2020 Food and Restaurants Trends that will Define how you Eat

2020 Food and Restaurants Trends that will Define how you Eat

The worlds of food and restaurants are always
changing. However, more often than not it is actually the food industry that sets the
trends and shows us what we should be eating and how we should be doing it. With that in
mind here are 10 Food and Restaurant Trends That Will Define 2020. Non-Human Element The world of technology marches forward at
an alarming pace, and restaurants are happy to take advantage of all the new tech that
is around in order to make the dining experience better for us all. While apps have been a
big hit with restaurants, especially within the fast-food market, self-ordering kiosks
have also been a big boom. Put both of those things together and most of us don’t even
have to speak to the staff in order to get our food. Apps and self-ordering kiosks are
set to expand even more in 2020, in fact, there are certain restaurants, such as McDonald’s,
which are developing face recognition kiosks. The idea is that you walk up to one of these
kiosks, and if you have been in that restaurant before, it will recognize your face and know
what kind of food you like to order. If face recognition technology wasn’t enough, the
world of dining is set to take on another science fiction twist with the introduction
of robots into the kitchen. Not just for food prep either, but with a robot chef that has
unlimited international cooking recipes in its memory. Now, having a robot in every
kitchen with sophisticated AI technology is maybe a few years off, but expect to see more
developments on this front in 2020. And who knows, one day soon when you go to a fancy
restaurant and want to congratulate the chef, you may be greeted by a robot. More Diverse Kids Menus Today the world is full of ‘foodies.’ People
that love to try different food from different parts of the world and who love nothing more
than to share their love of food with the world. The ‘Foodies’ have expanded what it
means to eat and enjoy food, and more importantly, they are the parents of budding foodies. With
more and more access and exposure to different foods, as well as differently sourced food
such as organic and local, children are growing up with a broader understanding of taste,
flavors, and the whole food experience. Long gone are the days when all kids were happy
with Chicken Fingers or Mac and Cheese. Nowadays kids want sushi and other Japanese delights
as well as more Meditarainian and African cuisine. It is pleasing to see the younger
generation growing up with a broader and more open mind when it comes to food. This is one
trend we hope will continue to grow as more restaurants expand their kid’s menus. ‘Locavore’ Eating There are many trends that have sprung up
in food over the last few years and one of the big ones has been organic. Whether it
is home cooking or restaurant-quality food, people want to know more about the food they
are eating, where it’s come from, and how it is sourced. While more restaurants and
companies are getting behind the organic trend and sourcing their ingredients from a better
quality and more sustainable source, the next big trend in food could be the Locavore. Locavores
focus on eating food that is grown and developed locally. You may think that being on a Locavore
diet may be good when cooking at home but many restaurants are already behind this trend
and proudly boast that their menus are all from locally grown farmers and distributors;
so, this is a trend that could really explode in 2020. The benefits of local eating isn’t
just to get fresher or more organic produce, it actually helps smaller businesses and local
economies, plus it’s beneficial for the environment too as it cuts the carbon footprint and produces
more sustainable food. More ‘Open’ Kitchens In Restaurants Over the years restaurants have changed dramatically.
Gone are the days when fine dining meant sitting in a large dining room while the kitchen and
staff were in another part of the restaurant, out of sight. What happened in the kitchen
stayed in the kitchen, and we all just hoped that nothing untoward happened to our food.
Nowadays we all want to know everything about the food we eat; not just where it comes from
or how it is prepared, but we also want to see the food actually being cooked. More and
more restaurants are going with the ‘open plan’ kitchen so that the diners can see exactly
what goes on in the kitchen. This trend may have started out with chain restaurants such
as pizza and pasta places, but fancier restaurants and finer dining places are using this trend
for their kitchens as well. The open plan style kitchen is showing the public that the
restaurant has nothing to hide when it’s cooking our food, plus it makes more of a connection
between customers and restaurants that will make even the fanciest and most expensive
of places feel a bit more warm and friendly. Different Butters and Flours The food world is constantly changing and
while some of that has to do with eating trends and even money, a lot of menu change comes
because of allergies and food intolerance. Whether that’s at restaurant level or home
cooking, food intolerance is the driving force behind what a lot of people choose to eat.
Two staples in the culinary world are butter and flour. Without either of those two key
ingredients, cooking becomes very difficult indeed. While many people are becoming either
allergic or intolerant to these two foods, alternatives have already started to become
commonplace. However, in 2020 the butter and flour alternatives are set to explode even
further. Creating butter and flour from nuts is not a new thing but it is set to expand
even further with the likes of chickpeas, macadamia and even watermelon seeds being
used more to produce an alternative choice for both intolerance to butter and for a truly
vegan-friendly option. Flour is branching out into fruit and vegetables as things like
banana flour will become more commonplace in our restaurants and grocery stores in 2020.
Maybe one-day dairy-based butter and wheat flour will be a thing of the past and a distant
memory like VHS and cassette tapes. Less Meat One of the big trends to come out of 2019
has been the plant-based burger. With so many fast-food restaurants giving a meat-free option
