[Hong Kong Street Food Montage 2019] Top 6 Must Try Street Food in Hong Kong 2019 Hong Kong is most definitely one of my favourite
places in the world besides the fact that Hong Kong has amazing
shopping, people are quite friendly, one of the main reasons why i keep coming
back at least once ever year is because Hong Kong, in my opinion has one of the best food
scene in the world and for today’s episode, we are going to be
trying the top Hong Kong street food that you absolutely have to try
and before we start make sure you subscribe if you haven’t already, and stay till the
end because we are going to be trying Hong Kong’s most divisive street food.
some people love them, some people hate them, there is no in between.
make sure you stick till the end, let’s go! [Must-Eat Hong Kong Street Food 2019 #1: ‘Cheung
Fun’: Steamed Rice Noodles] Ok so i’ve just arrived at Hop Yik Tai Cheung
Fun. so this is one of the best steam rice paper in Hong Kong
it’s quite a simple dish really; literally it is just steamed rice flour, rolled together
with peanut butter, sweet sauce, soy sauce and sesame seeds and that’s pretty much it
look at this – this is exactly what it looks like, absolutely slathered in sauce it is amazing, absolutely love it as you can tell by that massive line over
there, i’ll show you in a bit, how long that line is – i waited for about 15 minutes for
this, and every minute absolutely was worth it Ladies and gentlemen that is a wrap, this is the last cheung fun that i have – it’s
amazing [Must-Eat Hong Kong Street Food 2019 #2: ‘Put
Chai Ko’: Bowl Pudding] i’ve just got myself a Cake Pudding, which
is one of the most nostalgic Hong Kong street food. this is exactly what it looks like:
it’s steamed in like a bowl and then it’s got like red beans in the pudding itself.
it feels quite dense, it’s a gelatin type substance – and this amazing little dessert
costed $9 Hong Kong dollars but um, let’s give this a try man, this brings back so many childhood memories – it’s not too sweet, it definitely taste
like brown sugar – it’s a jelly type substance and you can really taste the red beans in
there, which doesnt add to the sweetness at all but it adds a really good texture to this
little dessert it is delicious, and i’m so happy right now
because this reminds me of my childhood – you cant beat a good put chai ko [Must-Eat Hong Kong Street Food 2019 #3: ‘Daan
Tart’: Egg Tarts] Ok this is the egg tart that i’ve just bought.
the special thing about this egg tart is it’s got 368 pastry layers. it’s $10 Hong Kong
dollars, which i think is a bit more expensive than all the other ones, but this is the one
that i like because it has a flakey crust and not a baked crust the crust is so flakey – like you can definitely tell that there are over 300 layers in that crust surprisingly it hasn’t crumbled all over my
plate – the actual egg is so smooth and it is very very creamy
please make sure you get an egg tart whenever you come to Hong Kong; it’s like a must get
snack [Must-Eat Hong Kong Street Food 2019 #4 & 5:
‘Siu Mai & Yu Daan’: Dumpling & Fish ball] So Siu Mais are essentially fish meat that’s
been like hit so many, many times, that’s why it’s so elasticky and then wrapped in
a wonton wrapper. this is different to the Yum Cha ones, this is fish, the yum cha one
is pork. it’s very chewy, i can definitely taste the
fish there, it’s just typical street siu mai – i love it
Next thing that you definitely have to try when in Hong Kong is the curry fishball. so
this is essentially a fish ball dipped in curry sauce the flavour of the curry is like overwhelming, it just covers every other taste. and that’s
what you’re here for – when you have a curry fish ball, you’re really there for the curry siu mais and curry fishballs are like the main characters of the street food scene in Hong Kong. if you come to Hong Kong and you want street food, make sure you get siu mais and fishballs. Must-Eat [Hong Kong Street Food 2019 #7: ‘Gai
Daan Jai’: Eggettes] This is the food that i am so extremely excited
about – this is called ‘Gai Daan Jai’ which is called Eggettes in english
essentially it’s like a western waffle but with more egg yolk and a bit sweeter as well
how you can tell it’s a good Gai Daan Jai is if it’s crunchy on the outside and soft
on the inside. This is what it looks like – could you hear
that crunch? this is a really good one – i love this so
much it is delicious – people add like different
sauces to it, but for me, i just like it original. it is impossible to get a good Gai Daan Jai
in Australia. and if you ever find one, it’s like 10 times the normal price
so whenever i come to Hong Kong, this is something that i absolutely have to get and that’s something
that you have to get too [Hong Kong Street Food 2019 #8: ‘Stinky Tofu] We are about to try the legendary… Stinky Tofu The smell is actually very, very prominent.
i can kind of smell it now. before when we were a few steps back i couldnt, but it smells
a bit like… i don’t like how to else to explain it, it smells like feet. ok so we have got, the stinky tofu. um, i think it stinks. and i can’t believe
i’m about to eat it – i’ve never had stinky tofu before, for that exact reason
so this is what it looks like it’s fried on the outside, and i think that
it is soft on the inside the smell actually isnt that bad close up,
but lets try what it tastes like. this is what it looks like
eating it isn’t actually that bad but there’s like a weird aftertaste to it
i actually dont think it’s that bad. the smell is not great but the actual taste, it doesn’t taste like what it smells i like how it’s really crunchy on the outside
and then inside it’s quite soft but then there is a weird after taste – i
don’t know how to feel about it you should definitely try for yourself and
then let me know how much you like it on a scale of 1-10.
Smells not great, tastes neutral – that is my final conclusion as i was walking away i found someone else who felt more strongly against the smell of
stinky tofu – look at the ground i promise that wasn’t me, that was someone
else mine’s still here and that is it for today – these are the must have street food whenever you visit Hong Kong. i’ll put a link in my description of all the places i’ve visited
thank you so much for sticking till the end, i post new videos every Friday so be sure
to check them out if you have time, i hope you have an awesome rest of the day, and i’ll
see you next Friday BYE!

26 thoughts on “6 MUST EAT STREET FOOD in HONG KONG 2019

  1. yea 🙂 great guide here 😀 – i hit some of the food spots there 😀 hehe – so are you back in syd now?

  2. Thank you! I have such fond memories of having cheung fun drenched in sweet hoisin sauce and topped with roasted sesame seeds on many a morning at an uncovered street corner stall before walking to school many, many years ago in Kowloon, Hong Kong. Another street food I miss is jee mah woo, sweet, thick, black sesame soup, served hot or cold. We could hear the roaming street hawker from our 7th floor public housing apartment and my father would take an empty pot down to buy enough to share with my family of six. That would be our seo yeah, night snack. Good times…

  3. Hi Janice, the weird after taste of the tofu are from the bad oil they used. Well presented, though there are much more local HK street food you should try.
    I recently complimented you on your vlog, also hope you will be the next Mark Weins for Australia. I also suggested Mikey Chan is a good vlogger, but one problem, you can't just simply put so much chilli sauce into everything you eat!
    Good job!

  4. I love watching you, especially when trying to describe how the stinky tofu tastes like which makes me not want to try it hahaha..

  5. I was pleasantly surprised by how tasty the stinky tofu was when I tried it once (after years of being put off by the smell). The problem is that the smell from the grease clings onto your clothes and you can smell it on you for weeks afterwards!

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