+19 Korean Boyfriend ASMR | I’ll eat you from the main door

+19 Korean Boyfriend ASMR | I’ll eat you from the main door

Honey, your breasts are delicious. Honey.. How’s that sucking up your chest? Huh? Why do you like it so much? Sucking on the right side.. Are you really disappointed? Huh? I’ll suck the left side, too.. Today.. As soon as I get off work… I’m bothering you.. It’s so fun.. Delicious.. Honey.. I have something for you. Do you know what this is? Huh? Well.. so this is the first time you’ve ever used this on your lifetime? Honey.. Come here for a second.. I.. I will your panties off.. Why are you so wet underneath? Huh? Huh? Tell me.. Why are you so wet? No.. Why am I sexy? Honey.. Would I touch you more? Huh? No.. Not that I’m touching.. I will tease you with a vibrator.. Why are you shaking like this? Honey.. Touching like this.. I’m bothering you.. Your moans is so sexy.. You want me to put it in your vagina? If you beg… I’ll do more.. Quickly.. Do it quickly.. Okay. I’ll do it. Honey, you got wet under.. The water comes out… Would I touch you more? Good..? Pretending to be quiet outside… You’are coming home.. Why are you so erotic? Ah, it’s fun. Don’t twist your body. Don’t lift your waist You want me to put it in your vagina? Can’t stand it? Today is.. after tease I’m going to fuck you.. Why is my voice so good..? Uh? Slowly.. Slowly.. Don’t be quick.. Be patient.. Hold your moan.. Why do you moan..? Uh? You don’t listen.. Just I’m gonna drive you crazy… Do come.. Do come.. Good..? Okay.. I’ll make you feel more.. The clitoris is wet with your water.. My hands are wet.. What are you gonna do..? Uh? What are you going to do? Fuck .. I’m bothering you so much.. I hear Your moans.. I feel fucking erotic feeling.. Do you think you’re coming..? You can come now.. Fuck.. I’m bothering you so much.. I want fuck you.. Why are your legs wide open..? Uh? Why are you spreading your legs..? Do you want fuck to you..? Huh? You beg me, you want fuck to you. Quickly.. Honey, your lips is delicious..? Huh? Why don’t you still beg me? Don’t fuck to you? Okay.. If you want to… I’ll fuck it right.. Open your legs.. I.. Fucking it on.. I’ll tease you with a vibrator.. Ha .. God damn good.. so delicious.. I fell out.. fuck.. Fuck.. Did you come..? I came too.. Honey.. Did you like it..? Can I out my dick now? Tell me… I out it… honey? Did you feel good? Uh? Say it quickly.. Boobs are yummy.. Honey, I asked you if it was good.. Why are your waist bouncing? Uh? Did you like it..? Did you like it..? Did you like it..? Come here.. With another bastard… You can’t..? Uh? Can’t you do it with another bastard…? Tell me.. Quickly.. tell me you’re the best. Honey, but… I’m not enough yet.. I want to do more.. After eating.. In bed.. Let’s do it again.. I love you.

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  1. If you would like to help translate for me, click the following link to translate it. But don't use Google automatic translation because it's not accurate. If you must use it, please make sure it is the correct translation and please be sure to use the terminology that refers to the other party in English subtitles : http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_video?v=J0NCAyd4Utg&ref=share Thanks♥

  2. i love how i could understand everything even if not translated bcs it just somehow makes it sexier 😂😂😂 WHAT AM I DOING HERE AT 1:46AM???😂😂

  3. Him: did you come?..

    Me: in my room laying in the bed with the door closed shaking my head yes..👀

    (Sorry I'm not innocent 😏)

  4. So just saw this pop up on my recommendations tl and well i havent had to change my pantiez and clean my sheets so much then when i did watxh these ur are very blessed

  5. When I heard it-

    I screamed ( this is why I don’t have a boyfriend because these damn Koreans man keep on and now I gotta wait and find me a boyfriend like this)

  6. I love how on literally every other asmr channel people in the comments talk about “omg his voice is so soft, uwu” but y’all just cracking jokes like “what flavor ramyeon he eat’n in my Christian chat?” IM DECEASED

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