5 INGREDIENT RECIPES for EASY DINNERS to MAKE at HOME with TWO Large Family Moms (18 kids ๐Ÿ˜…TOTAL!)

5 INGREDIENT RECIPES for EASY DINNERS to MAKE at HOME with TWO Large Family Moms (18 kids ๐Ÿ˜…TOTAL!)

– Hello, hello, so we are making, I think five, grumble free recipes. Actually all of these
recipes are five ingredients or less except for one, but that one just needs a few extra cans. So Tricia is organizing the
groceries that she picked up. What was your total for these by the way? – I think like $87. – $87, hi here’s Tricia by the way. – Hi.
– In today’s video, yay, you’ve been seeing all kinds
of Tricia, Tricia, Tricia. So we’re gonna organize
the groceries based on meal and then get going with all of this. So we’re gonna do taco soup, we’re doing pizza chicken,
I’m excited about that. We’re doing pork verde, we’re
doing easy enchilada casserole and we’re doing Grandma’s Mexican rice. And Tricia even got, because
we’re being super festive, she got us a fiesta banner
that we’re gonna hang up for our giant lunch. – Gonna have a party. – Yes gonna have a party. And so all my kids love it when Miss Tricia comes to
visit they got some candy. – I give them some candy.
– That’s right. For any of these recipes
just look in the first link in the description below,
Tricia has a brand new free book for you, and
of course she also has “The Grumble Free Year”,
that’s out now as well. But get her free book ’cause she’s got over 30 years of mama experience, and a whole lot of wisdom for us all. Here is what Tricia has to say about her Grumble Free recipes. Again, five ingredients or less. Number one, recipes are cost effective. Two, recipes have ingredients
that she has on hand, so of course this is at her house, so she had to buy this stuff and bring it, but usually it’s stuff you have at home. – Yes.
– And it looks like stuff I probably would have had too if we were, we have a lot of kids so we
can’t coordinate too much okay. So she said should I just put
in a Walmart grocery order, and I said yeah, do that,
no thinking involved here. They’re all recipes she has
taught her kids to make, recipes take less then
15 minutes to prepare, which means less grumbling for mom, and these recipes all
feed a lot of people. – Yes they do. – And yeah good deal,
and they’re all recipes her kids like so that’s
less grumbling on them. So miss Tricia’s gonna tell
us what’s going on here. – Okay so this is for the pizza chicken, all it is, is the chicken
thighs, a can of pasta sauce, pepperoni, and cheese, and I
like to cook the chicken thighs in chicken broth I just
think it makes it richer. – [Jamerrill] Perfect. – So we’re going to do that super easy. Like look at all this… – [Jamerrill] I know, that’s it. And that is truly five ingredients. Okay, any mom can do that. – Yes, so, the taco of
soup has a bit little more, I think it has seven ingredients. – [Jamerrill] Sure. Yes. – So we’re going to end
up frying the ground beef, and then all this other stuff
just just dumps in there. – [Jamerrill] Oh yes. – We have pinto beans,
Ro-Tel, chili beans, and corn. And then a packet of ranch dressing mix, and taco seasoning mix and then when it’s done we serve it with my kids like Frito more
than tortilla chips. – [Jamerrill] Oh my, yes. – And then sour cream. – [Jamerrill] My kiddos will
be like “What is this world?” (both laugh) – Okay, easy enchilada
casserole, we just have tortillas and we’re going to have
some of the ground beef so this is going to serve two recipes. – [Jamerrill] Okay. – Re-fried beans, tomato
sauce, we’re going to make our own enchilada sauce. I’m going to show you how easy it is. – [Jamerrill] Okay, okay. Get ready. – Don’t even need to buy the canned. – [Jamerrill] Get ready folks. – And then the cheese is
going to be on top, so again that’s all you need for our recipe. – [Jamerrill] Love it. – Pork verde, we’re going
to end up dicing this up it’s going to be bite size pieces – [Jamerrill] Okay. – And then we’re going
to mix in tomato sauce green chili, it’s nice green chilis and then this if for the pork but, and then cheddar cheese there and it makes a sauce that
we will serve over the rice. – [Jamerrill] Oh okay, yum.
