7 DAYS OF SEAFOOD BOIL Day 3 King Crab Legs | 7 Days of Blovelife Seafood Sauce | Meet and Greet

7 DAYS OF SEAFOOD BOIL Day 3 King Crab Legs | 7 Days of Blovelife Seafood Sauce | Meet and Greet

hi everybody and welcome to tasty
mukbang tasty mukbang tasty mukbang tasty tasty must bad baby y’all hi and
welcome welcome welcome to tasty my fame tasting with bein tasty mukbang tasty my
back tasty look bein eats yo i am here today with the third day of my seafood
boyo i am here with the beloved life seafood
sauce she gave me the season package at the houston meeting greet i have some
red bell peppers some Tomatoes some bald eggs some corn and some potatoes inside
the sauce and some shrimp and – yummy yummy yummy mmm mommy king crab legs
from Costco so let’s say our grain so we got a bag and father God I thank you for
this food that I’m about to receive I thank you for your blessings your mercy
in your grace I thank you for all of your provisions that you have made on my
life and I actually to look over my friends and family members on YouTube
the Lord I ask you to be with beautiful awesome during her time of loss of her
mother and I actually to comfort everyone out there precious Heavenly
Father who have lost a loved one in Jesus name I pray
Amy thank you Jesus so you guys I’m starving
this is my first meal of the day and you guys
oh I didn’t forget I forgot to bring the scissors over here my bad my bad you
guys if my belove sauce look a little spicy I mean
look a little watery it’s cuz I ate it more of the chicken broth because I
don’t use spicy food and it was a little too spicy for me even though I think
this is the Miele I’m not sure if I was supposed to put that whole season
package in there which I didn’t but half of it still was very spicy but it’s good
y’all don’t mistake don’t mistake it for not being good cuz
it’s still very highly seasoned I’m gonna take this corn and potato out of
here so it could be warming up somebody wanted me to eat more potatoes in my
other video but guys I always say the potatoes will last because I get full so
fast and I eat the stuff that I like the most fresh potatoes are always gonna be
the last on the list so I’m doing the 7 days of seafood boil and the seven days
of be love life sauce if you guys want to do any of those challenges let me
know if you want to do the 7 days of be love sauce you can eat it with whatever
you want you can eat it with corn on the cob or eggs let’s see football I did the
sauce before with fried ribs just as long as you feature to be loved like
sauce in the video for seven days you mentioned in your video that you’re
doing the tasty mukbang eats seven days well is seven days of below sauce by
tasty mukbang eat it makes you doing that look at in your title an engineer
in your video and let me know come and post a link in my comments I will watch
your video and give yourself it’s all good I should
have warmed up for ya let me go get my scissors before I get fool cuz this
ain’t gonna be a pretty sight you’re gonna be like that one OC football you
know crab legs can y’all tell me which one of my weeds yeah I like the most my
rib my purple one my real one with the ponytail on my red straight one or this
one or my ball Hey I don’t know why they don’t want to open
maybe i overcook them well yeah let me give a few shoutouts I
want to give a shout out to snack or uncut something snack a ryeong cut she’s
been watching my videos like crazy and commenting on my videos like snack and
uncut you know who you be leave a comment below so I copy in your comment
so everybody can know who you are you guys and I do peeing comments so make
sure that you delivering lots of comments sometime I get behind I don’t ping them right away oh maybe
this is how you do it oh came out I wanted to stay attached there you go to all my peeps out there
who wants what did I do with the lemon ah mmm yeah my back be hurtin cuz this but
still don’t have no support n plus I don’t have very good posture so now they want to see me eat a potato
even though I ate one I usually just eat one let that cool off
that’s hot how y’all doing today I don’t have any to talk about cuz I was
supposed to phone a subscriber but it’s like 2:00 in the morning Central Time
y’all let me know if y’all be up at 2:00 in the morning cuz I use this in my
videos at night so if you up at 2:00 in the morning Central Time and you want me
to phone you and call you in one of my videos go follow me on Instagram give me your phone number and let me
know that you want me to call you in a video cuz I didn’t know who was up this
time of night so and the person I was supposed to call
and nobody sleep my back is hurting I need to sit in a
chair that gives me support so I want to thank everybody for subscribing to my
channel now sometimes I’m really really crazy and sometimes I’m like very mellow and
