14000 Calorie Challenge – Cheat Day – Man VS Food (ENG SUB)

14000 Calorie Challenge – Cheat Day – Man VS Food (ENG SUB)

these must be a bomb! sorry as always … I lost a calorie really good wow! I must say that I am awesome! am I wanting you? true ninja? and go with the first bite! really .. Cheery !! what do you say ninja … was missing some cream over no? Amazing! first bite .. of another cheat day! good evening ninja table! and welcome to a new video! No stop! good evening you can not really hear! cut it! good morning table ninja and welcome to a new video! behold, hello sounds better! even if I should say good evening because .. it’s 9:22 am Wednesday, August 1st!
it’s only been three days since mine last binge of Reese’s peanut butter cups! where I ingested as many as 100! and I am 10,000 calories loaded on your back
in one meal! not counting beers and the pizzas I ate in the evening with the
friends but … this is my thing! so to return to the track in just three days
ready for a new cheat day, I am I killed some weights at the gym and obviously I got a cardio at the gym plus, Monday and Tuesday I had a low carb diet that is totally zero carbohydrates! Cherry on the cake!? I’m fasting for 24 hours! practically
in the last 36 hours I consumed the beauty 2,300 calories! the shirt casca a brush! I feel like a zombie! I’m hungry killer! and of course I can not wait to eat then not let’s lose ourselves in chatter! and then let’s introduce this new cheat day! then in week on instagram I asked you what products would you like to see me eating in this cheat day obviously there were a lot of requests then I chose the most delicious in my opinion, and ve
I will serve you in this glorious today hypercaloric cheat day! regarding the products
that you will not see in this quiet cheat day guys I’ve already put them in the next one
expense list! what else else? ah the usual rules! 24 hours to recharge my batteries with a little sugar and bad fats! this challenge will leave at midnight and of course
it will last until the next midnight and then and then table ninja we just have to start with the usual practice … Weight control! off my shirt … table ninja …
I’m ready! and weight control! as always I show you the time, 9:35 am Wednesday, August 1st 65 split! physical check done, weight control done,
we just have to leave! on the contrary we do not have to stay wait until midnight to leave
so table ninja, I set up the usual ground from battle, then I go to drink a coffee from a friend, so I kill these two hours of waiting and we’ll see you at the table with the first meal of this cheat day! finally these damned three hours
guys are flying! then ninja, what I propose for the first meal of this cheat day?
you asked me for meats so I have chosen suppressed! from good Veneto! me
you asked for cheese! so I chose scamorza smoked, it’s from a lot that I do not eat it, then I thought why not make sandwiches? so I got savory croissants
of the Mulino Bianco, then a lot of requests for fries! while the
next product was the most Leisure kebab! just salty in the first meal?
better to add some sweet no? so cream donut, a B-ready nutella and cameo yogurt cake! this is recommended by my mother, indeed the
mom did it today because we have had guests and kindly left me .. a quarter! well let me create the sandwiches .. ok guys, the table is ready, everything is ready .. but the potatoes are missing, you have to fry them! and anyway I want to take a microwave ride also to these croissants in such a way that the cheese melts for good! and I have to heat up my kebab too .. too many things .. but thanks to the magic … everything is ready in less than a second! obviously ninja as always the usual forgetfulness .. coca cola zero
this time to taste lemon really refreshing! ketchup and mayonnaise for my fries and finally the time to destroy a bit of calories!
midnight body! Thursday 2nd August! away the shirt … much more comfortable because it is
a hot beast! and let’s start! and I would start from this fantastic kebab! this is really really heavy I did load it! inside there is meat
obviously! tomatoes, lettuce, jalapeno, onion and of course ketchup, mayonnaise, spicy sauce and yogurt sauce! first bite of another cheat day !! yummy guys! can you see inside? this is great! really! thanks for your advice! I missed the kebab! wait … I lost a jalapeno! sorry if I say it already .. I will be repetitive but … AMAZING! would you like to see a full day of kebabs? because I think I could eat twenty of these! definitely! gone ninja! really really delicious! let me just clean the table and the hands we have already started to get dirty! not good it’s not good .. time to try these fantastic croissants with suppressed inside and cheese here they are ninja .. these must be a bomb! the taste is fantastic! feel just the salty that takes you .. very good! try it Ninja! and why not try them with fries? even more satisfying no ninja? amazing simple calories! super savory and really delicious! time to enjoy these fries!