– Yeah. – [Jamerrill] Okay, then last.
– The last one. This is a family recipe here So the first time it’s
been out in the world. – [Jamerrill] Okay. And this is grandma’s. – Grandma’s Mexican rice
– [Jamerrill] So this video, if they’re new. Tell them who grandma is real quick. – So my 90 year old grandma lives with me.
– [Jamerrill] Yes. – And she’s lived with us for 20 years. – [Jamerrill] Wow.
– And growing up my mom was a single mom so I spent a lot of time at grandma’s house and
she would always cook. So every holiday, every Sunday
she was in there cooking and of my favorite things
is this Mexican rice. – [Jamerrill] Okay, wonderful – So every time we go to
a restaurant, she’s like “They don’t know how to make the rice.” – [Jamerrill] Right, right. Grandma knows. Let me show you how
grandma makes the rice. So we’re going to have some beef broth. You can use chicken broth if you’d rather. I mean you could even use the
chicken broth from the thighs if you want to.
– [Jamerrill] Oh yeah! – And so we have tomato sauce, rice, and onion, and cilantro. And really it’s in the preparation. – [Jamerrill] Sure. – There’s some steps,
key steps along the way. – [Jamerrill] Okay so you all
are getting Grandma’s secret. – Grandma’s secrets this time.
– [Jamerrill] Okay. Okay so Tricia and I are going to jump in and we’re going to make all this up. (happy music plays) – So Tricia’s chopping an onion, I just got the chicken
thighs, and let’s see how many pounds were these chicken thighs. well you guys can get
the recipe, but this was 4.64 pounds, she paid $1.26 per pound. So it’s $5.85 for that pack. Anyway, just put them
all in the instant pot, with a cup of the chicken broth. Now we’re going to get the lid
on and let this get cooking. Again, she’s at the
vegetable chopping station. And now she said they
take the skin off of the chicken thighs, but we’re
going to cook them first, and then we’ll take it
off when we’re done. (beeping noises) Oh look at her beautiful chopping. So while we’re going we’re
going to tell you some stories. Tricia has a story about
her enchilada casserole and however that came to be so here we go. – Every holiday my grandma
would make enchiladas. and it is quite a long process
because she would make her home made tortillas, she would
do all her meat, and then you actually have to prepare
the tortillas before we roll them, and it takes a while. Now, our family loves
enchiladas and I cook them for holidays Grandma’s
way, with all the rolling and making stuff, and all the long process but, sometimes we just want an in between. And so this is why I figured
out this enchilada casserole, that we can do super
quick, just on a week night it has the same flavor. I mean it’s not Grandma’s
home made tortillas and stuff. But it has the same flavor
and so our family loves it. We can just throw it in, the kids like it, because they, we’re going to make layers so we’re going to do the tortillas, then a layer of beans, then a
layer of meat with the sauce and they like spreading
the beans on the tortilla. So, they like making the layers. So it’s super easy for them to do. So this is like the cheater way. – [Jamerrill] Yes
– Grandma sorry, but I made a cheater way. But this meat is going to be both for the enchilada casserole,
and the taco soup. – [Jamerrill] Okay
– And taco soup is another one and actually my, one of my
editors gave me the recipe years ago, I was working on an article for HomeLife Magazine, and Tracy, who’s one of the editors there. And we were talking
about what we’re making for dinner, and she said
“Taco soup with corn bread”. And I said oh I need the recipe so this recipe came from Tracie. – [Jamerrill] Yay. Thank you Tracie. – Thank you Tracie. But we probably have it oh at
least a couple times a month. Because it’s one of those
things if I have ground beef already frozen, which
I get what 10 pounds, or 20 pounds at a time. Cook it all up, keep individual
packages in the freezer. Then I can just get it all
out, put it in the Instapot, put all the cans in, and it’s good to go. And it doesn’t have to be the Instapot. I like the Instapot because
if I do it in the morning it just stays warm all day. And sometimes I’ll do it in the crock pot or you can just do it
on a pan on the stove. So, it just needs to be warm. And then I took this to
one of my writer’s retreats I get to go there every Summer
with some other novelists You might know some of them. Like Robin Lee Hatcher, and Brandy Collins and we always have a
