18-Year OLD MRE | VEGETARIAN Menu #12 Bean & Rice Burrito 1999

18-Year OLD MRE | VEGETARIAN Menu #12 Bean & Rice Burrito 1999

Greetings, my lovelies! Hi, it’s Emmy. Welcome back! Today, I’ll be eating another MRE — a vegetarian MRE — that happens to be very old. So this MRE is Menu #12: Bean and Rice Burrito — Vegetarian. This MRE was sent to me by lovely Jamie. Jamie, thank you so much for sending me this very old vegetarian MRE. Jamie also goes by “Old Smokey” and has a channel here on YouTube and I shall put the link down below. So Jamie met “Steve1989,” who has a channel here on Youtube that is specifically about MREs and military ration tasting. So when he met him earlier this year, they both decided that I should taste this specific MRE. This will be my second vegetarian MRE. If you’re interested in the playlist of all my military ration tastings, I shall put the link down below and up above as well. All right, enough talking. Let’s go ahead and taste this! So, this comes in a kind of khaki brown coloured bag. It says it has a peelable seal. Oh yes! Ooh-wah! Come on! Ooh! Right away, that sounds ominous — Pineapple…. …in a box! Fruit bar… Ooh, a Snickers Munch…! Do they even make Snickers Munch anymore? I don’t think I’ve ever had a Snickers Munch — that’ll be a first. A… little sundries pack. Awesome, it has the old “Tabasco” in there, — sweet! A nice spoon; good old peanut butter; vegetable cracker… So I actually had some water boiling because I wasn’t sure if this was going to include a flameless ration heater, and it does! We’ll see if it still works. And here is our main menu, the “Black Bean and Rice Burrito.” So I’m very curious about this — do you think it is going to include tortillas? Because when I think “burrito” I think, you know, wrap. This looks pretty flat… I guess I will find out! All right, now let’s see what’s inside the accessory pack. I already mentioned that it contains the tiny “Tabasco.” That’s an actual glass bottle with some kind of oxidized “Tabasco.” I’m sure it tastes fine; it’s just not as bright red orange as we’re used to. We have some… …tissue paper here — TP or napkins; some gum; matches; let’s see, some salt; moist towelette that still looks like it’s moist… This is an iced tea drink — oh, that’ll be new: natural lemon favor and sugar. Instant Apple Drink Mix — I’ve never had that as well! So it’s spiced cider flavor… So it looks like you can have this cold or hot… I think this might be the first US MRE that I’ve ever had that does not contain coffee. Interesting! I’m actually going to use my towelette first before I eat. And by the looks of it, this still looks like it’s damp! I really like the lemon-scented ones. It reminds me of my childhood, eating KFC! Doesn’t smell like alcohol, or anything like that — maybe slightly soapy-smelling. It doesn’t feel soapy… Let’s test our matches. All right, let’s see how these go. They look like they’re in good condition. Yes! We have fire! My matches still work. Great! What is that smell? Is it phosphorus? I love the smell of matches. It’s not sulphur; it’s just match smell; I love it. Let’s get our black bean burrito ready. This looks like the standard ration heater. For 18 years old, this looks nicely sealed. The vaccum seal is still tight on this. Okay, there’s the born date for that guy… So it looks like this might actually be a burrito… So, we’re going to open that up, fill the water to that point. So just a little bit of water… So it is heating up! So it still works. Great! I’ll let that warm up… Ooh! While the entrée is heating up, I’m going to taste these crackers! Peanut butter definitely feels like it is separated… …so I’m going to give it a good knead. And this too looks like it has a very tight seal. I love that, they’re so perfectly uniform, it looks like a circuitboard. Look at those tiny little holes! There are two sheets of crackers here, and little red flecks in here which I’m assuming is some kind of vegetable. Let’s see how well these snap… Not as well as I would have liked! Very, very dry. And it actually has a bit of a vegetable flavor — kind of like vegetable bouillon; a little bit like instant noodle soups; a little denser than a saltine cracker; tastes very floury; and this doesn’t taste like it has much salt in there at all… All right, let’s doctor things up with a little bit of peanut butter. This looks like it’s just a creamy peanut butter — great source of calories and protein. All right! I need a sip of water — my gosh! So the cracker was already pretty dry — and then you add some peanut butter and then it just sucks every little drop of moisture out of