20000 Calorie Challenge – Italiano Cheat Day Man VS Food (ENG SUB)

20000 Calorie Challenge – Italiano Cheat Day Man VS Food (ENG SUB)

Italian pizza is the best pizza in the world, Amazing !! 1 to 0 for Italy !! I would start with this pop tart, guys … amazing !!! F … Y .. pop tarts !! Ole table ninja .. sugar… and now I have a question for you guys will I be able to destroy this 20,000 calorie challenge? Wednesday 20 June 17:36
good morning table ninja and welcome to a new one and welcome back to mine
home finally guys new location, new cheat days! exact guys because this will be my new one
battleground and how to begin mine first cheat day here in Italy if not with one
20,000 calories challenge! exact guys because you really asked me for it
really many so why not serve me in my first cheat day here in Italy? first of all I want to talk to you about the approach I have implemented for this challenge 20,000 calories, this
I was in the gym in the morning I had my leg day an hour and a half more or less abdominal
then in the afternoon I went for one nice walk 2 hours to be precise
12 km not bad and this why? because anyway I want to start with a nice caloric deficit then I will be able to asphalt this challenge as simply as possible! all surrounded by intermittent fasting in fact my last meal was yesterday
last night at midnight then 24 hours of intermittent fasting! but let’s introduce this table ninja challenge! 2 simple rules! rule number 1 I will not count any calories from liquids! because let’s face it all guys in a 20,000 calorie challenge to count liquids is from pivelli in short no? rule number 2 this challenge will start after midnight and of course it will last 24 hours so we will have time until the next midnight to destroy this 20000 calorie challenge! so table ninja we just have to leave with the usual practice !! physical check! off the shirt this is my current physique, you have not seen it for a long time I think! I think I’m ready table ninja! how about? and weight control! obviously guys I’ll show you the time
of my right weight so that you can trust me 65.4 the starting point and 7.4% of fat mass as you can see guys I still lost fat mass from my last cheat day in the UK so I really feel load load to destroy this 20,000 calorie challenge! well guys I just have to wait for midnight so now I’m going to get a nice shopping myself I will prepare everything, I’ll see what I can eat
even if I already have good ideas and we table ninja see you at midnight for
the first meal of this cheat day! see you later ninja! 6 hours endless guys first of all
guys let me introduce you to the new one here you will see some cheat meals
fabulous in the future guys I have a servant in the lots of surprises for you so sign up
to my channel !!! good table ninja few words because I’m hungry beast
24 hours I do not eat and I can not take it anymore to resist! What do you propose as the first meal of this 20,000 calorie challenge? obviously pizza guys finally
an Italian pizza and one of my pizzas prefer parmigiana I can not wait to
eat it do not ask me why but today i went to the burger king and i was really
eager to try these new hamburgers so i took it! we have a big King chicken BBQ I can not wait to try it because I really want to eat
breaded chicken to be honest we have an angry supreme and I want to
to emphasize an angry not a hungry that’s totally different this is angry
so I’m hungry! and finally a bacon king BBQ with 8 slices of bacon guys obviously with all this salty guys we need some Desert!
so lemon cake and what’s missing? as usual guys my diet coke! indeed coca cola light in Italy then mine
coca cola light obviously a cup to celebrate my return to Italy as usual, I have a camera in front of me I have a camera next to me and guys we just have to start but first better to get comfortable no? Thursday 21 June at 00:05 Thomas is hungry!
and so let’s start! and I guys would start with this angry supreme review guys? amazing this is really really good I had never tried boys! I will
I recommend guys this is an angry supreme it’s .. fabulous! I love Burger King so … el angry supreme boys … He goes away! next one! big king chicken BBQ if you want my opinion guys I think that the Burger King of Italy is very much better then Burger King of the uk 1 to 0 for Italy! and also the big king chicken BBQ He goes away! fork and knife because it’s time to finally enjoy a good Italian pizza finally guys parmigiana! as you can see guys this is one
so Neapolitan pizza is practically Neapolitan pizza! let’s try this fantastic pizza! tell me what you want, ok you guys were right !! Domino’s, Papa John’s let’s leave guys!
