5000 Calorie Chocolate Challenge

5000 Calorie Chocolate Challenge

Welcome to the Gannit Lounge! Today… Because I LOVE chocolate! And like, I’ve got a problem.. Seriously! I’ve been challenged to eat this 850 gram bar of chocolate! There’s actually a challenge that’s like a snickers challenge That’s 450 grams! People struggle with that one so… We tried to find the snickers online but…? What did you have for breakfast this morning Lynny? Two erm cookie dough kit-Kat chunky’s! It looks beautiful! Go and hold that up to the camera! No! JONNO! It’s gonna be heaven for about, a quarter… I’d say! I’m still enjoying it! Why would they have one so big, what would it be for? Sharing!.. Yeah sharing! Yeah sharing… SHARING! No I’m alright buddy! I just don’t trust where your fingers have been! (LAUGHING) What has Gannit Lounge become!? Sat round drinking tea and eating chocolate! Welcome to the formal lounge! Welcome to the ??? lounge! Ya don’t get full!… It’s just like a sickly feeling in your mouth! Like all that sugar! I don’t think there’s that much sugar in it!… In fact, I’m gonna work it out! 544 percent of his daily sugars! (LAUGHTER) You’re eating a weeks worth of sugar! Smells really good! I know I want some… I really want some! Do you think that’s a bit over the top!? No! Not really.. All you food porn lovers out there… Snapchat me! (FARTS) Aww again! F**ks sake! Puuussy! You are a chicken if you do not finish this challenge! Chicken fo’ life yo! 3 2 1 GO! I’m not ticklish! I nearly sent you through the door! I know, I was more worried about the lights! I can’t tell ya… How sickly it is now! (BURPS) I’ve got thirty six pieces left! You can do that! Thirty six little pieces of regret… Ssssshhhh He’s just gone to the toilet… We’re gonna have one piece each! So he can’t complete the challenge! (LAUGHS) It’s so cruel! (LAUGHING) I feel really guilty now! (LAUGHING) I proper don’t! This is his idea! No… He played me like a fool! (LAUGHS) We’re not gonna tell him either, wait till he sees the video! (LAUGHING) It’s so sickly this I’ve just had to go for an emergency poo! Cos there’s nothing worse than eating and needing a poo… You just need to eat it! There’s like, two bites! You have two bites and then you’re done! I’m gonna buy these two a bar! We won’t make a little bitch meal out of it! I want you to say as much stuff like that as you can! Can’t wait! Pussy! (BURPS LOUDLY) Arrrrggghh! (POPPING NOISES) That chocolates making you its bitch! Tame the chocolate buddy! How much does a small bar of dairy milk weigh? 45 grams!.. Is that all it is? Eighteen bars of chocolate!? I do that at Christmas… When I get a selection box I think we’ll revoke that ‘beast’ title Yeah definitely! Do it… I’ll get it back in no time! He’s nearly been at it an hour! You are gonna buy us one and were gonna make you look… Like a baby! I’ll automatically regain my beast title when you open this bar of chocolate and have about five squares! I’m finishing it, I’m not leaving it, I am finishing it! Just in my own time! Just lets have a minute! You can say that ive failed cow I’m taking ages, but I wanna eat it! IM NOT GOING ANYWHERE TIL IVE DONE! I’m NOT f*ckin leaving! F*cking hell! I don’t think you’ll do it!.. Right! Thanks for watching! Please subscribe to Gannit Lounge (LAUGHS) I’m scared these lights are going over! Blood will be shed!.. That’s one bite! I’ll be bleeding chocolate in a minute… (CHANTING) I’m not throwing up! I’m not throwing up! You fail if you throw up! It is one bite! Get some paracetamol ready please… So close! Oh my god, I’ve only got that much left… Come on you chicken! (CLUCKING LIKE CHICKENS) I’m so close to throwing up (BURPING) (GROANING) All in one! There’s four pieces left! I’m gonna tickle you! No your not, NO please Fourty five seconds… Then I’m taking you to tickle town! Come on just be sick already! Cos… You’re not gonna do it! Yes!! Well done! (APPLAUSE) well done buddy! Every single square! He don’t look very well! Do you want some more chocolate? (Laughing) You want some cheesecake? thanks for watching! Thank you! Give him a thumbs up! If not for this pussy video, for the one last week! I was lying earlier, there’s no way I could eat all that! SUBSCRIBE to Gannit Lounge! Is that a pube? BOO!!! Why is there a pube on your ear!? I bet it’s not a pube!.. Thank you to new subscribers! Cameron Vick! MHplays Lucy Lloyd thank you! If your name doesn’t get read out, obviously we’re just, just scrolling through… We do apologise! Jasmine Bluett! Jessica (INAUDIBLE) Arianna and Amy! So obviously we’ve got a dual subscription going on!.. Yeah, get on separate accounts girls! Lol No we like it! Yeah we do like it! Steven swift! Megan Stevens! Justin Dubois! Dubois! The insomniacs! We appreciate your subscription! Charlotte field and Amber hale!

38 thoughts on “5000 Calorie Chocolate Challenge

  1. 2:28 HAHAHAHAHA Can't blame one for having gas after so much chocolate, huh Lynny? Awesome video, dudes! Can't wait to see more from you. You could try doing the chicken nugget challenge or eating 1/2 large pizza(s). Keep up the good work! 🙂

  2. Well done Lynny, thought you might create a lovely chocolate fountain at one point 😉 Hope the sugar rush was good!

  3. It's called video editing on of the guys cannot name him has allergy cheating gay boys my high college one had his mums knickers in his bag got caught by teacher he said he like to smell piss dirty chavs

  4. my sister once bet me that she could eat a giant toblerone in one evening. She couldn't. maybe you should try, if you can still buy them

  5. i eat chocolate dairy milk with halzenut inside right now then i was wondering did chocolate had challenge like pizza ,smoothie and etc and yeah life great

  6. i prefer a light sunday lunch! so i can save my dessert for later on in my bubble department 🍫🍫🍫

  7. Well done dude! god i would throw up by 10 squares of chocolate XD ilysmmm i have subscribed and liked this video, i hope you guys can get 1,000 subscribers soon xo again well done xx

  8. I tried to win one in an arcade it didn't even work properly all the machine did was poke it they're probably scams, it was dusty I don't even think there's any chocolate inside it

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