obviously these fries I made them jump on the spicy paprika
and obviously salt and let’s go to mayonnaise and of course also ketchup! and here’s your fries! very good! sorry as always I lost a calorie .. do you prefer ketchup or mayonnaise? comment below! too good ninja! however I forgot to tell you that these were 450 grams of fries! simple! that I can tell you ninja .. good cheat day to me! the last bite of salty .. gone! very very simple! it appears that I made the disaster .. ok time to sweeten a little mouth with a nice cream donut, or krapfen! can you see the cream? I missed it
very good! and now time for this yogurt cake! It’s from a lot that I do not eat it! I remember that my mother always made me a child! I think it takes a fork … I will be right back! fork! much better.. and here it is ninja .. let’s say that
looks a bit like a cheesecake amazing! mom how much I like this cake! I could eat them even because I love yogurt so .. really fantastic! It costs very little, easy to do, you just have to try it! thanks Mom! I really enjoyed it! and lastly let’s go with this nutella B-ready here it is nutella B-ready! let’s try it! really delicious! inside there is nutella! great advice! thank you ninja, this is really fantastic! 00:03 and ninja I have to say that I really enjoyed this meal because I had both the salty than the sweet! to tell you the truth, however, I would still be a bit eager for sweets but .. better stop here because tomorrow morning cardio! so guys i’ll send you a good night and see you tomorrow morning! good morning ninja! Thursday, August 2 8:24 am what a damn night! not because the food is left on my stomach is clear! but tonight exactly at half past two he began to hail, but to hail, those gigantic stones! I had to run out
and put the car away and then I’ll have it resumed sleep around 4 so I do not have
I slept a lot! it matters little because less of a second we have our coffee! to
give us the charge very good! then though that tonight has hailed out it’s a crazy humidity I do not really feel like going for a run
on the street … so even today, cyclette e then table ninja I taste this beautiful
coffee so maybe I find some energy I’m going to dispose a bit of calories and ad
eliminate a little sodium! and we are there let’s see with my amino acids now is a
rite after my cardio! really refreshing! a real panacea after the cardio! about cardio today I really gave it inside in fact I did two hours of
spinning and I burned 1320 calories! not bad ninja no? this is the secret to stay fit guys! when you go to cheat day, I recommend cardio number one rule! and if you have time in the afternoon
go for a ride in the gym even better! anyway I end up tasting my own
amino acids so refresh me for good because it’s a crazy heat outside! and we ninja see each other on the battlefield for the second meal of this cheat day! and here we are guys ready for the
second meal of this cheat day! then you have advised me in so many
these kinder king maxi! I never have them try it and I’m really really curious
to try them! not tasting a lot time these kinder paradise! also
these great choice thanks guys of course in the last cheat day you have me
bombarding with requests for pringles me you even asked for a full day of
pringles are you crazy? you have no idea how much sodium could I accumulate? anyway for
you in this second meal Pringles tour cream and onion! then of course I chose i
chocolate muffin of these trunks I had already noticed them long ago! and finally
these fantastic milka cookies! I had noticed them too and asked them for me now for three so the time has come
to try them then I settle a bit all! also because it is past midday and hunger begins to be felt! better already neater! obviously I will go to taste these chocolaty delights with my bel coffee and milk ninja .. in mine
super fantastic Reese’s cup! 12:33 and ninja let’s start! I would start with this kinder paradise here it is boys .. let’s see if it’s as good as it used to be! amazing guys! casserole! is fantastic
really really good! the problem is that I bought only four … if there were ten of them it would have been much better! and why do not you dunk them in caffellatte !? his death! amazing guys! really
really good! let’s go with these milka cookies good are six cookies! here they are, you can
see them? there are chocolate chips very good guys! inside there is also the
really good chocolate caspita soaked in milk .. give the best of themselves … I’m in heaven! ie you can see inside the nutella? this is really really amazing guys! let’s go with a bit of salt .. here they are the famous pringles with the
onion that you requested in 10,000! very good! wise choice! yummy guys pringles but I can not drink them with milk let’s say that the flavors are not found so much then … you thought diet coke! and instead of water because mixing coca cola and milk is not
very productive! already tested! the last three simple ninja pringles! very good! well let’s return to the sweet! let’s finally go with these
Kinder maxi king! and here they are ninja, in many of you will surely have tasted them! but for me it is the first time really really good with the caramel inside! ninja .. good tip! indeed inside there is the cream of mou
sorry, I must say I’m awesome! simple calories guys! it does not even seem to me to have eaten and I remain only these for this meal! who knows who’s coming soon because I’m very hungry today! so let’s go with these XXL muffins! who knows how big they will be! and here they are our super giant muffins! really good! thank you very much for the advice! can you see the chocolate cream inside? I’m making you want .. true Ninja? and here it is the latest ninja chocolate muffin! finished also our liter of milk, it was a really high-calorie meal but really simple, however, I am 1:00 am
and ninja today I really feel really active! I have a lot of energy! so I have a good idea, now I’ll get my bag and I go to the gym! I’m going to do a nice hour of weights! maybe I even throw in some cardio .. and we’ll see you later with the third meal of this cheat day! gym gone!