Italian pizza is the best pizza in the world! amazing !!! What can I tell you guys? this
pizza is the end of the world! I really missed Italian pizza! you have no idea how much I missed the italian pizza guys! table ninja I’m so happy right now! Pizza!!!!!! and half boys
it’s already gone .. I regretted taking only one
sincerely however I still have plans to make a cheat day of pizzas so you are connected! ok guys time to go and savor this big King bacon BBQ as you can see guys there are 8 slices of bacon 2 slices of meat, cheese and more! believe it or not in this sandwich there are 1100 calories guys !! Absurd!! what about guys? it’s all worth it! look at the colors my mother this guys is, this is really amazing but this, this is really amazing! if you have the chance go and try it because this, this is fantastic! sorry if I keep talking but guys this is really amazing! and even the bacon king BBQ goes away! let’s go on with the pizza guys! with this
fantastic parmigiana table ninja pizza and donuts my favorite thing and cereal
obviously this is the last slice of pizza guys to finish this salty meal! everything really fantastic, however, to be
honest pizza I really missed the pizza especially the parmigiana
this pizza for me was really a panacea! let me do some cleaning guys because I want to have the table well prepared for a little dessert, right? there should be waiters to do this job ah already .. I was a waiter so it’s my job! well much better then guys I was really really curious to try this lemon cake in there is cream and a little dessert does not want us? in our first meal then lemon cake we do not lose the vices! Ready? and here you go boys lemon pie with lemon cream inside the white mill! really exceptional table ninja go
buy it immediately and try it! try it guys! really really exceptional! amazing !! more than half guys left! can you see the lemon cream inside? this is really good guys .. of course !! I recommend it! the last slice of table ninja of this tasty lemon cake and with this little piece of cake I declare this first meal ended! amazing! 0:55 guys, table ninja
I go to bed and we’ll see each other tomorrow morning to continue this catastrophic challenge !! good morning ninja it’s 7:44 am which means cardio but first table ninja … tell the truth! you were about to say tea! and instead a nice coffee! the coffee of the tea is much better! since I came back to Italy, I took tea and I introduced another coffee
do not ask me why maybe because I’m crazy for coffee? anyway I’m sleeping
really well I’m sleeping 7-8 hours a day then let me put it
at ease because in Italy it is really really hot! better !! then this
morning cardio I’m going to go to run even if it will be very very hot because
out of it is already 28 degrees and there is one sun that splits the stones but better not?
sauna! I do not know how much I’ll run, I do not know if I will run for 20 km or only for 12 see what else! ah you cardio! as I said 12 km gone! as you can see from my map 12 km of course I held a course
low enough rhythm because boys with this heat it was impossible to hold a faster pace I failed to do more than 12 km! I was
collapsing under this sun anyway fresh amino acids because I have a thirst
terrible! now I’m going to shoot me 30 minutes of spinning and we’ll see you later! and here is the 30 minutes of spinning
guys, I changed my mind I came down I saw the exercise bike
I saw the shower I had a hot beast and I said refreshing shower! and now relax guys, a good half hour of bed maybe I’ll do another nap
and we, the table ninja, see each other more late for the second meal of this 20,000 calorie challenge! a later ninja and here we are guys again a
table! table ninja here are really really a lot of sugar in it
this breakfast breakfast 12:20 sounds good? sounds good! so guys we have these oreo enrobed white I do not know how to pronounce as you can see never tried I’m really curious! we have these Oreo enrobed not written anything but I think it’s black with black chocolate!
