3 Low Calorie Cocktail Recipes | Adapted Classic Cocktails

3 Low Calorie Cocktail Recipes | Adapted Classic Cocktails

Hey everybody and welcome to the video. Today I’m going to be showing you my 3 favorite
classic cocktails and how to make them while still saving a few calories. The old fashioned is my all-time favorite
drink. Really easy swap for this one here, all you
need to do is take out the sugar or simple syrup and replace it with zero calorie stevia. This next one is another classic, the gin
and tonic, except instead of the high calorie tonic you’re using zero calorie seltzer water. Next up we’ve got the moscow mule. The only difference here is we’re omitting
any sort of sweetener or simple syrup. The ginger beer provides plenty of sweetness
and is still a delicious and refreshing drink. That’s going to be it for me this week, I
hope guys enjoyed this one, and I hope everyone has a fun and safe St Patrick’s day tomorrow,
I’ll see you guys all on Monday.

6 thoughts on “3 Low Calorie Cocktail Recipes | Adapted Classic Cocktails

  1. Little bit of a different recipe this week, I hope you enjoy it! What's everyone's favorite cocktail? Let me know! 👇👇👇

  2. As an Irishman, and a Scot (ancestry), every day is St. Patty's Day! hah. Enjoy your drinks and "holiday". Love the music in this video! I used to love the Moscow Mule drinks. So easy to "put away"! Now a sparkling water with a lime, please. 🙂

  3. Loved the drinks! Not much of a drinker anymore… but tequila was always my go to… 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  4. What about using fresh ginger juice and seltzer water instead? You could also use some chinchona bark tea in seltzer instead of tonic.

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