it’s 3:50 am I did a bit of pecs and a bit
backbone and then the gym was going to I had not read the schedules
Summer! in fact I arrived there 13:30 I managed to do one
half an hour three quarters of an hour then they are back home I did 20 minutes again
of spinning, I still burned calories and of course my appetite returned!
so ninja let’s go with the third meal! third meal means lunch no? so .. Pappardelle, onion, parmesan cheese, and sweet bacon
amatriciana sauce! have you guessed what? what a stupid question! pappardelle alla
tomato and bacon! there have been a lot of requests for the carbonara! but ninja la
I have already eaten one of them week ago by grandma and in more I have already presented twice in my cheat day! this time it touches amatriciana! but
it’s not all guys because we also have roast chicken and baked potatoes! There are
There are a lot of requests for this yes very good nothing to say .. but
I prefer The KFC! and a piece of cake yogurt always made by mom!
so ninja this time touches me put me on the stove and almost bring you with me!
follow me! then very very simple and fast, this is an obviously chopped whole onion we go to add a little olive oil
so we brown it for good obviously not very much because in short, I want to save a little fat, right? we speed up the times .. very well now that our onion is browned let’s add the sweet pancetta let the pancetta brown too obviously we always speed up the time
well we are there now let’s add our sauce very good all the sauce is gone …
let’s skip okay me it I’m going to slow down here in the meantime
I put on the water for my pappardelle ok the water is boiling so it’s time to throw the
our pappardelle, 4 portions .. I laugh … and these would be four servings? come on four portions .. this it’s half a portion for me! six minutes of
waiting six minutes passed! I’m going to drain mine
pappardelle, dip them in my sauce, add the parmigiano reggiano of which I’m crazy!
obviously everything as much as 100 grams easy! and I’m going to mix everything … and our pappardelle the super cheeses amatriciana are ready so .. see you at the table .. and here we are ninja in our kingdom! did you like the ninja cooking class? let me just take off my shirt because it’s an absurd heat! much better! anyway! it’s 4:38 am fork, spoon and of course usual diet! I’m really set today! and I ninja started with these delicious ones
pappardelle all’amatriciana and go with the first bite! really cheesy! very good guys! of course I was amazed! that is
would this dish be for 4 people? I do not believe it apart from that I’m amazing .. I’m sweating like an animal .. heck! because next time I do not recommended a bit of cold pasta given
that now out there are 100 degrees? thank you! are you a little envious ninja? the last bite of these pappardelle
all amatriciana! simple! appartements that made me sweat like a goat, very good! anyway time for this chicken al spit with baked potatoes! obviously this was bought in ready-made rotisserie in short, I did not want to put myself here to roast a chicken! too much time! and it has been heated! here is your chicken! very good ninja! of course I will also eat the skin because it is the best part! with baked potatoes! here is the skin! even the chicken is gone! I only have this potato .. very good ninja! let me just wash my hands because they are a bit dirty … this I take away so much is just bone … and let’s end this meal with this sweet to yogurt yes because this is called yogurt cake or sweet of the seven jars do not ask me why, I do not know what’s inside, I think it’s done with yogurt, it’s over there the jam, let’s try it! however, always made by my mother so it is certainly good! in fact it is! really really amazing! yes good but lacking a touch of class … I put my signature mom! now it’s even more amazing! what do you say ninja? was missing some cream over no? amazing! and even this ninja meal is gone! it’s 5:07 am, really
delicious! But now, my dear ninja, I think just what a nap there is no !? then
see you later for some snacks! and here I am with you guys again
it’s already 9:15 sorry but late I slept two hours
then there were friends who did not come I had seen for two years, they asked me to go out and I could not refuse, I was at the bar I drank two beers I have been
good then I stopped them they have continued to drink for me too, but
you know i’m in cheat day e I did not want to ruin everything! I wanted to meet you here at least for another meal! so table ninja as the last meal I propose you your dear beloved sushi! I already know that not I will like it! the integral ribbons of the
Mulino Bianco! great suggestion I have not eaten, the last one for years
Once I eat them I’ll have 5 years! two beautiful pastries, fruit baskets,
you suggested them to me because you also wanted the pastries then there
