7 MUST KNOW Facts about ANOREXIA –  Eating disorder & Treatment  w/Kati Morton | Kati Morton

7 MUST KNOW Facts about ANOREXIA – Eating disorder & Treatment w/Kati Morton | Kati Morton

Hey everybody, thanks for checking back. This week’s video I’m going to tell you seven facts about anorexia. Why it’s serious and why we need to get help as soon as possible. So, like I said, today I want to talk to you about seven facts that you may or may not know about anorexia. And why it’s so so important that we get help sooner rather than later. Now the first fact I want to talk to you about is something that you may not even know, or have noticed. And that is bad breath. Now this has nothing to do with how much you floss or brush your teeth it’s nothing to do with how you are hygienically. What happens when we’re malnourished for a long period of time is that our body begins to eat itself, for lack of a better term. It can eat at our muscle, it’ll eat away anything that our body doesn’t need right now and for survival. Okay? And so the bad breath is actually something that’s coming from our body. And it kind of eating on itself or decomposing on itself. And so what we’re breathing out is that smell. And it can be really difficult to get rid of if we’re not nourishing ourselves. And it can also really hinder some of our relationships, so it’s something I would definitely pay attention to and get help as soon as possible. When our body is lacking the nutrients and the food that it needs, it’s going to find other ways to get that. And so once it runs out of what’s in our stomach, it’s going to begin eating different portions of our body. Number one being muscle. Our heart is a muscle. And so it begins to digest portions of that and our heart size goes down. And the reason that that’s so so scary for someone who’s struggling, for the family around them, for the therapist who’s treating them is that we can have heart attacks. And it’s the most common way for people who struggle with eating disorders to pass away. And I’ve seen it happen personally, I’ve had colleagues go through it, I’ve seen families go through it. It’s really, really scary. And the signs that you may feel before are some kind of palpitations, or arrhythmias You may just feel something off, like you may feel your heart beating a little irregularly. Please, please, please go see your doctor. As soon as possible. Today. Yesterday. Whenever you can get in, please go get checked out. Go to your general practitioner and if they can’t help you please ask for a referral to see a cardiologist. We need to see people who know how to help us. So please, I’m urging you, we’re working together, right? I care about you, I care about your welfare, I want you to get help and I want you to get better so please make an appointment as soon as you can. So fact number three. Now this one’s something that’s probably a little bit more common and you’ve probably heard of, and that’s osteoporosis and osteopenia. Now, like I’ve talked about in the other two facts, our body when it doesn’t have the nutrients because of what we’re digesting, what we’re eating, it’s going to find it somewhere else. And our bones have a lot of nutrients. A lot of calcium, a lot of things that our body needs and it will start leeching from our bones to help us survive. And so it will first show itself as Osteopenia, which is kind of You’ve seen the pictures in the doctors office, it shows the bone and it’ll show little divots in it and it’s kind of more porous, and that’s the beginning stages of Osteoporosis, which is a more severe form of that. And this is something that your doctor can test you for. And it’s something that, if they know, if we’re honest with our treatment team, right? With our therapist with our doctor, if we’re honest with them about what we’re struggling with they will run these tests. They will make sure that your bones are strong and the thing that’s great about it is if we catch it early we can stop it. And some of the medications out there now can even repair a little bit of the damage. So if we start finding these things when they’re in Osteopenia and not Osteoporosis, it will make our bones stronger so that when we’re old we don’t break a hip all of a sudden because it’s so weakened, right? And this is something that the sooner we get help the better just like everything else, so if you have any worry about this please call your doctor and make an appointment. So fact number four that you need to know about anorexia is that it can affect our skin and our hair. We’ll lose our hair because like anything else like I’m talking about, our body, when it doesn’t need something, it won’t put any energy into it because it doesn’t have any extra energy to give out. So we’ll start losing our hair. And our skin, because we need a lot of water, we need a lot of nutrients, we need the proper green leafy vegetables and protein