30 Meals for $30 in 60 minutes || Plant Based Vegan Meal Prep || Steph & Adam

30 Meals for $30 in 60 minutes || Plant Based Vegan Meal Prep || Steph & Adam

hi guys I did with you here and welcome to the episode of I need no cracks have no food so I have all this food out I already went to the pleasure ah already what all right I'll put took everything out for you see I'm gonna see me taking everything out of the fridge basically what I have is this all the food that I have for this week and I'm gonna make a bunch of meals I have no idea how many how much meals I'm gonna make but I'm gonna show you what I'm doing so let's get started so I got a cup of tea it's called outside cup of tea we have a bunch of stuff here we have kin Wars and Rice's we have some beans chickpeas and kidney beans potatoes regular potatoes bunch of veggies and some spices and tofu so here's my game plan first meal is gonna be simply brushing off the potatoes if you guys check out the last video you were saying that we just roast off a whole bag he's a whole bag each week and with that I'm gonna make some potato salad so it'll be somewhere in my week then I'm gonna pick up some rice with some lentils they're gonna go together and that's gonna be like a side to whatever else I'm gonna make and as another side is going to be roast sweet potatoes I like them just on their own with a prep they're going to kind of be paired with the tofu which I'll do with the cumin I'm gonna do a fried up cumin tofu then I am going to like stir fry up all these veggies with coconut aminos so I have carrots peppers eggplants broccolis onions garlic celery's and peas and I'm gonna do that with some quinoa see it's done in an hour let's do it always the first thing to do is put what takes the longest on first so I'm gonna start with the rice and then I'm gonna put on the potatoes then the quinoa and then do everything else so let's go rice one two and three I'm gonna get this I'm gonna wash my rice I'm just gonna do as much as I have what – and a little chew and a doo da doo maybe that's a red stuff even a tin that's just just three cups of rice there you go three cups of rice so three cups of rice it's gonna be I don't know about five cups of water I'm gonna rinse it first we get in there and I was gonna do this I'm gonna drain it out there are actually pretty good five cups when I started beautiful now quinoa I'll put the potatoes on Ivan's into going now for 50 cute I'm sorry around 450 I give these a bit of a wash and then I was cut him in half once you like a whole meal rub dub dub it's Rick quick rinse hi no that's not Jack them all that's lucky we just messed with him tubes for your first time oh lucky him and Jack get along really well mm-hmm their best friends best friends buzz I'm just gonna cut him in half it's not just dull boom one potato after right there cut up a little bit and we're gonna put too much on these by the way they are okay and another dance break oh wait ah some pick up the phone bummer he break okay hashtag it up don't chop we rescued lucky from a kill shelter in California spots are done I'm saying Chuck him fared in the oven is a yeah okay quinoa sam neill what quinoa is double water to rice so let's do two quinoa oh that was okay fine to again I'll go rinse this out quick and then I'll do four cups of water quinoa quinoa Jean that's on these two good bring the money I took me like Timmy a co-organized cup of tea now this is the fun part most of the hard work is done now like think about this spider in the oven that's one that cooks itself that does yeah I'm going up into that you stir it when it's boiling next cut up the veggies here we go nice cutting board thumbs up if you want a sharpening knife tutorial there's not the dull mm-hmm he's just kidding he wouldn't actually throw it away hey referencing episode 1 I know I wish we threw the knife away and people actually thought you threw it away youichi bro and it caused the commotion in the comments what's the commotion garlic first guys guys guys ah guys these guys grapple guys guys guys guys did you forget are you drunk auntie how did you forget your scrap Bowl all right like how can you live without garlic cook is there melee don't use garlic for no no Stephanie ain't like three cloves of garlic a I did they're wrong they were roasted the good spicy house like that I did instead was spicy I said when I try to eat it straight out of the oven I was like I thought he's not Italian what I'm striving I'm eating my salad well Adam cuts up the garlic what walk on bit of elbow how much that much garlic in taking going from a cold start it's fine let's all make up the onions are you ready to go give it a quick ticket how's it going minimal as muggy and done beautiful he's that guy's gonna go looking at the dog on you and glory on you miss blurry distracted nobody you killed notice what up this roughly chop your onions money fancy and we got long ins spoon spatula what have you got give it a mix you mix trademark we going with some broccoli this time when any broccoli first this time I was a special kid I came out of the womb loving broccoli black which kind of kid does that that's how special I am is that right there that's right I was in it cut it up like this I like a stocky pot cuz I'm extra weird FUS room so if you're part as well as abruptly part and I want to make sure the store key part is cooked I like it soft it's my new money thing I like late last shot I put the celery and last minute broccoli and last and to another doesn't cook all the way through so make sure I put it in earlier in the mix you mix step is actually not eggplant it's all between in there aubergine for my English people that say aubergine so I was gonna go slice down on what side and then it's a little easier to cut because it's a weirdly shaped vegetable make some long strokes and then you can go back on the angle like this give her this bit that's gonna stop you cutting nicely this oh my mother that's a that's a black night that's a panini nice blunt it gets stuck on the skin goes crazy stuff like that hey polythene got some Pappas probably that I'm still I'm pulling it peppers like I'm becoming one of you guys mmm-hmm this is a capsicum um you're spoiling Oh just saying we can mix it once it's boiling lid on down to a simmer down to low quinoa almost there yeah pretty much just going on a three for now mixing mix let's get moving on this thing Epis roughly cut the peppers throw them in go crazy up here scene while boiling hot I'm gonna have to put it down any law okay so quick appeal appeal toss up the carrots add some stuff and then that's it so I got to run some clips of people making our food recently shout out that will cure their made food here and here one with my face cover it's sixty food to be eaten it's good you guys are becoming cookie machines I know carrots are done give me the cards that's a get rid of Alba just basically why I make this to get rid of old old veggies because there's always locked scraps and you're gonna put anything in here and cover it up with amino then that's good done my Taylor software that's it it's gonna continue cooking to the heat off that goes boom slide it to the back and this is why I had a make mess what a miss this just a couple that's miss probably misses no one saw anything yes