5 FOODS I EAT EVERYDAY » and so could you

5 FOODS I EAT EVERYDAY » and so could you

So many options with food, how do we even know what to eat? If you’re new around here, howdy! I’m Sadia, a dietitian and nutritionist. And this is not a what I eat in a day video, but rather a what I eat daily video And you can join me in on this, too If you’d like. If you see this little recipe alert sign it means that the recipes on the pickup limes blog already And you know the drill: link is going to be in the description box below. Let’s get started. Now with a slight nutty taste that goes well in almost any dish Ground Flax seeds are one of the best ways to get omega-3 fats from a plant-based source. Now I’ve gotten into the habit of having it every single morning. Either in my oatmeal, smoothie, or breakfast parfait. If you don’t like flax seeds, other sources of Omega-3 fats are: chia seeds, Hemp seeds, and walnuts. And can be used in the exact same way. Here’s a tip: buy your flax seeds in bulk to save some money and then grind what you need for the next couple weeks using a coffee grinder. Store the ground seeds in the fridge and the whole seeds in the freezer until you’re ready to grind some more. Of course to save time you can buy ground flax seeds. The key here is to make sure that the flax seeds are actually ground That way your body can easily access, and absorb those omega-3 fats A healthy gut is a Gateway to good health and with 75% or more of our immune system in that gut of ours We best be treating it well. Now my daily dose of probiotics most often comes from an unsweetened soy yogurt blended into my smoothies or enjoyed with my homemade granola and some fresh fruit Of course any other plant-based yogurt will work too. If I haven’t had the yogurt I’ll have some homemade sauerkraut with my lunch for dinner. This delicious fermented cabbage is a salty and crunchy accompaniment to any dish. Much like pickles! I make a batch every couple months which I can then store in the fridge for up to three months. Other sources of healthy Probiotics are refreshing Kombucha one of my favorite bubbly summertime drinks. as well as Kimchi and Tempa. So any source of Probiotics at least once a day we’ll be showing that gut of yours some much needed love. You had to have known I was going to mention this one Because nothing quite tops the list like dark leafy greens when it comes to vitamins and minerals. Plus, It adds some extra fiber, and it’s a very beautiful way of adding some color to your meals. Now my go-to is usually organic Baby spinach. But I like to switch it up every once in a while, adding some dandelions, or Arugula Collard, Kale Anything really that is dark and green is going to work just great. Now breakfast, lunch, dinner There is no discriminating here. Blend your spinach into a smoothie in the morning. Add it to your wraps or sandwiches for lunch Or enjoy it as a salad on the side of dinner Now if you’re new to greens in your smoothies, you can try this peanut butter and banana smoothie. I guarantee it’s going to become one of your favorites, and you can’t even taste the greens. Perfect for any picky toddlers or adults out there. I’ve really come to learn the importance of keeping our bones strong especially after I worked as a dietitian in an osteoporosis Center I mean It’s the food choices that we make in our early years that’s going to affect our health later on So don’t hesitate when it comes to making healthy choices today. Plant milks like almond, soy, or rice milk can be great sources of calcium But make sure the label says that calcium has been added I’ve written a short and uncomplicated article on how much calcium you need and how to read the labels So I’ll leave a link to that article in the description Box below Now use this plant milk as the liquid in your smoothies, cook your morning porridge with this instead of water, or enjoy some homemade lattes Using heated up soy milk with an earl grey tea bag or some dissolved instant coffee granules. Don’t forget to sprinkle on the cinnamon… yum-yum-yum-yum-yum! Berries are the crown jewels of summer but frozen berries or dried Goji berries? Now those can be enjoyed all year round. Best of all berries offer ridiculously healthy antioxidants That help to combat disease. You don’t need me to tell you how to enjoy these. In smoothies, in breakfast parfaits, on oatmeal It’s easy to include in lunchboxes as a snack, or add to salads as little built in packages of salad dressing that release their juicy goodness when bitten into Goji Berries can be added to homemade cookies or granola bars or on top of smoothies where berries weren’t added to give it an extra Antioxidant boost. Don’t have berries?really any fruit has antioxidants. Try some oranges, mangoes, or kiwis Munch on these throughout the day for a happy Belly and healthy body And so there you have it! Five categories of food I make sure to include in my diet every single day and so can you! The link to those recipes as I mentioned are in the description box is just down below. And you might have noticed as well that All of those ingredients are things that you can enjoy first thing in the morning So you can kind of get your day started knowing that you packed it full of nutrients already How about you? are there any foods you can’t go a day without? let me know in the comment section below. And you know what else to do: like, subscribe, I’ll see ya in the next video

