3000+ Calorie Meal Plan – Meal Plan for Muscle Gain

3000+ Calorie Meal Plan – Meal Plan for Muscle Gain

I didn’t know it was recording what’s up guys
Jalon from hardgainer fitness here and in this video I’m going to show you an easy
3200 calorie meal plan that you can follow to make some gains
let’s get it what’s up what’s up what’s up YouTube welcome to hard gainer
Fitness here on this channel I gave you all tips and tools that you need to
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get right into it alright guys so recently I put on 10 pounds in just
under two months trying to lean buck gaining one to two pounds per week and
I’ve logged every bit of it so if you haven’t already make sure you go and
check out the vlogs all the B roll that you’ll see from this video is coming
from the vlog so millet number one is a smoothie every morning I try to have a
smoothie for a couple reasons one the main reason is because it allows me to
be mobile and I work a full-time job so making a smoothie really allows me to
get a meal in early in the morning taking advantage of my feeding window so
that I can get all of my calories in throughout the day my smoothie consists
of the resurgence of oats let me show you how something really don’t make the
mistake of getting old-fashioned oats all right make sure you get some quick
oats when you’re making your smoothie but I get three servings of quick oats
if you try to use the old-fashioned oats I promise you it’s gonna be disgusting
it’s gonna be all hard and Granny it’s almost like eating rice like you put
rice in a blender and then try to drink it that’s almost what it tastes like so
don’t get the whole fashion oats make sure you get the quick oats three
servings of quick oats one serving of peanut butter
one serving of almond milk which is this one cup one cup of water and then I use
one scoop of protein all you need you don’t need those big giant you know
thirty two hundred calorie smoothies first thing in the morning unless unless
you’re gonna be on the go all day you won’t have time or the place to eat
those type of smoothies are perfect for that situation because you’re gonna be
going all day and you don’t have the time to sit down and eat a meal so those
are perfect but in this specific scenario I’m talking about just a
regular day where you’re at home or at work or whatever the case may be this is
the type of meal planner I’m talking about so that’s my first meal have it
every morning it’s great this movie comes out to forty five grams of protein
117 grams of carbs and 30 grams of fats that’s meal number one good number two
that I usually eat is two egg sandwiches and I top it off with some rice cakes so
I have four eggs four slices of bread and I have four rice cakes sometimes
I’ll put some peanut butter on the bread it really depends on how hungry I am if
I’m kinda hungry and I try to put the peanut butter on there just to get some
extra calories if not I’ll just eat it as is and go with that
this meal gives me 46 grams of protein 88 grams of carbs and 21 grams of fats
too easy Moo number three okay meal number three is also pretty simple it’s
four ounces of meat 190 grams of rice now that’s cooked rice make sure you get
that part right 190 grams of cooked rice and I have one serving of pecans alright
which is basically just a handful it’s not
at all but it gives you a ton of calories just from that small bit of
pecans that’s why I eat those but I like pecans so that meal brings all the
weight so further than me I use the 85% lean
and 15 percent fat ground turkey meat for my 4 ounces of
meat that’s for a specific reason and that’s because that little bit of extra
fat gives me a little bit of extra calorie so I can hit my calories easier
to drive today that I have enough stuff myself and this meal brings me to 32 and
a half grams of protein 90 grams of carbs and 37 grams of fats all right
let’s get the meal number okay not four but Frank all right so 4 million over
four I have the exact same thing so four ounces of meat 85/15 lean ground turkey
I have one serving of pecans and 190 grams of white rice exact same meal
gives me the exact same amount of macros of course so let’s get the men number 5
the last meal of the day is super simple it’s just a bowl of cereal
I use a cereal called Kashi go lean I think it’s called crunch berry cereal
they have other flavors but they’re disgusting so trust me get the crunch
berries it still has great macros it’s still good for you and it’s a really
easy way to top off your macros for the day so that you can hit the calories
that you need to make some gains question of the day before we go is do
you want to see any other sample meal plans and if you do how many calories do
you want those new plans to be comment down below and let your boy know that’s
it for this video you already know who it is man your line McHargue and fitness
helping you defeat yourself and crush that scale I will see you guys in the
next video you already know what time it is man it’s time
said grow pace with

18 thoughts on “3000+ Calorie Meal Plan – Meal Plan for Muscle Gain

  1. Jalon, I don’t get why all your videos are on diet. I know diet is important, but it’s only one aspect of the training totality. In fact a perfect diet is useless if training isn’t correct. How about some actual training info? What exercises do you do? How often do you train? What set and rep scheme do you incorporate? Do you train to failure? Etc. Etc.

  2. lmaooo bro Idk how many times i done went to the store and grabbed the old fashion oats smh lol but nice meal plan…. definitely going to sub and support your journey

  3. Hey man I eat in a day 4 eggs 4toat 750 ml chocolate milk 265 grams pasta two hamburgs lean beef on grill at home take some grease out before bed 2 eggs Minit rice average 1 can tuna good vid I subbed to you stay in touch I work construction I'm 53 cheers 👍🏿👍🏿🏋🏼🏋🏼😎

  4. Hey man! I've been eating around 2900 on my bulk so this was good to watch. I need to up the cals in my smoothie apparently hah.

  5. Great personality and great editing. 2 things I look for before I subscribe.
    Kashi cereal can be very nasty and dry but it perfect for people that need to get in the needed macros

  6. This video is so helpful I suck at prepping meals and finding out what to eat but all these meals sound good and easy to make! Keep up the good work brotha!! I subbed!

  7. Man youre the best i really had a headache trying to cover my caloric need but i have i question 100 gram of white rice and 4 ounces of meat before cooking or after?

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