your mouth. But, it definitely improves the flavor of that. For a fast snack, this actually isn’t bad — you just have to make sure you have some sort of beverage with you, because this makes you very, very thirsty. This kind of khaki brown packaging — it says “Fruit Bar.” Made by the same company as the others: the Wornick Company in McAllen, Texas. Kind of like dry fruit pantry smell… Oh! Look, it’s double-wrapped. Cool! It’s called “Fruit Classics — Strawberry Fruit Bar.” This looks like it might be like a, like a breakfast bar or something. Yeah! It looks kind of like a “Nutri-Grain” bar — one of those kind of cereal bars. It has a little bit of Bran on top, I think, and fruit filling. It tastes like a Fig Newton mixed with a little bit of strawberry; same kind of chewy, fruity center, surrounded by like a cookie kind of cake mixture. And this is very, very dense as well, so I think a little goes a long way, but, if you’re hiking along, I think this would be perfect because you don’t even have to stop, you can just hold it and keep on doing what you are doing and still get some calories in. Let’s go ahead and mix up a drink: this is the Iced Tea Drink Mix. 8 ounces of water… Give that a mix… It’s not bad; it doesn’t taste like black tea to me at all; it is sweetened; it has a bit of a lemon flavor to it; and it tastes exactly how you would imagine it, just like those instant tea powders, like the Lipton’s that come in a cardboard container with a plastic lid. And this is a “Slender Solutions” Spiced Cider! Pour that in there… So I’m actually going to have that with my meal. Alrighty, so let’s go ahead and see how this turned out! Wow! See, I was very curious to see if this would have a tortilla and that doesn’t look like any tortilla I’ve ever seen. All right “Old Smokey” and “Steve1989,” let’s see how this is! Ooh, it’s very firm! So, I guess it is a tortilla! Look at that! Or some kind of wrap… Even before I eat this, I’m going to call for some reinforcements — I’m going to open up my Tabasco. I have to say it’s got a very sticky texture; kind of tacky and kind of rubbery. It smells like cumin. Itadakimasu! It’s actually not as bad as I thought it would be, and the tortilla portion is definitely rubbery and kind of elastic — so, very strange texture. The beans inside are pretty dry; they definitely taste like beans, just like black beans, and very strong taste of cumin. It’s a little bit sweet; and I taste some onions in there as well. Really, an actually pronounced chili favor. No heat, just strong, smokey chili flavor. I should also remind myself that this is 18 years old, so things might have evolved through the years. Let’s bring in the reinforcements and do a little bit of that. The hot sauce definitely helps: it gives it a little bit of a distracting heat and it has a little bit of smokey flavor and some vinegar to kind of liven things up. All right, let’s try a little sip of apple cider. Now that is great. Cinammony, spicy, appley and sweet, and warm… Delicious! This is the best thing in the meal. Yes! In summation, I think all in all this is just strange, mostly because of its texture. All right, so let’s finish things off with dessert; and this is a Snickers Munch. Looks a little bit like peanut brittle. Oh no… That is definitely not edible anymore. As you bring it up to your mouth, you can really smell the kind of rancid peanut that smells like really off oil and not good, so… Now that I have rancid peanut flavor in my mouth, let’s get rid of that with some gum. Much better. Still very hard….and dry; but if you bite it softly, you’re less likely to chip a tooth. And that’s just a piece of peppermint gum — just like a Chiclet. I almost forgot about pineapple. So let’s give this a try. So I’m imagining this is going to be like fruit in syrup. Let’s see… Woah! Yeah… I don’t think I’ll be eating that… So I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen pinneaple that looked like that before… And if you could smell that, you’d say: “Don’t eat that!” So, I think I’ll be passing on that as well. Big thanks again to “Old Smokey” and “Steve1989” for recommending this and for sending it to me, because it was definitely an experience. And thank you guys so much for watching. I hope you guys enjoyed that one; I hope you guys learned something. If you think this video is worthy, share it with your friends. If you want to learn more about the behind-the-scenes of making these videos, follow me on social media; leave me a comment; show this video a little bit of love; and I shall see you in my next video. Toodle-oo; take care! Bye! Wow, that looks awful! Bye!

