3 AWESOME Healthy Salad Recipes THAT AREN’T BORING | FullyRaw Vegan

3 AWESOME Healthy Salad Recipes THAT AREN’T BORING | FullyRaw Vegan

What up, you guys. It’s Christina, and I
am so happy to be back in the kitchen with
you today because we’re going to be making some
delicious summer salad recipes. Now, these are no ordinary
summer salad recipes. They’re a little bit sweet,
they’re a little bit spicy. They got some sass
and personality, and I know that you’re
going to love them. If you haven’t already,
hit the Subscribe button because there is only
more deliciousness to come, and I’d like to give a special
thank you to Jada spices for collaborating with
me on this video today. We’re going to have a
good time, and if you are interested in any
of the raw vegan recipes that I’m sharing with you
today, click on the links below to download my fully
raw vegan recipe app, where you can find
more than 300 raw vegan recipes all at your fingertips. And for those of you
who do have my app, a special surprise for
you has just been added. I have added a sweet
corn Mexican salad recipe into my app that you
can enjoy in addition to these amazing salads that
I am preparing for you today. So if you’re interested
in all of these recipes, click below and download my app. All that being said, let’s jump
straight into these recipes. Are you ready? Let’s go. The first salad recipe that I’m
going to be sharing with you is a strawberry plum salad. I should probably just call
this the Little Red Riding Hood salad because it is filled
with so many beautiful colors and a lot of them just
happened to be red. I just came up with
that now, by the way. You don’t need any
equipment for this recipe. All you need is a knife
and a cutting board. I’d go ahead and choose any
salad bowl of your choice to get started, and when
you have that selected, let’s go ahead and add
on in approximately two heaping handfuls
of fresh baby spinach, one large handful
of spring mix, you can always add a little bit
more, a little bit less greens, depending on what you prefer. Chop up approximately one
to two cups of tomatoes and I’m going to be using these
absolutely delicious heirloom baby tomatoes. These are some of my summer
favorites right here. After you’ve added
in your tomatoes, grab approximately
three to four plums. They can be purple or red,
and slice them thinly, or however you’d like to
add them into your salad. Plums are a summer
seasonal fruit, and they’re so sweet and
juicy and perfect to add into any summer salad. After you’ve added
in your plums, grab approximately two
cups of fresh strawberries and slice them however you’d
wish, and begin to add those into your salad as well. After I’ve added
my strawberries, I’m going to finely
mince some fresh basil, and sprinkle it into my salad. I’m also going to sprinkle
in some raw walnuts and some raw pistachios. For the dressing, we’re going
to keep this super simple, and we’re going to let the
Jada spices do all of the work. I’m going to sprinkle on
approximately two tablespoons of balsamic vinegar, and if you
don’t have balsamic vinegar, you can always use
apple cider vinegar. After I drizzle
on my vinegar, I’m going to top it off by
sprinkling on the original Jada spice salt on here. All of these flavors
together are a masterpiece. Ladies and gentlemen, I
present our first summer salad a recipe. This beautiful
strawberry plum salad. How mouthwatering
does this look? It looks refreshingly good,
and I’m ready to dive in. The second summer salad recipe
that I’m going to be making is a peach arugula
regular salad. When ready, go ahead and
place approximately three heaping handfuls
of fresh arugula into any bowl of your choice. After you’ve done this, you can
go ahead and peel approximately three to four baby
mandarins, or you can chop up some
oranges or tangerines to add into the salad as well. After you’ve added
in your tangerines, we’re going to add in peaches. I’m going to add in
approximately two to four yellow peaches
sliced, and then I’m going to finally mince a
little bit of fresh Rosemary, and a little bit of fresh
thyme to sprinkle on top. Once those ingredients
are added into your bowl, go ahead and push it
aside for just one second and grab a tiny mixing bowl. In the sauce, add in
approximately two tablespoons of lime juice, two tablespoons
of raw coconut nectar or maple syrup, and a dash of
the lime Jada salt. And if you don’t want
to use the lime flavor, I also recommend the
turmeric one as well. With a fork, you can
mix these together until it reaches the
consistency that you desire, and then go ahead and drizzle
this on top of your salad. This salad has some
sweet, it has some spice, and it is everything
that is nice. [MUSIC PLAYING] The third summer
salad recipe that I’m going to be sharing with you
is a bell pepper mango salad, and this salad
recipe is actually inspired by my beautiful
friend, Mimi Ikonn. I was recently in London
and I ate dinner with her, and she made me this salad. And while this may not
be the exact recipe, it’s pretty darn close. So I’m dedicating
this recipe to Mimi because it is
absolutely delicious. Mimi, you hit a home
run with this one. I love you. For this recipe, go ahead and
chop the following ingredients, and place them in your
serving bowl of choice. One red bell pepper sliced. You can even do two red bell
peppers if you want abundance. One orange bell peppers sliced. One yellow bell pepper sliced. One green bell pepper
sliced, or even what I’m using right now
is one huge poblano pepper to give it a little
bit of a kick. I’m also going to be adding
in two sliced tomatoes, and you can add in your
choice here of whatever kind of beans or peas
that you’d like. I’m going to add in some
French long beans here and some snap peas. You can also use edamame,
if you’d like to use those. And the special
ingredient of this salad is we’re going to
add in approximately two cups of sliced, ripe mango. You can also sprinkle in some
Brazil nuts into the salad so you can get your
daily dose of selenium. [MUSIC PLAYING] Now that we have all
of our ingredients and our serving bowl of
choice ready to go, place this to the side and let’s
make the dressing. Two tablespoons of
freshly squeezed lime juice, two
tablespoons of nama shoyu, one large tablespoon of
finely minced cilantro, and for the final touch, you
can add in any Jada spice salt in here that you’d like. I’m going to add
in the red pepper. Mix this up with a fork until
it takes on the consistency that you’d like, and
drizzle it over your salad. This salad tastes delicious when
you mix the sauce in and let it marinate for
about an hour or two, so I would recommend
that as well. How colorful and delicious
does this salad look? Now this is what I like to
call eating the rainbow. [MUSIC PLAYING] I want to thank you all so
much for joining me today. It has been an absolute pleasure
being in the kitchen with you. I hope that you have found
these recipes to be helpful. If you have, please
come at below and let me know which one of these
might be your favorite. And if you haven’t
already, please hit the Subscribe button
because there is only more deliciousness to come. A special thank you goes
out to Jada Spices chicken salts today, which
are all vegan, and raw turmeric
based salts that are actually good for your
body and fight inflammation. They really add that extra
bit of flavor to any day, so if you’re interested
in these spices/salts, please click on the
links in the description below so that you
can get yours today. If you’re looking
for food recipes, this is the app for you and I
appreciate all of your support and I hope that you love it. All right, you guys. I’m going to go and enjoy
some of these delicious salads that I just made, and
I hope that you get to go and do the same as well. Sending you all my
hugs and my love, and I’ll see you
in my next video. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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