then we have guys these pop tarts these are really really high-calorie guys
think that for just a pop art ok pop tarts sorry! we have exactly 200 calories! this is almost like a donut a thing crazy guys! guys I just have to stay
start this breakfast table ninja I have my coffee, of course, just
woke up because I slept a beautiful one now to be sincere after my today’s cardio
we have milk because with all this chocolate there’s a bit of milk, right? it is 12:40 hours always on Thursday 21 June off the shirt! much better! and guys, let’s start! I would start with this pop tart, this is it here it is guys! this time the microwaves one by one in fact I spent 20 minutes! really really good guys! really good I remember that I had tried them once in one of my cheat days but I had not roasted them in the
toaster and they were not who knows but toasted guys … amazing !! next guys this is one here she is I try it only for you! not bad, not bad! I preferred the other, however, was much chocolaty! anyway, this too good! next guys mom what a name impossible !! here it is! let’s try it! yes, it’s not bad either, but I always say to you I prefer donuts! time to try the I have no idea what it means but .. good guys amazing this is very good! really good! this deserves! well now I would say to try these Oreo no? I’m really curious then let’s try this oreo enrobed chocolate here it is! simply oreo covered with chocolate! it almost looks like chocolate frosted? nothing says I prefer normal hours oreo enrobed white! easy! same thing a normal oreo glazed with white chocolate yes you do not miss who knows what it’s like to eat an oreo with extra chocolate! well tried all and now we just have to eat the sugars boys start to
make feel good, however, not bad even the hours but I prefer those normal sandwich of oreo! l last hours or white guys and these they leave the last chocolate hour! and these too Street! these pop tarts remain and they are really really many! let’s see what we can do! it’s like guys Red card! bullshits! however casserole .. now they are starting to really be really dry! my mouth is kneaded so maybe it’s better to use my diet! sorry better! however this remains my favorite! this is really good! can you see the interior? good guys! ok table ninja I ate half of it
I must say that casserole destroy you they destroy you! so i think i’ll take a little break because i need boys to get up and walk because I am
full! anyway, 13:31 guys and end first time! but look at my table ninja here … thanks for the help you know! I thought that while I was
I had a nice walk outside you had something to eat! nothing I understand I have to arrange to finish these pop tarts! let’s go destroy them! it’s 2:03 pm and let’s start the second half! ninja start to hate chocolate! I start to hate chocolate! and a round is gone! 3 more! I went to drink coffee that did not exist! second round gone guys! 2 more rounds! I’m starting to be full but not tired of chocolate! damn the pop tarts! Fortunately I will not see them again! 3 round gone guys! I almost finished the coke! I’m going to get some water, water !! is making a thirst absurd is stuff and drink milk I can not do it right! anyway last round! they are 4! 3 more guys! 2 the last guys! really this challenge! not the 20,000 calories we say but this meal! too much sugar! table ninja the last piece of pop tart! 14:41 table ninja I wanted to thank you for the help you gave me! very very kind! I think now
I’ll go for a long walk walk in such a way as to increase appetite! so table ninja see you later Oh I almost forgot …. F … Y .. pop tarts !!! come back from my walk! was not it just a walk you see? I did 1 hour of walking and it was a scorching sun and then I thought
I go home and almost almost 1 hour of spinning! since I jumped this morning I did my homework! and as you can see guys I’m destroyed
exuded are also stragonfio I really feel really full I have to tell you the truth those pop tarts had taken away my appetite but now with this one
beautiful sweat came back to me sincerely I returned anyway I wanted to show you mine
Fitbit application where I sign all my exercises my race my spinning my exercise at the gym because you have asked me so many and many
so then I answer you also to this question obviously you can not download the application if you do not have a fitbit then you will also have to buy a fitbit, my own a fitbit ionic obviously he has the cardio frequency meter
so I measure my pulse all day cardiac and can you tell me with
precision I say more or less obviously the calories that consumption during the day! good table ninja I would say that it is dinner times because they are already there 6.30 and I will spend 30 minutes preparing this dinner for myself to be honest I’ve been wanting for a long time and I’m really excited to have it so I’ll show you only a preview,
spaghetti and seafood with tomato sauce! you have already understood what it is! so shower for me and we table ninja see you later still these pop tarts! olè table ninja! obviously table ninja could not miss a nice spaghetti with the rock! this is 500 grams of pasta with 450 grams of seafood here is the box obviously guys
I could not be here to create it I took it frozen is not out of malice but it takes time! and I do not have any time! obviously the recommended dose was 300 grams of pasta even 250 we have twice as much but .. what do you think? jealous? great dish for me guys today! even these! this time I have my water because my stomach could explode it is 19:07 hours always of
Thursday, June 21st and guys we’re going to destroy this little mail here she is not bad! maybe a little dry because obviously
it took less pasta but casserole I used too much pasta ..