and fats to make our skin supple and gorgeous, and if we are not getting that, we will age quickly. Now for any of you who are clinicians like myself and you’ve worked in hospitals where people are being tube-fed or you’ve worked in inpatient treatment centers where people are really sick you’ve noticed that they come in and they say “Oh and you’re next patient will be 22” and you look out there and you’re like “You mean that 36 year old waiting in the waiting room?” And it’s really sad but it’s very true, you can’t help it. Your body cannot keep your skin healthy. A lot of my clients will even tell me “Kati I have wrinkles already and I’m only 24 years old” or “I’m only 19, why do I have wrinkles?” Or they’ll have a lot of acne issues, and it’s because that’s something that our body’s not going to put energy into and it will make our skin, it’ll give us really difficult skin. Whether it’s dry, whether you have acne, whether it’s wrinkles, and it’s really unfortunate and the best thing we can do for ourselves is to get a dietician and start giving our bodies the nutrients it needs. Now fact number five that you need to know, is cognitive functioning. And I know, whether you want to admit it or not, if you’ve been struggling with anorexia for any length of time you’ve noticed that your focus is not there, you’re memory, it’s really hard. School can be so hard. Because, our brain works on proper nutrition. We need fats. We need green leafy vegetables. We need proteins. We need sugars. We need things to keep all our neurons firing and for us to be really active and “Oh I remember that, and oh that’s a funny joke from that movie we watched six months ago” We struggle to remember things and to stay focused. We will struggle to stay awake, that’s oftentimes why a lot of my clients, we work on lowering their caffeine intake, because our body’s tired. It needs the energy to keep us going and to keep us focused. And I can tell you right now, cause I’m studying for my exams, I am never hungrier than after I just took a 3 hour practice exam. I like, am crazed for food. And that’s because our brain actually uses a lot of energy to function. And so if you are struggling with this, I encourage you, please look for a therapist in your area and a dietician so that we can get your body the nutrients it needs so you can do better in school, you can function better with your friends and you can be there, and be more present, okay? So fact number six about anorexia, is that it does not discriminate Doesn’t matter how old you are. Doesn’t matter if you’re a boy or a girl. Doesn’t matter what religion you are. Doesn’t matter where you live. You can be anywhere in the world. You can be any sex. Any whatever. And you can still struggle. Because what I’ve talked about forever is that an eating disorder is really a coping skill, right? Has nothing to do with us being a certain race, or a certain age, or any of that. And the worst thing that we can keep sharing and keep believing as the truth is that it’s a white rich girl problem I’m here to tell you that that’s a bunch of bullshit. And it’s just going to make people feel more alienated. And we know, right? We know that it doesn’t discriminate. We know that it’s a struggle for all of us, and the more that we can share this information, the more you can hit the like button, you can put this on your page you can let people know, so that people know that it’s okay to get help. And we’re all in this together, right? We’re a community. We don’t discriminate, eating disorders don’t discriminate. And we’re here to get better. Now the seventh fact that you need to know about anorexia, is that you can recover. You can get better. I know it’s hard. I know that when we first start in recovery we can think that it’s just getting worse. But it’s worth it. If we find healthy coping skills to replace this unhealthy coping skill, we can get better. I’ve seen it happen over and over and over. Whether it’s in my own practice, whether it’s in the clinics that I’ve worked at, whether it’s online and you’ve let me know how many days since you’ve last utilized your eating disorder, or you just got out of treatment and you’re doing great, I know that it’s possible. I know it’s hard work, but you’re worth it. You can do it. And together we will break through the stigma of eating disorders, we will break through the stigma that they only affect certain types of people, we will help share information and change the way that people get information about this and receive help. So please, please, please, help grow our community. Share, make sure to subscribe. Like this. Take the link and post it around so people know that they’re not alone and that we’re a great community of people ready to help one another, right? We’re working together. So help me, as I help you work towards a healthy mind and a healthy body. Subtitles by the Amara.org community