relaxed if I’m ever mellow and laxed and I don’t talk too much in the video it’s
because I’m very very very very very tired today is kind of one of those days where
I’m targets but I think everybody that’s been
supporting minute I think pussy peen for collabing with me
and she posted the video that we did together on her channel the other day
and B loves life gave me a shout-out in her video the other day so that was
super cool that was super cool I might eat more
than one potato today do y’all get the meat after look law is the media now but I don’t know I got to learn how to do these with a
meet just come out so you guys yeah yeah I don’t say excuse me when I burp
because like I’m a burper and it’s a normal thing sorry you don’t wanna get Vince a regular everyday occurrence I was gonna ask y’all how many of y’all
have tried the queen crab before and if so where do you buy it from do you buy
yours from Sam’s Club you autumn online or do you or do you get them from Costco these are from Costco everybody would
say that Costco have a better deal than Sam I’m just got to eat that knuckle and I’m
through I think as I get used to this I’ll be able to eat more crab legs so
you guys look down in my description if you see any challenges of mine you want
to do go ahead and do them so I’m gonna create a clean table challenge
how many keen crab legs can you eat so that means you will have to buy a box see that sauce is still Cana it’s not
necessarily spicy but the seasonings are very strong I don’t look up at the camera a lot you
know when I’m eating I’ll be trying to watch my food oh I got another eight I
have some shrimp in here I might not eat another potato I might
eat bottom yeah I want to do congratulations to
kasey kahne next on tasty connection she made 50,000 subscribers yeah girl
oh yeah I don’t know who tasty connection is yeah she do mukbangs
and she is amazing I love her intro song I love her intro song oh yeah I love the
way she around her plates but she is my inspiration yeah my eggs become brown because I had
them soaking in my sauce overnight yo yo check out tasted condition I’d let
her know taste the mukbang eats sent you she got the Bombers intro song I’d rather eat my bell peppers didn’t
you say yeah I think I’m gonna start calling my
subscribers more often in my videos but I need to get on a daytime schedule
because ain’t nobody else at this time a night like me and this is the schedule I
prefer but like I say ain’t nobody else up this time a night that was good yeah who wants to wash the
dishes wanna take off the dress have y’all time track those Doritos
chips yet there everybody trying I haven’t even looked for him so you guys
guess what that’s it that’s all that’s it that’s all ain’t normal
time to go that’s it that’s all and you know more time to go see y’all later
come back tomorrow for date number four Oh tasting my baby tastes a month baby
tasting my friend taste them up and chase them up bang eat yeah y’all come
back for more okay I’m tired I’m sleepy I’m ready to go so this is a very calm
video today this is kind of like a is some more because I’m tired I didn’t
talk that much I don’t have that much energy by the way did I mention I’m going to download the water
challenge yeah my energy level was like that high today English I didn’t get
that much sleep today because I went to bed at like 10 o’clock this morning and
things kept happening to interrupt me so I never did get to go to sleep Peggy
that’s probably what the problem is so I will see you guys tomorrow and take
number four of the seven day of seafood and the seven days of beloved sauce if
you guys want to do any of those and the seven day of water I mean 30 day war and
but aren’t drinking a gallon of water today you don’t have to took a whole
gallon of water but you can at least try to catch as much water as you can which
will probably be more than what you normally do so anyway if you want to do
any of those challenges or any of my other challenges they are down in the
description box below I’m getting ready to put out a compilation video of my
life because pixie pee loves my life you guys continue to go pray for T and V T V
go watch some of their playlists and go and contact them on Instagram or get
their cash app to send me I’m $1 $2 $3 whatever you could send them will be
helpful to them their house caught fire they are fellow youtubers so if you can
help them in the system in relief from the damage done to their house that
would be a blessing awesome great don’t forget to give the
video a thumbs up thumbs up lots of comments down below press the subscribe
button Bell woo and be sure to come back for another video so I will talk to you
guys later thanks for watching bye now

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