to their popular menu items, 2019 was definitely the year of the plant. Beyond Meat was one
of the real winners of the plant-meat movement as their protein products really took off
with fast food lovers who didn’t want the meat. 2020 looks to be an even bigger year
for the meat substitute. Not only are more restaurants, both fast food and fancier dining,
adding this product to their menus, but grocery stores are expanding their range so we can
all enjoy this meat-free product in the comfort of our own home. With more meat ranges and
alternatives being added on almost a weekly basis, expect to see a lot more plant-based
meat on menus and in grocery stores near you. Fast-Casual Restaurants Will Dominate For many years the world was divided into
two types of dining experience; fine dining and fast food. The fine dining element meant
any restaurant in which you were seated, had staff waiting on you, and you paid for everything
after the meal. Fast-food was completely the opposite; you get the food yourself, most
people didn’t even sit down to eat, and you pay as you order. While both types are still
hugely popular ways to enjoy food, there is another option that has been creeping up on
us for the past decade or so and that’s the Fast-Casual restaurant. This area of dining
is the ‘in-between’ ground between dining and fast food. While these restaurants don’t
offer full table service, they do promote a better quality of food than fast-food restaurants
with less frozen food and more freshly prepared dishes with higher quality ingredients. Fast-Casual
has boomed over the last decade and this trend looks set to get even bigger in 2020 as more
of us opt for the Fast-Casual option when choosing our meals. The Fast-Casual movement
has restaurants such as Panera Bread and Chipotle Mexican Grill on their team so expect this
trend to become even bigger in 2020. Innovative Food Delivery On our list of trends that look to change
the food and restaurant world in 2020, one area that is becoming increasingly popular
and more diverse, is food delivery. No longer is takeout centred around the humble pizza
or other fast foods, it has become big business for most restaurants who want their customers
to enjoy their food in the comfort of their own home. Even home cooking has taken a big
swing towards this area as many companies offer meals to be cooked at home. They send
you the fresh ingredients along with the recipe so you can enjoy restaurant standard food
that you make yourself. While the demand for food delivery rises higher and higher, restaurants
have to become more innovative when it comes to getting the food to us. With the popularity
of food ordering apps, usually from a third party, it’s already a big business within
the delivery market, other areas of technology are being looked into in order to make food
delivery better and more productive. Vehicle sharing and driverless vehicles are areas
that are already being tested. Vehicle sharing has already become the ‘norm’ when it comes
to delivery food, but driverless vehicles have taken a big leap forward in recent times
and we may well be seeing more of this in 2020. The next phase of food delivery could
well be taken to the skies as drone use has been heavily tested with a lot of companies.
We are not sure how far drone delivery is from being the main way we get our food, but
we could see more of this kind of this technology used in the up and coming year. More Diverse Drinks We have already mentioned on our list of food
and restaurant trends that will define 2020 the nonalcoholic cocktails. While this trend
does look set to explode and become part of the mainstream dining culture, alcohol is
not ready to be beaten quite yet. Alcohol has had a big image change over the last few
years with more companies adopting a more artisan or stylish way of selling their products.
Beer, in particular, has seen its image radically change, with more microbreweries and craft
beer on the market, drinking beer has become more on par with wine tasting than it has
with the ‘frat boy’ image it once had. One big addition to the alcohol family that is
set to be big in 2020 is the Korean drink Makgeolli. This milky, off-white sparkling
rice wine looks set to topple the likes of sake and other Japanese wines and beers. As
well as having new choices for our alcohol menus, wine is going to have some big changes
in the up and coming year. The way in which wine is grown and made is set to change, by
switching to a biodynamic process; which means that the grapes have been grown to a certain
standard of organic level as well as treating the soil with supplements for a better-growing
cycle. Even the phases of the moon are taken into account when growing and then picking
the fruit. With a more scientific approach to organic winemaking, the wine list on a
restaurant menu could be even more satisfying in the years to come. Non-Alcoholic Happy Hour When out for a dinner at a nice restaurant,
or having friends over for a home-cooked meal, there is nothing nicer than having a drink
to round off the evening. However, one trend that has really started to get some steam
is the idea of cocktails and wines but without the alcohol. Known as ‘Mocktails’, these non-alcoholic
drinks have all the flair and taste of a nice cocktail but won’t give you that headache
the following morning if you have one too many. More and more restaurants are promoting
their ‘Mocktail happy hour’ as this trend looks set to become even bigger in 2020. A
lot of companies are putting time and effort into producing better tasting non-alcoholic
drinks, so much so that they are beginning to taste like the real thing. As a lot of
people become more and more health-conscious, alcohol is something that is being cut out
of a lot of diets, so ‘Mocktails’ could hold the key to still being able to enjoy the evening
without the empty calories of alcohol. Mocktails are also family-friendly, so people with young
children or large families can enjoy a ‘mocktail happy hour’ together, which is another reason
this trend is becoming more popular. You’ll find more great videos right here.
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  2. Only problem is that with that face recognition technology what if you want some McDonald's usually get a salad but today you want a Big Mac instead