well I want to do okay I'll be an issue because that flame is too high but authority on the lowest setting well put it to the back for those switches which box there perfect black over there team walks blogging next step is we're gonna pry out the tofu's we're gonna do it with cumin key break to draw the tofu you just gonna put it on a damp towel and give it a little slow key soaked with the Sookie soaked in the mix tea mix and love charge so I say things so I'll do it like so this week we're gonna slice it up nice and put it into the frying pan and slice it up nicey-nice sauce about mass okay okay tape it done from behind lucky totally look like Jack it's just miniature Jack the mini jack me yeah my fry pan well this is my my lazy tofu technique well get the first one in mix it around like this and then lay him down like so have you gonna fit them in here lay em down does amaze I'm gonna fit in it and then let's go do this oh yeah jetpacks just chop it in like that salt good heaven now we're just gonna keep cooking this out once it fries the other side flip it over give the other business some seasoning on the other side and before you know it then it'll be cooked next I'm just gonna rinse and drain the beans because I'll put them on the side with something have peas and mushrooms here I guess I could cook them off I guess make something out of it we'll see what happens okay watch these mushrooms get the dirt off in dirty wash and then I'll toss these up and I'll add them with the beans whose idea with that took the turkey five minutes yeah it was a cold start see they've got three minutes the other side okay five minutes just eat up Oh madam yeah see brick okay food drinks like that that's so cold here we go that mushrooms are washed quinoa is done good here oh yeah she done give that a mix you mix user note the rise north quinoa oh yeah hey go quinoa is done rice yeah oh yeah leave it off the rest of that coming I was like purpley gray and this is done pop a few went into some containers great okay again little trick same thing same thing I'm gonna do half a cup oh the quinoa the half cup of quinoa and yeah I had some of the separate the turkey won't sit in here because it's that we put works you just keep moving between things so while them while I'm doing that I'm also doing this and while I'm doing something else and also doing something else so this is what you do when you prep you just keep your eye on everything and you try to do that lets you you try to do multiple things and once you see what we trying to beat you in the book the book has those meal meal meal prep the action plans in it and it's trying to teach you guys how to multitask in the kitchen anything don't know about our book you can click the link in the description box below that's right get some veg in there here's cookie scoop for the veggie bitch yes Sunday that seven meals philosophize extra quinoa left for a different meal me yeah sure you next in walks him off you lots of prep this week guys then I'll be done coming together guys and I'll make the mushrooms grass is done how's it done it's gonna cut these mushrooms in half a little choppy chop here we go oh not even gonna say it don't even gonna say nothin huh nothing no nothing I mean okay Tom I got about thirty nine about ten minutes and easy guys easy ten minutes of easy right now you know every guys come on last bunch of tofu is done I'm gonna go in with that yeah that is Dan we get this pin ready with some balsamic I put the balsamic in a second I was gonna do the rice the rice for the tofu good half cup of rice in there that's purply purply rice so obviously making way more meals than last time you saw me tell why because the cut is over way cuts over wait that is over and obviously smash my goal because I know I'm doing yes I want to go back to eating regular many calories and be honest I don't really count when I'm just like doing regular stuff I'll just look and eat like four meals a day so normally like you might have a full cup of rice in there but I'd rather have like four or five meals than like three big meals that's why they do have like smaller portions you finished your cut a week ago and yes after a week of my cut on the bounce-back a pan which is nothing that's just bouncing back carbohydrates and sodium and whatever else so yeah I'm still 155 a week after my cut said he's gone smoothly and then yeah work out Conan on Instagram coming out in the mornings oh yeah man what's sick that's okay this week chill we have nothing gold in the floor done with the balsamic balsamic will deglaze the pan and give you all the caramelization flavors most what Tommy got 47 Oh guys guys that caramelizes a shit you see potatoes good as they are awesome salt and pepper after probably some chili sauce on it spuds are done they will just be made like the last video so I'm going to reverse them up and leave them as is so that during the week we don't have to cook them they're already cooked ready to go these are just once they cool down I will go in the fridge we'll make potato salad or potato chips if you want link to that it's a card up above to get the card for that or link in the description make sure you go check out the potatoes because it also must be that was last week's meal prep video you got three minutes let's prep it up guys let's prep it up how many containers another day probably like eight or something mushrooms they do cook down a little bit oh yeah lid lid off and then you're gonna add peas and beans and going with the peas I've seen what let's get this a little bit fried the peas in and the beans over here mmm well Sonic you go through this piece please how many peas like a cup a cup of peas and I'll mix that all together beautiful already cooked so you can just go straight in touch them in boom Wow pretty running a person you're the peas and the beans and this will be paired with whatever is left of the rice that's it I want to go saw fighting off the rust see example one easy easy that guys I'm gonna complicate it mm-hmm so basically I got it when I go to eat this I'll just check it all around in the container in the container mix up the rice with the veggies yeah mix it all together and one little special one will get mmm quinoa there's about a good couple half two cups of quinoa left over makes more prep with that later I might even as a super simple meal have literally quinoa and sweet potato with some chili sauce cuz I love like I said so he tells with chili sauce and I was like which really mash it in all these preps these things okay 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 21 meals 21 meals 21 meals in one hour guys look at that an hour or minute easy is that guy that is when I'm gonna be eating my lunch dinner this week posting more about it on the Instagram someone should go check out there and during the week I'll show you more stuff about the potatoes there's links to all eat recipes and all a lot recipes below like links to all the latest recipes below ok and make sure you stay true because meal prep video is like actual recipes with like actual ingredients and actual macros come out on Fridays eventually one of these might fit in there somewhere let's go below what you wants to see make which one of these was your favorite and go this week bye guys bye no mistake