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  1. I was fasting today but I might break it because this just reminded me of the reality of eating disorders. I don't know how to recover, all I do is relapse. I need to though, all the things u stated are true. I'm scared that I can't focus or remember much at school. My exams are in a few months and I want to eat normally for the sake of doing well. Ik if I fail I'll probably relapse hard, because my whole disordered eating came from failure and depression.

  2. How do I tell my parents I think that I’m anorexic? I match pretty much everything you’ve said and I match for the Doctors guide lines. However, I try to avoid the subject with my parents and I don’t think they’ve noticed it.

    I’m just scared that they’ll be disappointed in me or that they’ll laugh and say that I’m just looking for attention.

    I was going to try and give myself UGW for my birthday but after doing some research I think instead I want to recover and I don’t think I can do it with out my parents.

  3. Hi Kati, I feel I need to say, heart failure isn't the number one cause of death from anorexia as most believe. If you check recent studies, you'll see that they've finally corrected that, as the number one of cause of death from this disorder, is actually suicide. 💛 I love your videos. Thankyou for informing the world in such a compassionate way.

  4. Such an amazing video! I'm currently writing about a character with anorexia and I've been trying to do as much research as possible to make the character a realistic representation and this really helped 😊

  5. funnily enough I had the best marks in school when I was eating really little.. I think its because when I feel bad I shut everything out and I study to forget and do sports to forget and not have my brain on overdrive

  6. Sometimes we all have that feeling that nobody cares for us, but it's really cool to see a professional like Kati that clearly trully cares about other people and wants them to feel better and be healthy, and it just makes me feel better!

  7. Omg the bad breath, I never realized that. I was told I had bad breath when I had an eating disorder, but I didn't connect those two

  8. I’m late to this but I’ll tell some of you what my struggle has been for 17 yrs my BMI as of now is only 14, I have no teeth I lost them Bc of my ed I have permanent heart damage, my bone marrow is that of a 70 yr old I’m 34 I have bone loss major , I have to now have a gi tube put Bc my body has rejected any food anymore it’s either I’m in the bathroom all day it sucks, I’ve had to deal with iv iron transmissions for 2 yrs with this please please get help if u can Bc life is sucky most days

  9. How do I ask my parents for help? they know I have a problem. It started 4 years ago and it is still going.. weighting 7kg less than what i should be weighting.
    It is getting bad again, and I don't know how to ask for help. I feel so ashamed, I'm scared that anorexia for them isn't a "important" or "real" thing.. I know they wouldn't think that, they are very comprehensive..
    I don't know

  10. i was anorexic for 6 months febreaury-june july-agust i was in the hospital after that i got out but i dint grew the height i was supposed to be 5'7 and im only 5'5 right now, and also my body dint get big or my voice too deep im still 17 years old but hopefully i can reach 5'7 and get a a male lookin body

  11. I’ve had anorexia for about 7 years but for about 3 years I was very restrictive and had an extreme intake of caffeinated drinks. I’m at a healthy weight now but I still have arrhythmia in my heart still. Is it possible to have permanent heart damage ?

  12. Omg ive been seeing myself slip back into eating disorder behaviour lately, I'm so glad I watched this 😭 thanks Kati very much, you're making me talk back to that voice and pick myself back up.

  13. Im scared my ed isn't bad enough to get help… Plus, my family doesn't have the money for professional help that's never worked before.

  14. My daughter is developmental delay and dehydrated and anorexic and has osteoporosis from her epilepsy meds she's been on since childhood. Her hair is thinning and I'm worried about her heart. What can I do to help her? She's already diagnosed with cognitive delay from birth. Who can I reach out to?

  15. I would like your advice about how to have a conversation with a friend who I think has anorexia. I attempted several times a few years ago to talk about it with her, but she is very defensive and said that eating food makes her physically uncomfortable. (Which sounds like evidence of a disorder to me.)

    We are fairly close friends, I have known her since high school, and her weight loss happened after college and had been going on for at least 5 years. I attempted to get support from her family, but they were in denial as well and come from a family background of not going to doctors except for emergencies.

    Here's where I would like specific advice on how to have a conversation. Feel free to let me know about any related videos you suggest that I might have missed.

