
some extras for this now and then we’ll be good to eat. Okay so I have just finished my dinner and
I am still incredibly full. It’s now about 9.30 and the only way I can finish this, the
only way I can get to the end of the 10,000 calories is to eat this little bag of nuts
which is about 600 calories; I’m about 1,500 short, and unfortunately I need to cheat.
I need to use these. Oreos. That whole pack would take me over the edge and into the 10,000
calorie bracket. I did say I wasn’t going to have any sweets and Junk. I’m sorry Josh,
I’m sorry if you have made it to the end on all clean food then respect to you, but if
I want to hit the 10,000 calories unfortunately this is what I need to do so. So I’m going
to scoff these now, then hopefully that is this challenge done. So it is now the morning after the 10,000
calorie challenge and I can safely say I still feel pretty full, I still feel pretty rotten
after eating so much food and it was much harder than I thought it was going to be.
I thought I was going to breeze through this no problem, but after the first meal I was
so full, and it was just an uphill struggle basically after that. Now I went through MyFitnessPal
this morning to double check my calories. I thought I was on about maybe 10,300 in total,
but when I went through it I suddenly realised I didn’t eat all the grapes that I said I
was going to eat and the cashew nuts that I had for dinner was actually a slightly smaller
portion than I thought. So when I updated everything, it said I hit 10,001 calories
which is about as close to hitting the target as you can get really, Now I should point
out as well that the only reason I hit that target was because I did exactly what I said
I wasn’t going to do and I ate some sweets. I ate Oreos basically and a whole pack of
them as well. That’s the only way I could have completed this challenge because no matter
how full you are, there is always room for Oreos. So I feel like I failed this test,
failed this challenge. I’m very curious to find out how Josh got on, and if you are too
then make sure you go over to his channel and check out his video. He’s got some great
content on his channel as well, all about nutrition and fitness so make sure you check
him out. So if you enjoyed this video, if you liked
watching me suffer, if you enjoyed seeing me in pain then don’t forget to give this
video a thumbs up and subscribe for more videos. Cheers!

38 thoughts on “10,000 Calorie Vegan Food Challenge | Healthy(ish) Epic Cheat Day

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