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  1. Hello, the videos r so informative Nd useful…I have a issue with my skin… which s bcz f food…dat I came to know recently…so please could you tell me… what kind f foods wl b good to avoid acne in d face…

  2. Under antioxidants you should add spices, such as cinnamon and oregano, which contain high levels. In addition, everyone should have a Brazil nut and some iodine daily to support their thyroid. Beyond that, excellent video!

  3. Vegan cookie cutter and a total coconut. What is wrong with eating your own ethnic food?. Totally Americanised. What a disgrace.

  4. Really you eat soya ? Or you making only reclame over ?
    Soya is most dangerous for us This is genetically modified plant sprayed with Roundup with full of estrogens ! You should that now best ms nutrition 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  5. Have you noticed that there's something from each part of the world on the lists? Mother nature gave us what we need, we're just becoming more blinded each generation thinking technocratic inventions and modifications are the answers when in fact we are just distancing ourselves from the original source.

  6. Flax seeds oxidize and go rancid in days, not weeks. NEVER buy them ground, you have no idea how long they have been on the shelf. Do grind your own, but even whole seeds have a short shelf life of a month or two. Find a good source that sells enough to turn their product over frequently.(Bins are best, but limit air exposure.) Peace out.

  7. I also like to include organic apple cider vinegar to my daily routine. I enjoy a couple… or few tsps in a glass with ice and some seltzer water! So refreshing and delicious!! (And awesome for gut health too!!)

  8. You are awesome! Thanks for the great tips for healthier food and living. I love everything about your channel. The content presentation music your calming voice !

  9. Bro, if you cook those things they taste better. Seriously. Saute some blackberries in a pan then add your oats, flaxseed or chia, then deglaze that pan with your milk of choice (or water) and you have some ding dank porridge.

  10. Soy n rice milk? Soy yogurt? Why not simple
    Cow’s milk n yogurt? Is it bad for health? Instead of having a artificially calcium added soy n rice milk, cows milk has naturally rich calcium content, dosn it?

  11. First off SEEDS are NOT EDIBLE, they contain anti-nutrients that inhibit absorption of vitamins and minerals, cause hormonal imbalance, and other avoidable health problems especially if eaten in a consist daily bases. Raw Vegetables are hard to absorb for the same reasons, COOKING your vegetables not only increase BIO-AVAILABLE NUTRIENTS but also DEGRADES ANTI-NUTRIENTS thus making your vegetables more healthier and edible. If you want to be healthy, you have eat meat (grass-fed/finished, pasture-raised, No Hormones and Steriods) and shop Organic for literally everything. The Vegan diet is only going to cause you a Vitamin B12 and Zinc deficiency because these Nutrients are more present in Meats than vegetables. Please understand Meat (cooked) is just necessary just as Vegetables (cooked), and Fruit almost always makes a delicious healthy snack. All these are food for us and a gift from God made unique and beautiful, I wish you all a blessed day.

  12. Great! The only food I don't eat in this list is soy. We should never consume soy in any form it is extremely toxic and accumulates in our liver and joints even if isn't GMO. Stay away from soy.

  13. It all looks so beautiful and so are you! Absolutely stunningly good looking! The food also looks so fabulous, all things I usually eat, delicious looking, although I had to cut out the Goji berries, just got too addicted to them. Besides they’re a night shade and I was eating way way too many.