I also got the pastries! and what we do not have still eaten today? ice creams and with
this heat is there because I really do I need to cool off! then you had me
suggested the Ringo cookies But I chose Milka’s cookies
because they inspired me a lot more, so I have thought well of taking the Ringo ice cream
so for Ringo lovers I hope I have made you happy of course I prepared a nice cup of .. tea, because I really want to drink some refreshing tea! very good! because believe it or not when you really thirsty if you drink something hot stop that feeling trust me either
I believed it but I tried it and it works however, let me organize a little bit well already neater! it’s 9:26 and ninja that I would start with sushi
that I deeply hate as you know! thanks for the choice! then this sauce
I do not care about anything, I do not want to try it myself It sucks, this sauce does not interest me
it makes me sick, this sauce does not me it affects me sucks! I hope you have understood
I hate sushi, however I do it just for you! I have my wands and we start
So here’s the first piece I do not know practically what it is, I hope you know it and if you know it write it in the comments below already better than what I had tried in England the second type, even this one does not
I know what it is, but I know only that it is wrapped in the alga I do not think so? I have to change my mind, sincerely this is good, it’s not bad! here there is another type, it is more or less
the same just that inside has another kind of fish, there is a shrimp not bad! wow I’m thinking about sushi guys! here is this I do not know what it is, if you know it below no … this is not! I dropped! because it’s so hard to eat sushi! however this is with the shrimp not bad, not bad, I must say that this sushi is not bad! sorry but I was still at what I had tried in the UK and I just did not like it! indeed I like this! another piece the last piece is the one with the salmon above the best also because I love smoked salmon, but I love it! pity that this salmon was not smoked! sushi .. gone! better to redo a little mouth with these fruit baskets that will surely be better here is ninja now reason! amazing! also because I love fruit! these are really good! and really refreshing moreover! and even the fruit baskets are gone! and now I would go ninja with these full ribbons! a lot that I do not eat! they are six integral ribbons! obviously soaked in tea they have another flavor! very good! nastrine! when I was little they were my favorite pastries! although when you put them in the microwave they were even more amazing! and the last ninja ribbon! simple calories! and even tea is very good! and finally it’s time to freshen up with some ice cream! wow I know that they broke up, hell guys broke up! but they are super ends that’s why they melted! and what the hell! and yes, I pulled them out of the freezer three minutes ago! still very good! even if loose … here of course I’ll have to lick inside otherwise I’ll lose calories! I’m a disaster! ok, but I recommend them as soon as possible
take them out of the freezer and eat them on the fly do not leave them on the table for 4 minutes! damn kids ringro practically destroyed ice cream, good the same but a little strange to eat! and the last ringo ice cream ok, I’ve messed up! even the tea is gone! let me just wash my hands a
second because I’m a mess better already! however it is 9:45
this was the last meal of this cheat day because I want to go to bed early tonight because tomorrow the gym closes early! and I can not certainly skip it!
so guys i’ll say goodnight and see you tomorrow morning with physical control and weight control! night ninja! good morning table ninja! Friday, August 3 9:13 am the day after my cheat day! usual practice! physical check! off the shirt .. no shirt! it was too hot this night then I did not wear it! however this is my body this morning! usual tummy … usual water retention! and weight control! of course, usually always on Friday, August 3rd 70.3 my usual 5 kgs, now is a habit guys, every day after my cheat day weight 5 kg more! ok today we start again, gym
I have to go and burn these calories as quickly as possible, because Sunday
I have a grilled barbecue with friends and in short I want to be more in shape and then
guys before closing the video I want to remind you of something important! that
if you want to stay with me during the week if you want to see my workouts, if you want to see my diet if you want to see the crap that public, start to follow me in instagram! find me with the name vgthomas1987 Is the most important thing.. if you have not yet subscribed to my channel, do it immediately! click right here! table ninja it’s time to close the video as always we’ll see you next week with a new video and in the meantime … STAY FIT! AND STAY HUNGRY …

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