100 thoughts on “18-Year OLD MRE | VEGETARIAN Menu #12 Bean & Rice Burrito 1999

  1. Emmy! I love your videos!! You remind me of my favorite adorable cartoon character Ashley Spinelly from the show Recess 😍❤

  2. I found one of these MRE's in my Dad's kitchen cupboard. You showed me that are snack packs in there, Emmy. I'm going to go open ours right now!:D

  3. It's weird that you got vegetable crackers with peanut butter. You would usually get the cheese spread with the vegetable crackers.

  4. I was buying MREs in 2001 from OSJL when I worked as a flagger on Rt 12 in Ct. I was working on 9/11/2001 and soon after MREs were no longer being sold to the public. Chili and beans were my favorite and I ate them cold out of the package while doing my job.

  5. Two MRE tasting YouTubers got together to conspire against Emmy in order to eliminate the new kid on the block. What best way to destroy her? Poisoning her. Lmao.

  6. I have about 100 of the Wornick Mil Spec MRE's from 1999, they are unopened, should I just dump them or are they worth anything to collectors?

  7. I was surprised to see at the beginning of the video when showing the package, it’s from McAllen, Texas, where I currently live!

  8. Love the cute little Tabasco sauce that comes in mre's. And they usually comes with some toilet paper, lol!!

  9. This was nostalgic for me to watch, I remember eating these as a kid during hurricane Katrina. My mom collected all the Tobasco bottles and displayed them with the rest of her vintage bottle collection in front of the kitchen windows. It's also funny to note that MRE you ate is the same age as me.

  10. my family and i lived on these for a while after hurricane katrina hit, i was 12? (born and raised/still live in new orleans) they really aren’t that bad, and i actually liked certain things from different MRE packs, lol. every now and then, we would be blessed by a red cross truck or van who’d come by and give us amazing hot meals in takeout plates. such a hard time but it brought my family and i closer, my friends, neighbors, etc. made us all stronger. still have ptsd and depression/anxiety from it, though, amongst other things 🤷🏻‍♀️ but that’s life

  11. Smokey and Steve are laughing their asses off about sending you this vingage ration to see if you would eat it.

    I dont know how long matches last but i have a bunch of front strike matchbooks from the 60's and they work just fine. Not much humidity here so maybe that is why.

  12. I was stationed at Kadena AB, Okinawa and during one of the typhoon's all of us in the dorms (barracks) got MRE's from 1985—it was 1999 at this point. Actually stayed together except the M&Ms which maintained its shape until I touched it then POOF into dust! Cool video Emmy!

  13. you need to do a crossover with steve1989, with proceeds going to feed the hungry. "we eat food of the past to feed people today"

  14. So, I just googled "Snickers Munch" (I'd also never seen one), and apparently they do still make them. They were first created in the 1970s, and are comparable to peanut brittle, although the Snicker's Munch has a higher density of peanuts. I assume that this would be a good source of protein and energy when you're doing strenuous activity. That being said, the Munch bar has also been marketed as "healthy" because it doesn't have many ingredients….even though it's basically just made of sugar, corn syrup, and peanuts. Just because something doesn't have a lot of ingredients, that doesn't mean it's healthy – don't believe the marketing hype lol.

  15. I don't like eating foods that are ment to last many years but I keep them in case of a black out, hurricane or snowstorm such as soup , peanut butter

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