15 Minute Fried Rice – Make it Less Sad

15 Minute Fried Rice – Make it Less Sad

One of the saddest weeknight meals in
the world has to be reheated leftover Chinese takeout rice.
You pop it in the microwave you slather some soy sauce on it what you end up
with is salty Elmer’s glue. But what if I told you that with five extra
ingredients in 15 minutes of your time you can turn that sad, salty, Elmer’s glue
rice into the best damn fried rice that you’ve ever had? Let’s make it less sad. First thing you’re going to do is take three eggs and whip ’em up. Make sure you don’t see any whites in that egg. Add just a pinch of salt. And we’re good to go. Take some spring onion greens, chop em up. Last thing we’re gonna do is take the rice Now rice is important because
it is fried rice make sure you use old rice, rice that’s at least one day old I
like two days at least. Make sure it’s super dry. Wet your hands a little bit
and then break up the rice so there’s no clumps you want it to cook evenly when
you’re frying it. We’re good to go let’s get cooking. The first thing you want to do is you’re going to want to get your wok – or sauté pan doesn’t matter you
don’t need a wok – nice and hot. You’re going to put some grapeseed oil in don’t use olive oil because going to end up burning and tasting really really bad.
Now why do I use grapeseed oil? Because it’s healthier, I think. I don’t know, I
read that somewhere. Now it’s smoking. Once it’s smoking and you want to dump in
your eggs. Swirl it around the pan You want to get them just until they’re almost
cooked Next thing you want to do is put in your rice. Swirl it in there until it’s nice and toasty, okay? You’re going to smell when the rice is ready. Now what you want to do is put in some soy sauce. Now I’m not going to tell you how much soy sauce, okay? You just got to keep tasting and trust
your instincts know when it’s salty enough I trust you. Now you’re going to
throw in some green onions. Swirl those around just a few times
so they smell real nice. Beautiful! Smells so good!
Can you smell it? Of course you can’t, ’cause it’s Youtube Take it off the
heat Take some sesame oil drizzle just a teaspoon or so not a lot because if you
put too much it’s going to taste only like sesame oil. Stir it around a little
bit you’re good to go Now there you have it my friend the best
damn fried rice you’ve ever had. You just took your microwave takeout rice, and made it
a little less sad. Hope you enjoyed the video everybody and I’d love to hear from you
did you try this recipe how did it go? Do you have any requests or suggestions
sound off in the comments section below and if it’s your first time on the
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recipe every single Wednesday. Until next time, Hungry Gringo here signing off.

8 thoughts on “15 Minute Fried Rice – Make it Less Sad

  1. This is the YouTube channel I wanted and needed. Can you do a video on sad Pad Thai? Or better yet, how to make an easy, happy pad thai?

  2. Love your vids. Baked chicken breast is my go-to feed myself in the simplest, healthiest way I know but boy, it's sad.

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