retreat, and we plot books. And taco soup is now on our menu that we do every year
because it is so easy. – More use for the Ikea
pot, I’m going to just get that going on the back. – I need one of those. – Yes I want to say because
see it fits on the stove nice, even though it doesn’t take a lot of room I think that’s what I’m trying to say. I’m trying to say that
you all can probably tell me in the comments. I don’t know if I paid $40 for that, or $30, or $20 (laughs) – Are you serious? – Yeah but you guys probably have Ikea – No we don’t. (gasps) – So the nearest Ikea is,
there’s one in Memphis which is like 2 and a half hours. – [Jamerrill] Oh that’s so worth it. Go. – Really? – Yes, I drive an hour
and a half to get to Ikea and it’s just wonderful. It’s all my hopes and dreams always – So and I never thought,
I didn’t know I was going to be in Ikea person like that. – Oh my goodness. – But I am. What point do you put the taco seasoning and the ranch in there? – You can put it in now. – Okay. Okay can-opener, don’t let me down. (machine running noise) – Good job can-opener – Good job can-opener, you can do it. (laughs) (tin banging noise) – Okay. – And you can do this with a pork roast or sometimes you can get the pork meat that’s already cooked there. – Oh yes. And sometimes that ends up being not that much more expensive for it done. – No. – And then sometimes it’s just like well I’ll just cut it myself. (laughs) – Or you can get pork chops. Like it doesn’t matter. – Okay, so any kind of pork. – Any kind of pork. – So the link for all of
these 5 ingredients or less although we’re putting
in a full extra cans in the taco soup. Will be linked down below. – So one of the fun things
is, John and I wanted to have a party and having
meals around the table. Now this came after years, because when we first got married, I really didn’t know how to cook. Like my Grandma cooked all the time. – [Jamerrill] Ah yes. – And then my mom cooked. She didn’t make as much home made stuff and so she was always cooking
so I really didn’t either I’d help her sometimes but not really. – So when John and I got
married I loved having home cooked meals, but didn’t
really know how to cook. And I got the Betty Crocker,
you know the red and white cover book. – [Jamerrill] Oh yes. – So I still use that some times. But, I started making recipes, and I also, got like cooking
magazines from the store and one of the recipes
was like a harvest stew. And it had like the
meat and the vegetables. And one of the things that
it called for, was grapes. – [Jamerrill] Okay (laughs)
How is John handling that? – So I put it in the slow cooker. Not thinking about it, like
grapes just gives it a kind of sweet taste which now I
know John does not like sweet mixed with savory. But raisins when they stew all day turn to grapes. – [Jamerrill] Okay – And so, they were hot, yucky grapes. – So, no grapes. – No raisins or grapes in your stew. – It just doesn’t taste good. And so John will still tease
me about that some times. – Tricia and I, while she’s
been here this weekend, we’ve been doing Instagram questions, and again just all the fun videos. – Yeah – But one of the questions,
we probably have 10 times. And these mamas are asking, now that you’re talking about grapes: “How do you deal with picky
eaters, or plates left with food for little ones, and how do you teach table manners?” – Oh that’s good – So teach us Tricia. – Okay. – Picky eaters. – So we had a very picky eater. We had one, she’s 27 now. – So she lived. She lived. – She lives in Czech
Republic, which has all kinds of interesting food so she goes over to people’s houses and what we did with picky eaters, is first
of all I try to make things that generally everyone likes. – [Jamerrill] Right, right, right. – There’s stuff that she didn’t like. The thing is, that they
always had to try it. – [Jamerrill] Yes. – So if I knew something,
if they didn’t like it, or if maybe she wouldn’t like it, because she doesn’t like
onions, and different things. She had to at least try it. But I would make sure
that there was enough of other things, and one
thing that really helped me was one time I did an article on this, and I talked to a
nutritionist, and she said “You know, we give kids often
more food than they need.” – Yes. – And so really start
with a couple teaspoons of each different kind of things. They have to try everything. – They don’t have to like everything. Because I remember when I was little, I didn’t like onions.