  14. My favorites and a staple for me are Sprouts, In particular Broccoli sprouts and Mixed Bean Sprouts. Since don’t have much time for prep and cooking anymore, I just buy there ready at Sprouts Farmers Market, each about $2. for a container with it, lasts at least 4-5 days. I buy multiple containers and stock up on these. So worth it have with breakfast daily, along with a couple small avocado slices and huge serving of deep power greens, large bag from Costco for $4.99 lasts about 5-6 days, I add greens to everything and most meals. Then a side plate of fresh blueberries with some kiwi…occasionally other fruits in season, like persimmon, cherries, papaya etc. Love all fruits.
    Very nice beautifully organized and produced video! Thank you. Great channel.

  15. I can't go a day without pasture-raised, organic meat, poultry, eggs and full fat dairy in addition to organic fresh vegetables, fermented kombucha and organic dairy yogurt, and berries. These nutrient-dense foods give me all the energy and nutrition my human body needs without any elevation of blood glucose and unhealthy insulin spikes. I'm not sure you could say that about eating stuff like oatmeal, rice and high sugar fruits such as bananas. Are you sure to buy organic soy, because otherwise it's genetically modified, which can't be good for anyone?

  16. Can you use kale instead of spinach for your smoothies?
    Spinach is rich in oxalate, which can cause kidney stones in susceptible individuals.

  17. Ugh thanks for the reminder that if we don’t treat our bodies right while we are young we will suffer later. I needed to hear that

  18. Ur video was awesome…but lets get to d point…how to get a girl like u….so calm,soothing voice,smiling face….couldnt concentrate anything wrt the video……..by d way ………………HOW U DOING ???…..dont say …….YUM YUM YUM…

  19. Whats the difference between a dietitian and a nutritionist? Can you please talk about binge eating disorder? Thanks:) Assalamualeikum

  20. #1 – pumpkin seeds hemp seeds sesam and other seeds
    #2 = very important! >>germinated wheat grains 1-2 mm
    #3 – pomegranate , blackberries, pumpkin fresh juice

  21. Wow, I’m all over this. Eat everything on that list ,every morning for breakfast. Plus lentils and quinoa. Fermented peppers and kombucha. Forgot to mention the moringa tea with goji berries and coconut oil.

  22. The omega 3 would be wonderful if it wasn't the wrong omega 3. The one your body needs is the one found in fish. The one from veggies can only be converted to the type you need in tiny, almost irrelevant amounts.

  23. So mindful of you to write "could" instead of "should." It's definitely appreciated. Shaming doesn't provide a solution, but this was really encouraging instead.

  24. Hi Sadia! 🙂 I'm really interested in nutrition and health and your videos definitely fueled my passion.
    I think about to study "nutrition science" but I'm not sure if these studies are as great as they sound. Did anyone here have studied it (or something similar) and can tell me about how you liked it? 😊

  25. Very nice video. Clear information. I personally prepare the flax with water, like a milk, then I add that "milk" to my coffee, yogurt, smoothies etc.

  26. Most soy in the U.S. is genetically modified and incredibly toxic. Soy also mimics estrogen and can cause problems including anxiety (estrogen has an upper effect). I would recommend people research soy and especially gmo soy before consuming or at least make sure the label says "non-gmo". If a peri menopausal woman consumes soy isoflavones without a blood test to see what levels her estrogen and progesterone are at, she could go into severe estrogen dominance and have such high anxiety she might consider suicide. It's really no joke.

  27. You look extremely healthy. I have always tried to eat healthy but had a bad sugar addiction. I have incorporated all the foods you mentioned in my diet over the last several years. Cancer made me pay more attention to nutrition as it is one of the few things you have control off. A nice neighbor cooked for me for Thanksgiving but I had to throw most away because it was heavy on the starch and saturated fat.

  28. Hallo Saida ik wilde gewoon vragen waar koop je in bulk? Ik woon in Nederland, dus ben ik altijd waar ik kan?

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