    I would like suggestions on how to:
    1. Present evidence that she needs took be evaluated by an eating disorder specialist doctor and have someone go with her to hear the results. The last time friends and I pressured her to get a doctor checkup, and she said the doctor gave a good report, but I'm skeptical this is what they actually said.
    2. She is a very high achiever, and doesn't exhibit many of the typical verbalizing about poor body image, calorie counting etc, and does a very good job workinf hard at keeping up appearances of eating normally around others, but from traveling with her I suspect she is always tallying calories in her head and not eating a normal amount. So all I have to go off of is her obviously emaciated frame. I could probably fit parts of her upper arm in a ring of my finger and thumb. I know eating disorders lie, so I'm not sure how to communicate to her that her weight is dangerous without worsening body image issues. I don't want to critizize or put her down, and normally it's off limits in polite company to discuss weight. So I'm stuck with not being sure how to communicate acceptance and love for her with at the same time clearly stating she is hurting herself so she might take steps to get help.
    3. This is partly timely and motivated by the fact that she is starting a job internationally in a month or two and I'm concerned she may further restrict as a coping mechanism as part of the move, and it will be even more difficult to get help and have this conversation long distance.
    Any advice and help is appreciated.

  16. me: wow.. i should probably stop my bad eating habits and get help..this is realy unhealthy

    ana: but get this…youll be thin

    me: ok.

  17. My dumbass relapsed and now my hair is falling off and my skin is so dry and I think I lost my period 🙁

  18. The heart thing made me want to recover. And I have. I just became anorexic because of bullying. I hope anyone reading this doesn’t fall into my footsteps. If you have any eating disorder just know that it will get better. ❤️

  19. Miss Kati ~ next month I go to treatment for my bulimia. I am so nervous!!! I have lost 40lbs since May it's now the middle of Aug. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and information

  20. I’m a 57 year old anorexic struggling with booze, pills a depression. I still haven’t been able to find a good therapist that can help me

    1) 0:30 Bad Breath
    2) 1:32 Heart Problems
    3) 2:53 Osteoporosis/Osteopenia
    4) 4:19 Skin & Hair Problems
    5) 5:48 Cognitive Functioning (Thinking)
    6) 7:14 Does Not Discriminate
    7) 8:21 Recovery Is Possible

  22. I have heart arrytmia and palppitations often and it's realy scary like sometimws my heart skip 1-2 beats and it get hard to breath but evryone keep telling me that it's nothing and i'm just overreacting ?

  23. I have a few questions about anorexia that I am too embarrassed to talk about in a public comment section, I am struggling so badly, If it is possible that I could message you privately please let me know!

  24. i had some of these symptoms and didn't know that it correlated to my eating disorder:// thanku for informing us and educating us

  25. I'm not sure what I have. I actually have a high self esteem, but I always just forget to eat. Like today for example I just realized that I ate nothing today aside from a soda. I'm scared that my muscle will go away because I have a high muscle content. I play a game called roller derby where muscle is nesecary. I've already lost like 15 kind and I'm too scared to go to the doctor. . . I have a hard time talking to anyone, even my bestest of friends

  26. I suffer of that 4 years ..I don’t know how much energy is left here in my body..cause I lost a lot with this sick but I was to therapist wich told me that I have to wait one month for call..is pass 3 and nothing…and is very hard to do when your family is not with you((((

  27. I feel like shit, I actually ate a proper meal after a while and gained a kilo. How the heck does that happen? 😭 I feel like I'm going to go on a 24 hour fast now

  28. Diagnosed with osteopenia at age 20… osteoporosis at age 24. Heart failure at age 26. Renal (kidney) failure at age 28 and adrenal insufficiency. Listen to Kati. She's telling the truth.

  29. My parents constantly tell me that I need to eat less and I am a normal weight. It is now getting in my head. How can I stop myself from getting an eating disorder.

  30. I have anorexia problem im getting weak day by day.Thanks for the video, now im not scared to recovery myself coz i believe its posible.

  31. Idk what to do. I’m so close to my goal weight. I’ve lost 11lbs in like 2 weeks. I plan to stop when I get to my goal weight, but in the back of my mind I know I won’t.

  32. So there’s no way I can lose weight… GREAT JUST FUCKING GREAT!!! I can’t exercise it’s so hard because I run about of breath and it hurts.
    I can’t go on a diet because then i’d get anorexia!!!!!!!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 THIS ISNT FUCKING FAIR!!! 😞😞

  33. People think anorexia is just about losing weight. Sometimes its about feeling like your in control for once.

  34. then why don't u guys get u r freaking emotional problems up and not suffer through disorders and do shit.GET OVER WITH U R STUFF THIS IS LIFE.

