3 Hot and Sour Soup Recipes COMPARED (Instant vs Vegan vs Chef’s Version)

3 Hot and Sour Soup Recipes COMPARED (Instant vs Vegan vs Chef’s Version)

Hey, welcome to Sorted. We’re a bunch of mates in London looking for exceptional
things in the food world that will help make our and your lives that little bit better. Between stitching each other
up and all the innuendoes. Now be warned, we have two chefs but we give them limited airtime and we make sure all of our ideas start with a suggestion from you. – Hello, welcome to fridgecam,
I’m Ben and this is Mike. – And I’m not feeling very well and I need some soup but I
need three different types of soups at different
difficulties, types and times. – In front of us are three
different hot and sour soups. Now they all have similar flavor profiles but each one takes a little bit longer to make than the last. – The question is, can
we tell the difference when we compare them at the end. First though, we’re gonna show
you how to make each of them. – This is an instant soup in 10 minutes. – I know what you’re thinking. – Yeah its gonna take
10 minutes to prep it, but its gonna be instant when you cook it. – For your lunch. Here’s what were using. Some kaffir lime leaves, some
very tiny bird’s eye chillies, lemongrass, chicken stock
cube and dried mushrooms. – Garlic powder, ginger
powder and some brown sugar. That’s the end innit? – And to make it all
happen, we’re using this. – A big bottom but he’s little in the top. We’re gonna start with our instant powder and that’s about getting all this stuff into this and blending
it up into a powder. Get your nose in there. So we’re using the spice grinder, so you get really, really fine. And we’ll come back to that later on. – That smells like flavor. Whilst we’ve got the machine out we can prep our fresh
ingredients for our soup. We’re gonna thinly slice some mushrooms and some spring onion
and we’re gonna grate some carrot and some daikon radish. And all we need to do is
swap out our slicing tool for our coarse grating tool. And that is everything
prepped for our soup and now all we need to do is construct it in our bowl or in our flask. We’re then gonna stick a little bit of coconut milk in there and bring that together and then add in our precooked prawns. – And then all you need to do is pour over some boiling water, job done. A package of flavor that you could never imagine getting instantly
from anything else. Give it a stir up, if you’re feeling fancy – I dropped it. (oohing) – Speedy. – But this, is our
vegan tofu coconut soup. – I know what you’re thinking, we’re going vegan but can we
make it creamy and satisfying? Yes, we can. – And here’s what we’re gonna use. – A chilli and lemongrass paste. – We’re gonna make a broth
using vegetable stock and coconut milk flavoured with
coriander and lime leaves. – And we’re gonna finish
it all off with tomatoes, mushrooms, red onion and
my personal favourite, tofu. – There’s no need to be
sarcastic about tofu. – I’m not being sarcastic I’m working out how to sell it
– Tofu can be delicious – back at the table, it’ll be great. And the whole thing’s
gonna be brought together with this turbo unit. To start our paste I’m
gonna peel and roughly chop some shallots, lemongrass
and chuck it into our chopper with chillies and galangal. – Nice. – Thanks. Coconut oil. – Yep. – Goes in the pan. – Spoon paste into coconut? – Oui, chef. Fry the paste in the coconut
oil until its fragrant and then add the palm sugar. – And don’t worry if
you don’t have galangal, just use ginger and if
you don’t have palm sugar just use brown sugar. Its almost the same. Not quite as good, but almost as good. – That’s true, that’s all true. – Now its time to take our
paste and turn it into a broth with our vegetable stock, our coconut milk and kaffir lime leaves. Don’t worry that you’ve got
big bits of kaffir lime leaf ‘cos once its simmered away for 10 minutes we’re gonna blitz it up in the pan. – And it’s gonna go nice and bright and green and delicious and creamy – Ah yeah. – Shall we cut some veg up, and some tofu. – Yes. – You can half the
mushrooms but if you get little button mushrooms
like this, there’s no need. Stick ’em straight in. – Good tip. – Thanks man. How about you cut some tofu? – I can cut some tofu. – Go for it. Once that soup has simmered for 10 minutes we’re gonna add in the fresh
coriander, then blitz it. Do you want to do the honors? – You mean chuck everything in, leave it to simmer for five minutes and then finish by seasoning it with a little bit of lime and soy sauce? – That’s what I mean by honors, yes. – Then yes, yes I do. Oh oh! – Nice! – However, this one is the
ultimate one, made from scratch. – Ooh. – More grabby, more grabby that one. – Not allowed back here now. – We have had two delicious soups but this is the chef’s time to go all out. – So we’re gonna make our own stock with some shell on prawns, our own chili paste with similar flavors to the other guys but added dried shrimp, shrimp paste and fish sauce for umami. – And to finish off we’re
gonna add some fresh whole flavorings with some
mushrooms and cherry tomatoes. – Plus, to get the best paste
possible, we’re using this. – Do you have a theme tune? – No, I feel like we should