– Right, right – I didn’t eat somethings that now I do. – Right. Give me onions (laughs) – They have like full taste buds. Like their taste buds are young and fresh. – Yes. – So sometimes it’s just
too strong for them. – Okay.
– So we’d have our kids try everything and then
realize like sometimes, it’s just not going to be their thing. But they have to, at least
eat a couple tablespoons of different things. And when they’re little,
that’s all they need. – I think that sometimes
we give them too much food. And we’re trying to
require too much of them. Now we always made our
kids sit at the table, – So none of this running around, and coming to take a bite. – Well we have the 2 year
old on the high chair. – And also we made sure, and
I made sure if they had an afternoon snack it did not
have a lot of sugar in it, because that kind of fulls their bellies, or give them juice in the afternoon. – So if they have juice in
the afternoon, that gives, that spikes their sugar, and
then they don’t feel hungry, and then we’re sitting them at the table, with stuff that doesn’t even look good, and then wanting them to eat. – So really it is in the
afternoon a head of time, making sure they’re not
getting a lot of sugar. – So you do like a little protein snack? – A protein snack, yeah. You can do some nuts or cheese. You can do fruit, like cut up apples, or those types of things. And that has a little bit
of sugar, but not a lot. – [Jamerrill] Liam, just
brought me, a little friend. – Check out the chicken through my shirt. – [Jamerrill] Giganta,
Giganta-Chicken is this one’s name. One of our hens, oh she loves it. She is all snuggled down in there Liam. These can easily be doubled,
and tripled, and you can have a full stock pot of taco soup,
you can have a whole lot of pizza chicken, you can have
a whole lot of any of this. Just make it work for you. (downbeat music plays) – [Jamerrill] So pork’s almost done. – Yes. – [Jamerrill] And then,
chicken almost done. Come on chicken. – And then we’re going to put
the rice in the Instant Pot, which is my favorite thing to do ever. – [Tricia] Yeah, easy – [Jamerrill] And then taco soup is done. Tricia was saying, it’s
like a thick chili. – [Tricia] Yes. – [Jamerrill] Smells fantastic. We’re going to put toppings on it. – [Tricia] Put sour cream, and cheese, and eat it
with the Frito chips. – [Jamerrill] Wow my kids will love this. Look, Zion hung up. Yeah he did it looks beautiful. He put up our festive banner. – [Tricia] Super cute. – [Jamerrill] It does look cute. So we’re going to leave
it in here for 6 months, and then the girls will
probably hang it in their room. (laughs) – [Tricia] I love it – So Tricia was telling me she
also brought “grumble free” bracelets, for the kids. So I have to see what these look like. – So, they just. They’re grumble free. I think they’re glow in the dark. – [Jamerrill] Oh fun. – We’ll see. I thought they are. – [Jamerrill] We will test this. – So grumble free on one side, and then I can do all things through him – [Jamerrill] Oh that’s perfect – Because really, we can’t do
anything in our own strength. – [Jamerrill] That’s right. – [Tricia] And that’s why
I try to teach the kids, – Like we can ask God for help. – [Jamerrill] Okay, so
we’re draining the pork. What do we mix with the pork? – Okay we’re going to
add in the tomato sauce. And the green chilis,
and then stir that in, and then once that’s together, we’re going to add in the grated cheese. – [Jamerrill] Oh, yum. – That’s so easy. – [Jamerrill] And then
we’re doing the rice, yes. Tricia just said that we
need the can-opener so. (laughs) – Get the can-opener. – I know how to handle this bad boy. Let’s see if we get cooperation. (laughs) (engine roaring noise) – Oh that time it just… – There we go. – So we add the pork, and then we just added the
tomato sauce, the green chilis, and the grated cheese, and this cheese just needs
to melt a little bit more. – [Jamerrill] Yum. – [Tricia] So I’m just going to leave it on a low temperature – [Jamerrill] Okay – [Tricia] And it makes this