  35. omg i never realized the bad breathe thing was an anorexia symptom, this explains so much asdfayshdka I've been trying to figure out why my breath is never minty for so long now

  36. @katimorton, I’ve got a question about my eating disorder. When I’ve fasted for a few days and I eat/drink again (usually to purge, so lots of water with each bite) the very back of my mouth HURTS. Swallowing is so difficult and it makes it not even worth it to eat. Do you get this a lot? Is this A Thing or just a me thing? What does it mean? Sorry if this is too descriptive, hopefully it’s okay to post

  37. does someone have to want to lose weight to be anorexic? can someone want to lose weight without knowing it them selves? 😐

  38. It took me 26 years to recover from anorexia. I have ostpeorosis, I lost an inch in height and worst of all – due to bone loss – NOT loss of enamel due to BULIMIA because I never purged in that way – I lost all my teeth. So now in my mid-fifties for the rest of my life, I'm wearing dentures. If you are in the early stages of anorexia, please get treatment and work hard in treatment. Its tough, I know, but it's possible.

  39. Being skinny is not worth your life. Skinny does NOT mean beautiful my loves. I think I’m struggling with anorexia and it’s scary, but pain does not mean beauty. You are worth more then what you think you are. Please talk to someone my loves

  40. It’s good that you told us this, but anorexics don’t just go to a therapist or counselor and explain our problems, because we think we are helping ourselves, so it would need to be someone else that does something but that would be hard because we are pretty good at hiding it

  41. I think another thing to add about anorexia and it not discriminating against is size.
    Now pause.. obviously during the extremes people are verrryy skinny but just because someone doesn’t look very skinny doesn’t mean they don’t have an eating disorder.

  42. Hi I’m just not sure if I’m over dramatising it or not but everything that was sed in here is accurate on me put I’m to scared to tell mom or any one because I’m not that skinny for an anorexic girls but I just watched different videos about anorexia and everything is accurate on me my hart range is weird when I stand u and do stuff and my hair started falling like crazy I’m scared to eat in public all of this has been going on for a year no but idk I guess I’m over dramatising it. I’m just too scared to tell anyone.

  43. Hello, my name is a Chrrristoppher AcChu (student) and I live Minnesota. In the county that I live in people of authority can place mental health commitment holds on individuals with out any prior record or any major signs or symptoms of mental illness. I am not a member of any activist group, government group or "College group". Alot of the elderly people seem very prejudice toward people of color since the Black Lives Matter protests. In Hasting, MN there is a refinery that likely largely contributes to pollution and Mental illness . The smell of the city of South St Paul can be smelled from 3 cities away because of what they say is the stockyards. The nearest jail is private…. and and most physicians from what I've seen are not american or doctors that I nearing retirement. I friend of my said that he has never once showed his degree for a job interview. May 2019.

  44. I got a text therapy ad and I answered the damn questions and it said “unfortunately online therapy isn’t the best option..”

  45. I know everything about this facts but this video helps when things getting harder. Specially nr.2 when You talk about heart attacs. Its so scary.. unfortunately nr.3 really hits me because i've osteoporosis because of anorexia so everyone who struggle – please keep going in your recovery!

  46. Oh my god. I have almost all of these and I don't have anorexia, but swallowing disorder. The peristaltic wave of the oesophagus is too slow. I'm really skinny, because eating is really difficult and I simply cannot get enough food down or like I would have to eat 24/7, but going to work and all that, it's not possible. The doctors don't know what to do about it. There's no cure. I haven't worried too much about it, but now that I recognize having all of these problems, I'm a bit worried. I didn't realize all of these weird symptoms were caused by my poor nutrition.

  47. My son has anorexia and also watches endless conspiracy videos, is obsession with this something anyone else has experienced?

  48. I have been in recovery for a month eating a lot, I’m following a special mea plan but I’m not gaining any weight .. please help why is this happening?

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