Hi everyone, welcome to tasting to thrive. My name is Lauren and I’m a plant-based registered dietitian Do you ever find yourself running out the door first thing in the morning realizing that you haven’t had a nutritious breakfast yet? Trust me that’s happen to all of us today I’m going to share with you three easy plant-based breakfast options that can be made ahead of time If you like this video, please don’t forget to subscribe Give me a thumbs up and leave me a comment down below letting me know what kind of video you’d like to see next I’ll also leave my other social media platforms like my blog and my Instagram in the description box down below now Let’s just go ahead and get started So the first thing we’re gonna make is this green smoothie You’ll need flaxseed oatmeal kale peanut butter frozen strawberries banana Cinnamon and enough water or plant-based milk to blend So the first thing we’re gonna do is destem this kale I like to pinch the bottom of the stem and Slide upwards to take the leaves off. This can take a bit of practice, but don’t worry about it you can always just cut them off and then peel the banana and Put that into the blender. You can also use frozen banana. That would make it really nice and creamy And Then we’re gonna add some frozen strawberries. You could use fresh as well But I find frozen to be less expensive and then we’re gonna add some oatmeal some flax seed Some cinnamon and peanut butter and Then we’re gonna add enough water or plant-based milk to blend. I usually end up adding about a cup or two Put the lid on and blend away as you can see I put the kale closest to the blade at the bottom of the blender I find this really helps to chop up the kale and make sure that there’s no chunks left in this smoothie So once that is done, we’re just gonna pour it into our glass and enjoy I love this smoothie because it’s a great balance of protein carbs fat and fiber to keep us full For a good amount of time and it’s actually so delicious everyone that doesn’t really love green smoothies Absolutely loves this one. The next thing we’re gonna make is Chia overnight oats so we’ll need chia seeds oatmeal peanut butter cinnamon and Plant-based milk and sweetener of your choice. I’m using maple syrup. So This is a really simple recipe we’re just gonna take the oatmeal put it in the bottom of a mason jar Pour in some plant-based milk pour in your chia seeds your maple syrup or sweetener of choice and your Peanut butter you can use any nut butter really for this And your cinnamon this gives a really great flavor but it is optional and then you’re just gonna put the top on you can also do this with a container and shake it up and That’s pretty much it You’re gonna store it in the fridge overnight to kind of meld together and when it comes out the next day it’s gonna be this really wonderful creamy texture as you can see and then you can top it with some berries or Whatever you feel like Next we’re gonna make this delicious tofu scramble, so you’ll need extra firm tofu kale two cloves of garlic red pepper Some olive oil red onion some spices plant-based milk and nutritional yeast So this is how I like to cut red onion, so I cut both of the ends off and then I cut it downwards like this and then I just peel off the skin and then I cut along the ribbing of the red onion and then I rotate it as you’ll see and I Cut it the other way so I cut once lengthwise once horizontally and then it comes out diced which is really easy then I slice off one side of the Red pepper and I pull out the center and then I cut it into slices and then dice Next we’re just going to chop the kale you just want to get bite-sized pieces. It doesn’t need to be perfect and Then we’re gonna start the stove. I like to cook this on about medium heat and I’m using a nonstick pan today and I’m just gonna put a little olive oil in the pan And Then we’re gonna add some garlic I’m using a mincer But if you don’t have one you can just mince it ahead of time. And first I’m adding in the red onion So I’m just gonna saute the red onion and garlic together And I’m gonna do that until it’s fragrant or until the onion is translucent and that’s when you know You can add in the red pepper so basically we’re just going from what takes the longest to cook to what takes the shortest amount of time to cook and Really? You don’t need to saute this very long. I probably did two minutes for each one and then I’m gonna crumble in the tofu Doesn’t need to be perfect And Then I’m just gonna sprinkle in the spices. I’ll have all of the exact measurements of ingredients listed down below and Then I’m just gonna saute this all together And make sure that it’s really well incorporated Then I’m gonna add in the nutritional yeast This gives it such an amazing cheesy flavor and it’s tons of B vitamins in it And I’m just gonna saute that around together until you can see that the tofu is getting a little browned Now if you find it’s getting a bit too dry, you can add a little bit of plant-based milk And Then I’m just gonna add in the kale. This takes the shortest amount of time to cook You really only need to heat this through for about a minute or two. You’ll see it wilts really quickly and That’s pretty much it. I serve this up on a piece of toast. It was absolutely delicious only takes like 10 minutes to make and It’s a great source of protein and B vitamins Vegetables carbs with the toast to keep you full for a really long time Thank you so much for watching everyone. I will see you in my next video Don’t forget to Like subscribe and leave me a comment down below letting me know what else you’d like to see Talk to you next time


  1. This is so neat we are just starting our plant based journey as a family of six and I love quick and yummy recipes thanks for sharing 😍

  2. I love your video 😍☺️🙈🙈💕💕 Can’t believe you have only 61 subscribers yet! Hope your channel prosper a lot. I’ll visit yours everyday 🧡 Love, Hj.

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