yummy, creamy, Meixicany sauce. Whatever works. – [Jamerrill] Okay. – One of his favorite things. – [Jamerrill] Can’t wait
to eat a lot of that. – Tricia’s going to do
home made enchilada sauce, and show us how easy that is this is a little bigger than 9 by 13. – It’ll be perfect, it’ll be fine. – Okay, because you all know
I never know the size of this, but it’s mine. A little bit bigger than 9 by 13 pan. – We’ll need to spray the bottom. – You need a bowl? Okay, so we just have regular
old Walmart tomato sauce. – Right. Now I put the actual measurements, but this is how I cook at home. – Yeah, dump, that’s what I do. (laughs) – It’s about 2 tablespoons. – Yeah, if you want the proper
recipe, which I know you do, link in the description. She’ll tell you exactly
how many tablespoons. We do eyeballing school. – We do. – Yeah. – So we have, that was chili powder, and just tomato sauce, put
some, about 2 tablespoons of chili powder, and then
we’re going to add some cumin. I’m just going to take the seal off again. But we need a half a
cup of water in there. – Okay. – And then like a little whisk. – All right. – And you can start whisking that up. So you know when they
have cooking shows on TV, like they already have the
measurements of all the spices and prep and stuff. – This is cooking… – This is like, yeah, this
is mom, real life mom stuff. – This is mom cooking here. – I was eyeballing that half a cup, okay. – We’re going to put in a little cumin. – Like maybe a tea spoon? – Yeah, about a teaspoon
or half a tablespoon, or I don’t know. – Just dump a little less
cumin than chili powder (laughs) – Heavy on the chili powder, little on the cumin. – I started whisking. – That’s all you. Whisk it up. And it’s already done. So we’re going to actually
mix that with the meat. – Okay. Okay. – You don’t have to, if
you want to do the meat, and then put the sauce on top. We can do either one. – I’m going to put the meat in here. – Yeah – That’s my little rigged up
still in the colander meat. – I mean how easy was that? So don’t buy the enchilada sauce. – Right. – Just chili powder,
cumin, and tomato sauce. And water. – Perfect. – All right, so that is in the go, so we’re going to start with… – This is reminding me
of, oh I’m losing meat. – I’m flinging stuff
around, getting excited. – We’re going to do a layer of tortillas, oh we need the can-opener again. – Oh okay, well I know how
to talk to that can-opener – And it kind of just piles in on top of each other. So you know you don’t
have to be perfect here. These are nice tortillas. – Good job, she didn’t
have to go down to Walmart. – Yeah. Oka, and then we’re going
to put a layer of beans (machine roaring noise) a layer of the meat, and enchilada sauce make sure, and then a layer of cheese. Now one of our girls can’t do dairy. – Okay. – So taco soup has no dairy. and then the, well the ranch
might have a little bit, but it’s not enough to bother her. – Okay. – I believe, I take some for the pork without the cheese, and I
will set that inside for her. She likes it like that. and the enchiladas, when I make it, I’ll just leave the strip at one end that doesn’t have the cheese in it. And she can eat those. – So, there you go dairy free adaptations. – Yeah. – I’m just gonna… – And then I’m thinking all
of this should freeze well. – Yeah, everything should freeze well. – Perfect. – Hey, you can even make
the taco soup ahead of time, and then keep it in there. – Yeah so the taco soup,
I mean you could just make it like that, and dump it in a bag and put it in the freezer and then set it out on
the day you need it. You could it back in the
slow cooker and warm it. – Put it on the stove. – Or like I’ve done before,
just have the meat already done and then dump everything in there. – Yay. – Now my grandma’s home made enchiladas, she does not do re-fried beans. – Okay. – Inside, she doesn’t do any beans. In her home made enchiladas. But this is just like,
sticks to your bones better for all these kids. – Yes. (laughs) Get some beans in there – We’re just making some