bolster it up, have you got one? – I don’t have a theme tune. – These are awesome, all we need to do is take the heads and shells off and stick them in a pan
with some peanut oil. And you’ll notice they will change from grey to a wonderful pink. Why you doing that James? – I don’t wanna eat the poo. – Take out the little black
line down the back of the prawn. Intestinal tract, what he said. – Also it looks really pretty when they’re butterflied
and they kinda of like, they curl up, yeah.
– They curl more. With the prawn heads and shells fried off I’m adding in about a liter and a half of cold water, heating to a simmer and letting it bubble
away for about 45 minutes. – We are going a little bit
more traditional with this soup but already we’re kind of
going of piste a little bit because usually you would
just boil the prawns but its so delicious when you
fry them off in peanut oil. We are going to make a spice paste which is gonna just add
loads of depth of flavor, a little bit of heat and lots of umami. – Shallot, garlic, dried
chilies, tamarind, palm sugar, dried shrimps, shrimp
paste, oil and fish sauce. A lot of ingredients, they
balance themselves out, they’re delicious and you can get them in the link down below. Kapow, that is more than
you need but it freezes really nicely in ice
cube trays for next time. Once the stock has simmered
we’re gonna strain it off through a sieve, get rid of all the shells and the heads and what is left
goes back into a clean pan. – And I’m gonna
chop up some aromats, put them straight into the stock. – Fancy word for
lemongrass, ginger and chilli. – What you shouldn’t do is
slice your chilli really finely ‘cos you don’t want, you
wanna be able to see the chilli in there, not get it in your mouth. – Once the aromats have infused the stock for about 5 minutes we’re
gonna add in oyster mushrooms, bring it up to a simmer then add cherry tomatoes and
our butterflied prawns. Bring it up to a simmer and
remove it from the heat. Although we’ve layered up
lots of flavors in that stock from the aromats, from the mushrooms, from the cherry tomatoes, the prawn stock this is where the seasoning comes in. – After the spice paste
we’re gonna add palm sugar, fish sauce and lime juice
to balance it all out. – Ah! – Right, let’s eat some soup. – We are loaded with spoons. – Get it. – Get a prawn. – Cheers. – Oh. – Cheers.
– Cheers. – You instantly get, from what is quite – Flavour, yep. – An instant soup, the
fragrance of kaffir lime and lemongrass, that is amazing. – And a little bit of heat. – Yeah. – And just enough seasoning, right there’s nothing else but chicken stock and dried mushrooms in that,
is there, and it’s perfect. – What I like about that is that the carrot and the radish went in raw. So although it’s softened slightly you still get really nice crunch from it. But, coming to this. – I’m gonna. – I’m gonna put it out there already, this is the best looking. – We’re not comparing yet. – I don’t care. – Cheers. – Cheers. – Well cut weren’t they. – It’s hotter. – Whoa, yeah it is. – But I feel like it can take it because of the creaminess
of the coconut milk and those red onions, much
the same as the gratedness going on here, just cooked
but still with crunch and the sweetness of
red onion comes through. – The great thing about tofu is, although it doesn’t have
much flavor by itself as soon as you add flavor to it, it soaks it all up like a sponge. Boys, you’ve got a lot to live up to. – Well, in that case, have a dip. – I almost don’t wanna share this one. – Oh, I want a cherry tomato. – If you get a bird’s
eye chili, don’t eat it. – Cheers, cheers, cheers, cheers. – That has got elements of those two but with like prawn
bisque going on as well. The prawn stock. – I think you make the prawn stock and then you just bring
it to life at the end. – Yep. – I can’t get enough of those tomatoes, that little sweet pop,
with the spice, yes. – The flavor in your chef-y
one, washes over you. It doesn’t like punch you in the face, like the second one does but it washes over you and it’s beautiful. Picking a favorite here is really tricky. I love the convenience of
the instant, 10 minute one but I might have to lay
my cards on the table and say that my favorite soup
on the table has tofu in it. – Whoa. – Convert. For me, yes the stock takes a bit longer but the umami from the shrimp paste and the fish sauce makes
that stand out for me. – I’m with Ebbers, I love the tofu one but that’s an experience. – I’m a little bit biased ‘cos
that is actually my favourite soup in the whole world and
I’ve gotta go with that one. I can’t do anything else,
I think that’s fantastic for what it is, that’s got a
load of flavour, packs a punch but that is just like
something else, worth the time. – Three different soups, we’re still going back to try more of each but tell us in the comments down below
which would be your favourite, which would you most like to try? – Did you like that? We liked it, if you liked it, like it. – It was so good he’s nearly better. (Mike clears his throat) We’ll see you next Wednesday, next Sunday at 4PM
– At 4PM. – As we mentioned,
Sorted is just run by a group of friends so if you like what we’re doing then
they’re loads of ways that you can support us
and get more involved. Everything you need to
know is linked below.

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