5 of the Best Street Food Finds in London

5 of the Best Street Food Finds in London

(mellow electronic music) – [Narrator] Welcome to London,
a city steeped in history and known for its iconic landmarks. British cuisine might
not be world renowned, but the city is full of great food that extends way beyond
its classic fish and chips. First up, an American
classic with an Indian twist. A Londoner’s favorite. (mellow electronic music) (laughing) – [Narrator] Next up, head
to the windy streets of Soho and check out this small hole in the wall serving up a traditional
Chinese breakfast dish. (mellow electronic music) – [Narrator] Tucked away
in a south London market is a chip shop that isn’t
always playing by the rules. – [Narrator] Back towards the city center you’ll find a Brazilian classic, using an ingredient
we’ve never seen before. – [Narrator] And finally, for a twist on a traditional arepa, there’s only one place we
recommend for this one. It’s this spot. (mellow electronic music) (electronic dinging)

100 thoughts on “5 of the Best Street Food Finds in London

  1. As awesome as all of this food looks, and all of the people commenting saying what would we do without immigrants. It's really sad though that old tradition Customs get to be pushed out. And the best foods to eat or no longer from London at all why even call it best places to eat at London it just doesn't feel like a London video

  2. So basically a load of chucked together stuff to make a mess. Something anyone can do at home. Tastes good no doubt. "Different textures and flavours". Zzz. Yeah, it's called food.

  3. Everything looked like shit, with all the sauces and fried bits and excessive salt.
    Evidently health is not a concern with these presentations!
    I PASS!!!

  4. I can't believe the stuff i'm reading on here!First of all,I think it's nice to have such a wide variety of food from all over the world,it allows one an opportunity to sample something new👍
    .But this idea that without the influx of immigrants(those who have mostly arrived around the late 90's)all the locals(and i'm one of those,even though i no longer live there!)w/b eating is "Fish&Chips","Beanz on Toast"etc is complete ignorent BS. You always had a large selection of food from around the world,so the Brits were hardly culinary Philistines!.
    But even if their tastes may have been somewhat staid&old fashioned,that really is nobody else's business,but the theirs!
    The last thing u need is new arrivals pointing out&criticising British culinary preferences..That's very rude&ignorent and demonstrates a major lack of respect,which hardly fosters&encourages good relations!

  5. Okay so all the good and popular food comes from non-natives. London got lucky, thanks to the immigrants they got good food despite of some anti-immigration rant.

  6. British people are know for their bad food and bad cooking skills but let me tell you something, I’ve lived in London and I absolutely love the street food markets, they sell the most delicious and incredible foods ever!! Next time I will definitely try out these places

  7. I don’t understand how England has been around for over 1,000 years with a very rich history…

    But they couldn’t make any good British food !

  8. Thanks for letting me know. I will be in London soon and I will search these places out. I look forward to gaining some weight. And a thumbs down to anyone who says that English food is bad. Its not. And don't forget to eat in a Curry house!

    Every time I go to London I ask a cabbie to take me to the best place to eat my favorite English sandwich. It the bacon sandwich with HP sauce on it. Its usually a street vendor where cabbies go for coffee. Many tourist pass these places by.

  9. Why no English food on this list? You put foods that originate from the country whose city you are showcasing in every other one of these segments, but not the English one, or the French one. These foods are all foreign. Why?

  10. The stuffed arepa is the traditional Venezuelan arepa! The Colombian arepa never gets full! the meat, cheese or whatever is placed on top of arepa! I have heard that in some parts of Colombia they have begun to fill the arepas as on the San Andres coast and in Barranquilla, precisely because of the strong influx of Venezuelans in that country ! but the stuffed arepa are from Venezuela, not from Colombia!

  11. U gotta try Jianbing everyone…………From your English cousins abroad in Australia it is very cheap for us to fly to China these days. Yes, everyone eats Jianbing for breakfast in China and it is delicious. Brits gave us the meat pie and fish and chips and they are yummy but it is nice to taste something a little different.Like londoners we have many Italian, Greek, Middle Eastern and Thai immigrants so we get a lot of food from these countries but our Chinese food ( like London Chinese restuarants isn't really Chinese) Jianbing is and it is yummy and relatively healthy too.

  12. If the tickets from Amsterdam to London are cheap i directly come there it lookes so delicious 👍🏻😍😋 i support all of that chefs make more of that maybe one day i visit London and taste of every kind delicious food 👍🏻👍🏻❤️❤️😍😍😘😘😋😋😋🤩🤩🤩

  13. If I'm traveling to the UK, I want traditional British food, if I wanted foreign cuisine, I'd travel to their countries. 😝😝😝

  14. ‘British cuisine might not be world round’
    I fucking hate the stereotype of britain having awful food. Its a myth created by the fact of the extreme rationing during and after world war two which left a lot of people with barely anything to cook with.
    Want some examples?
    Roast beef (or pretty much 99% of anything that is roasted)
    Christmas dinner
    Meat pies
    Chicken tikka masala
    English muffins
    Bakewell tarts
    Roly poly
    Apple pie
    Apple crumble
    Carrot cake
    Coconut ice
    Literally just fruit crumbles in general also
    Eves pudding
    In short, britain used to be as famous as france for its cuisine. Maybe not now since all those stereotypes, but it used to be.

  15. a massive congratuletions to all the hard workers that work most of their day in these kind of resteurants and bring the best food

  16. Greek halloumi cheese from Greece?? U kiddin right? Its Cypriot! Even Greeks will tell you that it's a Cypriot product.

  17. Any big cities has a similar pearls on the street, all you need is to find it and enjoy it. Thanks for sharing, I am on the way to try some 👍

  18. Having been to Baba Gs in Camden Market, I can vouch that it is indeed delicious. The burgers have a really nice and fairly strong mix of flavours (I'd recommend the Lamb Alfrezi burger) plus they come with fries (again with a indian inspired flavour) which it makes for a great meal. Just keep in mind Camden Market closes at 6 so either go for lunch or a very early dinner. Make sure to go hungry!

  19. tried first one – too damn spicy..! even though i knew i was about to try something indian, still overly hot to my taste. i mean there was no taste, just burning

  20. If you don't get stabbed to death, run over by car and beheaded with a kitchen cleaver by ISIS-Terrorists in London, you might be able to get some of these delicious snacks.

  21. Can highly recommend Baba G's! London itself is a streetfood paradise. Just wondering around you'll come across so many varieties!

  22. There's a definite cultural cringe exposed here… In the Tokyo episode you show the Japanese standard dishes, but in the London episode you cannot show the British standard dishes… White culture is not culture.

  23. London is a unique city! Where you can get good food from over the world! Don't forget the local bacon sandwiches, roast & Yorkshire pudding…I think, if you travel for food tasting London comes second compare to Singapore….

  24. Let me show you some "British" cuisine.
    So, first we have this… American, uh.. burger… with a little bit of uh… Indian…in it?

  25. I think after looking at the Food the Bugure and tapiyoka looks nourishing and filling.Hopre somday I will get to visit and eat to my heart's content.

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