beans and you like it. – Okay it’s coming together Tricia. – The second layer is done
of the enchilada casserole, all we have to do is
stick this in the oven for 400 for about 15 minutes because everything is
cooked, we just need to all melt it together, get it really yummy. – Love it. I guess I’m being bossy and I’m jumping in trying to do pizza chicken. (happy music plays) – Okay guys, so of course I’m
opening up my oven real quick. But look how beautiful those are so that’s the enchilada casserole, and then the chicken pizza, yum. Tricia is going to let us know Grandma’s secret if you want. – Okay. – This is Grandma’s secret – Grandma’s recipes. So, in the big pot, we have just vegetable oil on the bottom. And I’m going to start
putting the onions in there, And then we need pork up to that rice. – Okay. – And we’re going to use the
chicken broth that we just pulled out of the pizza chicken. Sometimes I’ll save it and freeze it, sometimes I’ll use it then but that’s some good broth. We’re going to brown the rice. This is the secret to
grandma’s rice recipe – Okay, brown it. – We’re going to actually cook this until it is golden brown. With the onions and the oil. Now sometimes in the
Instapot when I do rice instead of water, I’ll do
beef broth or chicken broth. – And it makes it just extra. – Extra, extra. – So now that it’s golden brown, I’m actually going to
use that chicken broth, that we used from the Instapot earlier, and pour it on in there. And then you can use more chicken broth, or I have some beef broth here. Sometimes I’ll make it
with just beef broth. And then after all the broth is in there we’re going to add a can of tomato sauce. And we’re going to bring that to a boil, and then we’re going to add
my 2 favorite ingredients, chili powder, and cumin. – Yum. (laughs) – Okay, so we have the
rice, with the broth, with the chili powder, with cumin, and now, love cilantro. – Oh yeah. – Some people don’t like cilantro, you don’t have to put in cilantro, but we are going to put
in lots of cilantro. – Cilantro friendly house hold. – We are going to save some of this so, if we want to add it to
the top of taco soup, – Sounds perfect – Or even the enchilada casserole, you could throw some cilantro on there. – I’ve been working on setting the table. We’ve got the enchilada
casserole out there, this is the pizza chicken. Yum, gonna set that out. I was telling her about the bowl. You all know the bowl. The bowl she needs in her life. So and also where I store it, cause that’s also the mystery. Jamerrill where you put it? So this is my smaller, I think. I just need this, like this is amazing. This is a great one, but wait there’s more. (laughs) (metal crashing noises) – Okay, it’s coming, it’s coming. (laughs) – We could cook so much Mexican rice. – I know. Grandma would be so proud. (laughs) – So this is 30 quarts. And I want to say it was $30 on Amazon. – Oh my lord – And, in the reviews people
use this for a shower bowl, and to bathe children in (laughs) and so, you all with my cooking, Hold on, one second sweetie. I grow out of these bowls, and
this is just the way to go. – Yeah. – And then I stack them all together. – I love it. – And get them in here. (metal crashing noises) – Yeah. – Mommy. – We’re going to have a party. Here is how, oh boy. You’re ready to eat? Okay let me show. So we’ve got our enchilada casserole, our pizza chicken, the pork Verde, we have grandma’s special Mexican rice, taco soup, candy. Fun, so much fun. Okay, so here is my
lunch, I’ve got taco soup, Grandma’s Mexican rice,
enchilada casserole. Tricia you’ve got all kinds
of wonderful things there, – Enchilada casserole and rice. – Yum. The kids are having a variety of things. Grandmother’s eating things, Amelia is having no complaints, and, Hi. – I’m ready to eat. – Eat. (laughs) He’s like let me eat. So this is Benjamin’s third plate of Grandma’s Mexican rice. He approves. (happy music play)

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