  3. Food Trends are useless!!!
    Thee Italians perfected the food Trend, making home style foods people love to eat, without costing a lot of money, unless you want to kick it up a notch and spend lots of money on unnecessary expensive ingredients

  4. Having an “Open” kitchen is only for people to make them feel better about going out to eat instead of staying home and cooking.

  5. Plant based food “meat” is a dangerous trend, leading people to make bad decisions,
    Like hugging a Tree than eating that tree 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  6. I have a feeling that all of us in rural areas won't get any of this technology for decades, if ever, because of the cost for the company.  I sometimes worry that the shift to plant based meat replacements will essentially kill restaurants in rural areas as well, where people don't tend to adapt to change willingly.

  7. Ok face recognition is too much now … so but I don’t need machine scanning my face without asking me …. we didn’t ask for it …

  8. Parents that introduce world cuisine to their young children are the best parents.
    Picky whiny parents should have their picky kids taken away from them.

  9. 2020!!!!
    Robots! Drones! Country's! Delivery! And maybe no jello Salad 😂 sense it may be discounted in 2020 😅
    What a Bizarre 2020 that year would be 😀

  10. "Face recognition that guesses what I want? What if I want something different?" I ask, as though I don't order the same exact thing every time I go somewhere to eat.

  11. yeah but how come there is 24 hour mcdonalds breakfast but not 24 hour mcdonalds lunch sometimes you just need mcnuggets and a big mac at 7am

  12. These days especially, people are in a big hurry.
    So, fast food becomes almost a staple. The reason we get garbage is hardly hit and miss. The restaurant industry is ex-
    tremely competitive, and one of the few but powerful lures on any individual's menu is fat and sugar.
    Small wonder people's general diet creates run-
    away health troubles.
    Offering 'healthy' choices would put them in the poor house – in a NY second (for reasons I pray are not too obvious).
    If you Ever, have the question- WHY about Anything in the lives of human beings, the answer to each and every single one is all too short and simple, but a little bizarre to be sure. It's $. It is Always $. The Answers people generally rather want-or-need and always would like to hear in it's stead, are FANTASY. You'll suffer far less frustration and head-scratching – you will not understand it – and to accept anything without this requisite can only be enjoyed in church.
    I was raised to truly believe that it was 'love' which turned the world round. It is not, it has never been.
    'Money' is life of human beings. It's not a bad thing,
    it just is. 'Whys' are academic or mental masturbation. Life would surely be a lot easier for you if you could swallow – and get down this reality.
    What does this have to do with fast-food ? Well…,
    as I pointed out, Absolutely Everything.
    Make your own bloody personalized list. The blank answer column will be easy to fill, you simply jot the same damn thing down – all the way down the page.
    And yes, fast-food is only a single grain upon the endless desert of the life of humanity.
    Save fantasy for Disneyland and church.

  13. I can't decide which part of the video was my favorite, because these trends will improve restaurants! As for the robots, it's probably NOT a good idea! 😬🤣

  14. Self ordering kiosks and apps are terrible. The majority of customers don’t know what they’re ordering. Or get confused. I’m not really sure why they go stupid when ordering on their phones. Saying this as someone who has worked with Starbucks during the mobile app and Uber Eats trend.

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