41 thoughts on “30 Meals for $30 in 60 minutes || Plant Based Vegan Meal Prep || Steph & Adam

  1. Plant based Vegan? Is that related to a Fish based Pescatarian? Or the dreaded Meat based Carnivore?

  2. i just lol at people that think they can cook that peel garlic , not crush the whole bulb with the heel of their hand , measure rice and water , do not have a rice cooker , have shit cheep knives and do not understand food needs love , care , spices , oils , time , please if you are going to cook vegitarian food watch a thai , chinese , indian , a person who;s family has made these dishes for centuries , for a start you will not get really stupid fad foods that actually just mean natives some where are suffering so you can pretend your a good being , chia , quinoa, things like that , there are plenty of good foods that do not mean in a third world country a child is hungry so you can pretend your helping the planet ….ppppfffttt

  3. Everything looks amazing , How to do heat it up later, Oven, Microwave, toaster oven, Air fryer? or do you eat them cold.

  4. I just had a major panic moment!!
    Just left the grocery store bought no meat, all veggies and fruit..
    Forgot a few items but nothing major..
    But, as you started cutting I realized that I have no idea what I just did!
    I just changed our entire life!
    Im from the south.. land of the meat.. African American southern at that!!
    What are we gonna eat tonight?
    The kids will cry!
    But there's no turning back because I spent my entire food budget!
    This is gonna be a eventful Sunday night dinner fo sho…
    And why did I start on a freaking Sunday?
    Theres always smoothies though..a smoothie for Sunday dinner( hopefully that's a thing)

  5. Just found your channel! I’m 17, vegan and moving out in a few days, I’m going to start adulthood out right and not spend all my money! Thank you ❤️ now I’ve got to master those chopping/flipping skills!!

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  7. Just dicovering your channel, looking good. Just pitty of all the plastic containers for the meals…

  8. I just finished buying all these damn ingredients and am about to follow along with the video as I make them! I’ve been on a plant based diet for only 8 days and have been struggling to find my way and this saved me! Here’s to a healthier and lighter me! Need to lose 60 lbs and get off these meds the dr just prescribed me for high BP and cholesterol
    Thanks guys!

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  13. for rice and quinoa cooking start without the top in high heat, once the water is low cover half way medium heat, once you don't see the water cover all the way and lower the heat all the way………..I know it needs some attention thats why I love Japanese rice electric cookers

  14. nice video and energy…….very inspiring! please buy a large wooden or bamboo cutting board, will make you veggies prep much easier

  15. All it took was "The 'WHO' classifies meat as carcinogenic' based off of a college RESEARCH paper I wrote and I never looked back.
    Pescatarian for two years
    Went vegetarian this January 2019

  16. uhm stupid question . If I'm not mistaken you put your meals in the refrigerator and then when you would want to eat. You would microwave it right?

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