and ok we have a muscle they say musle in English, mussel in Italian really tasty! even if it was frozen sincerely! good! ah you remember the advertising ” good sauce this sauce, it’s a ready sauce ” after this I leave! what shit! too many carbohydrates today, the
brain does not work! I’m sweating more now guys that half an hour ago on the exercise bike! how hot! small shrimp good this too! obviously I do not think there are calories in these then I leave them aside no? half went guys it’s not so much .. it’s not so much guys .. come on down! just let me take a little breath I have a thirst beast! but there is not much space in my stomach guys is tough! guys start being really hard! I do not have much but but for me it is so much now! also because below it is a terrible heat! I’m having a sauna! boys.. I’m stuffed… I had never pushed myself so far beyond I think leave me a minute I can! I just have to find some space in my stomach guys the last chuffed goes away! it’s 19:48 table ninja and now I think I’ll take a good break because this really really destroyed me! I have a stomach that is about to explode! table ninja
see you later to try destroy this 20,000 calorie challenge! see you guys later! ninja only this last meal separates us
to destroy this challenge are really really tried to be honest,
guys I did not think a 20,000 calorie challenge it was so difficult to deal with! anyway, it’s 22:08 guys then table ninja let me introduce you to this last meal I took these mini croissants from the trunks, it was a long time since I had them and honestly they are thoughtful to eat them because they go down simple! the drips I was really happy to have them in this cheat day now a little less ad
be honest because they are so dry and It will be a bit difficult to throw them down because I feel quite dehydrated guys sugar stevia because in short, we save some calories no? I have a nice tea, I have my plate for the drops boys I’m so many! sugar good! and let’s start with these extra trusty super trunks filled with soft puff pastry cream mini croissants really good! these, these in my opinion go even simple simple calories! next extra gluttonous super
stuffed with soft puff pastry mini apricot croissants! these are good too! chocolate boys mini chocolate croissant I hate chocolate! here we are guys, chocolate mini croissants gone!
now drips! only these distance me from completing this challenge! although I honestly looked in my MyFitnessPal and just eat it only 250 grams to reach 20,000
calories therefore are 500 grams these half, half can be enough! if I can eat half of it! Drips .. dripping … maybe they were dripping .. to be honest they are also good! I missed them! let’s say that tea is helping me so much! god bless the tea guys! Sorry guys, but I need to make room! this .. not needed! cazzarola I finished the tea guys I think they are less than half then I’m going to get the scale we weigh it
and let’s see if we have completed this challenge! weight scale! the proof of the truth!
ok guys let’s weigh the remaining ones .. 256 hence for the law of numbers 248 so guys remain these 3 drops these 3 guys drips! so table ninja 3 drips we’ll keep these for tomorrow’s breakfast … even no thanks! 3 drops to take home this 20,000 calorie challenge! water! 1! 2! guys i do not know how but this is the last bite of this 20,000 calories challenge it was really really hard, I have a stomach that it’s about to burst! I feel really explode! an absurd thing! however, it is 10:30 am always on Thursday 21 June and guys now I’m going to bed because I’m really really really destroyed! we
see tomorrow morning for weight control and control of the body then good night table ninja! ah if you want to bring home all the drops! good morning table ninja! Friday 22 June 9:23
the day after my 20,000 calorie challenge you already know the practice … control of the body! guys .. I’m still very very bloated! and weight control! for fairness I always show you the time 71.5 guys! we have stored well 6 kilos of course guys are mostly liquid much of it is poop, this 20,000 calorie challenge has been completed it was difficult but we did it! it’s time to close the video because I have to go and sit in the office again I do not know if you have understood it ..
but before closing the video I remember you that if you want to stay with me even during the week start following me on instagram I will publish them every day my weight my workouts my power so give us an eye! more importantly if you have not yet subscribed to my channel do it immediately! click right here! and we table ninja see you next week with a new video and in the meantime … STAY FIT … AND STAY HUNGRY !!!!

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